LISTEN: The Dead Zoo – ‘In The End’

A shimmering synth-pop tune that celebrates the importance of emotional resilience in the face of adversity, London-based group The Dead Zoo have shared their second single ‘In The End’. Following on from their J-Pop cover ‘Mother‘ in 2020, the band continue to blend pop sensibilities into their usually heavier post punk/shoegaze offerings, this time reflecting the optimism and strength that underscores their latest effort.

“During the second lockdown, I was listening to a lot of 80s stuff–Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Madonna, Japan, New Order,” songwriter and vocalist Kaoru explains. “That poured into the conception of sound and melody for the song. The lyric is founded on my gender transition experience. The sense of keeping faith in an envisioned future and using that goal to overcome difficulties and stay on course; though I think it carries a more universal message of hope and optimism that I think we all need right now in these unusual times.”

Full of lush synths and snappy beats, ‘In The End’ is an uplifting ode to coping through testing circumstances. The track has also been remixed by Brighton’s CLT DRP and fellow London band The Sly Persuaders, something band member Somrata takes great pride in. “We were completely blown away by the creativity and variety of the remixes as they came in. It’s great to have so many liberating perspectives on a piece that was conceived and mostly recorded and mixed during the very difficult winter lockdown. We can’t wait to share it with the world and to perform it live for the first time.”

Listen to ‘In The End’ below.

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Photo Credit: K Hearne

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Marbee – ‘Music Box’

A nostalgia-tinged reflection on remaining faithful to your childish heart, Jakarta-born Melbourne-based musician Marbee has shared her debut single ‘Music Box’. Self-described as “a free-spirited bird with a punk collar around her neck,” Marbee blends dreamy melodies and soft vocals to create alt-pop tunes that shimmer with gentle optimism.

Proving that your imagination can flourish in young adulthood if you continue to nurture it with the same tenacity you do throughout childhood, ‘Music Box’ is Marbee’s musical statement about freedom of expression. “I intend to awaken happy and nostalgic feelings from childhood, mixed with shades of ‘rain and thunder’,” she explains, acknowledging that life isn’t always as sweet as her vocals suggest. “The repetitive melody imitates the cyclical tone of the music box,” she continues, “evoking the protective, albeit fragile shelter of human relations, as well as the enchanting and lulling attraction of music in its simplest mechanical form.”

Marbee’s appetite for exploration took her to a 100 year-old building to capture the “ancient atmospherics” of the xylophone that features on the track. Her playful outlook, attention to detail and willingness to try new things makes her debut offering ring with a simple, joyful charm.

Listen to ‘Music Box’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Bad Idea – ‘Winter’

A fuzzy, relatable guitar tune that playfully reflects on the desire for escapism whilst working a low paid job, Bad Idea have shared their latest single ‘Winter’. Released in partnership with RoseColoured Records, the Leeds band channel the joys and frustrations that come with growing up through pop-tinged melodies, soft vocals and catchy lyrics on this track.

Formed in 2016 on a drunken night out dancing to Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’, Bad Idea’s Sarah Sefton and Daniel Johnson chose the band’s name after entering into a new creative project and a new romantic relationship together at the same time. They put aside their concerns about how this might affect their musical dynamics and enlisted the help of new bandmates Charlie Peacock and Liam Lambert in 2019 to flesh out their lo-fi sounds.

In 2020, the band released their debut EP, the ironically titled I Just Want To Go Home, after recording the tracks intermittently between lockdowns in a friend’s basement. The result of their efforts is a joyful, fuzzy exploration of love, loss, nostalgia and moving on to new experiences. New single ‘Winter’ is a lush example of how the band have trusted their instincts and channelled their energies into creating buoyant, charming tunes.

Listen to ‘Winter’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

Comic Review: The Empty Page – ‘When The Cloud Explodes’

A first in our new feature of ‘Comic Reviews’ – where illustrator Sally-Anne responds to a new track with her wonderfully unique drawings – we had a listen to the immense new single from GIHE faves, and previous headliners at The Finsbury, The Empty Page.

‘When The Cloud Explodes’ is out 22nd February. Have a listen here:


Sally-Anne Hickman

Photo Credit: Asupremeshot