Track Of The Day: Venus Grrrls – ‘Violet State Of Mind’

Having received acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders for their 2021 EP Potions, Leeds rockers Venus Grrrls have now blasted into our ears with the perfect “hot-girl-summer anthem”.

Coming in at just 2.20 minutes long, ‘Violet State Of Mind‘ is an explosive track that deserves full head-banging energy from start to finish. Opening with a fuzzy bassline and thick distorted guitars, Venus Grrrls blend ’90s riot grrrl energy with ’80s synths creating a colossal wall of sound. It’s no surprise they are inspired by bands like L7, Veruca Salt and Bikini Kill.

The formidable vocals sit clean and crisp against the gritty, raw musicality and are really the centre-piece of the track. Lead singer GK’s vocals are seriously impressive; the climactic power note at 1 minute 36 totally blew me away.

The chorus is catchy and the group vocals offer a sense of fun and unity. With lyrics like “our egos are losing, the bar is closing”, it seems that Venus Grrrls aren’t trying to be profound – it’s simply a song about the chase and playing hard to get on a night out. And, as the band explain: “we want this song to be on your get ready playlists and allow you to reach into those inner deities that we know you are.”

‘Violet State Of Mind’ keeps us captivated with moments of quiet between the loud, and the chaotic feedback-swamped guitar panning left to right in the outro was a nice touch for the song’s climax.

You can check out Venus Grrrls this weekend at Truck Festival or on 28th July if you are at Kendal Calling. Otherwise, keep an eye out for gigs from this dynamic and energetic 5-piece!

Ella Patenall

Photo Credit: Tash Koziarska

LISTEN: Venus Grrrls – ‘Hate Me’

After much critical acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, and Radio X for their previous releases including ‘Goth Girl‘, Leeds band Venus Grrrls are back with another angry bop that’ll help you release some pent-up rage. 

The song explores the consequences of unvoiced emotions and lack of communication, delving into “the internal complexities this can cause, and explores the desire to have clarity and closure.” A very relatable situation which makes the question demanded in the chorus “Why do you hate me honey?” very cathartic to scream along to.

‘Hate Me’ is a danceable, angry song that makes you want to sway in the verses and pogo during the chorus. These two ends are held together by the consistency of lead singer Grace Kelly’s powerful, smooth vocals. The drums and rhythm section bring a frenzied energy when needed and the transitions between this and the more swayable verses are seamless. The gorgeous creeping bassline, perfectly matched with the vocals, grips listeners from the get-go and manages to be both punchy and melodious. The synths bring the song to another level sonically without being distracting or gimmicky. Perfect for this riot grrrl-inspired number.

So, do yourself a favour and listen to ‘Hate Me’ by Venus Grrrls. In fact, put it on repeat.

‘Hate Me’ is out now via Monomyth Records.


Five Favourites: Venus Grrrls

Having previously supported the likes of Anteros and Bloxx, and following the release of their debut EP last year, Leeds rockers Venus Grrrls have now shared a brand new single. Reflecting on the stereotypes surrounding ‘goth culture’ and witchcraft, ‘Goth Girl’ is a fiercely catchy anthem, propelled by a swirling, seething energy and the soaring power of front woman GK’s vocals.

We think one of the best ways to get to know a band is by asking what music inspires them or influences their writing. So, we caught up with the whole of Venus Grrrls – GK, Grace, Gabby, Hannah and Jess – to discuss the five songs that have made the biggest mark on them. Check out their choices below, and listen to the band’s new single ‘Goth Girl’ at the end of this article

GK (Vocals):
Heart – ‘Barracuda’
Ann Wilson’s vocals just speak to me in a way that many other vocalists don’t. The power and the intensity she holds with her unstoppable vibrato, communicates complete and utter certainty in herself. That’s something I’m constantly trying to channel through my own musicianship.

Grace (Synths):
Grimes – ‘Oblivion’
The way Grimes uses the synth here really inspired me when it came to composing when I was a teenager. ‘Oblivion’ is something I always go back to when writing, or if I’m suffering with any type of writers’ block. It helps to clear my mind and not overthink things.

Gabby (Drums):
Arcane Roots – ‘Curtains’
I always think about this song because it starts off reserved and raw, but then grows into this big intense huge ending, which I love. It was song that got me into drumming in the first place, I’m a huge fan of playing around with dynamics.

Hannah (Bass):
Sonic Youth – ‘Kool Thing’
This song is important to me because Kim Gordon manages to be the main component of the song, but by being so simple and understated. She doesn’t insist on complexity, and the power of this is highly effective and is something I always think back to.

Jess (Guitar):
The Runaways- ‘You Drive Me Wild’
A song that has massively influenced my playing, specifically in Venus Grrrls is ‘You Drive Me Wild’ by The Runaways. Lita Ford’s solo in this track just stands out to me as so cool sounding, it’s unlike anyone else’s playing and has so much style. It’s something I always come back to for inspiration when I’m writing my own solos.

‘Goth Girl’ is out now, listen on Spotify.


Photo Credit: Milly Hewitt