Music Production For Women – Free Networking Event and Masterclasses in London on 16th July

If you are a woman, non-binary or gender non-conforming musician who is keen to learn more about how to produce your own music and meet other people who can share their skills with you, then you should register for a free ticket for Music Production For Women’s upcoming event on 16th July at the University of Westminster in London.

The event, titled “Master Your Music – Live”, will feature sessions with MPG award-winning producer Charlie Deakin-Davies, Ableton Certified trainer and Youtuber LNA, MPW’s award-winning founder and CEO Xylo Aria and more. The day will run from 10am to 4:30pm and will feature 7 in-person workshops on a variety of topics that many independent artists today need to know such as the basics of music production, sound-design and mixing, as well as music marketing, PR and songwriting workflow.

“I’m hoping we can inspire any attendees who may have wanted to produce but felt intimidated by it, to take their first steps in the field”, explains Music Production For Women’s founder Xylo. “I know having an event like this available when I first started would have made production feel a lot more accessible to me!”

Backed by Sonnox, Distrokid, Ableton, Session and Songtrust, the event will be free for anyone who register for a ticket in advance – which you can do by clicking the link below.

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More information about Music Production For Women (MPW)
Music Production For Women is an organisation that began three and a half years ago, and has since been included on the Top 50 Innovators of East London list in 2020 and earned founder Xylo Aria a place on the She Said So Alt Power List. It has run workshops and courses to over 6,000 musicians from over 120 countries and continues to grow steadily.

The organisation was created with the aim of empowering women in music technology and prides itself on not only providing practical and actionable educational content, but also on harbouring a safe and encouraging space to learn in.