New Track: Cosmic Ninja – ‘Cardiac Unrest’

Living up to the vibe you might expect of a band called Cosmic Ninja, their newest track ‘Cardiac Unrest‘ is a fast-paced futuristic banger. 

Kicking off with a low but bouncy bass riff throbbing through the first few bars, it rapidly ramps up with a raucous, powerful rage, as strings and synths leap into the fray. The resulting soundscape feels like a battlefield – exciting and dangerous, rushing with righteous adrenaline. The lyrics match this energy; phrases like “step up step up, we’re not messing around, we’re gonna hold our ground” are delivered with an infectious passion. It’s difficult to listen to this song and not end up on the band’s side against the oppressive forces they’re facing off against.

Blending a sense of personal determination (“I’m doing my own thing and i don’t give a fuck what you think”) with an undefined foe that feels much wider-reaching (“we’ve got to put a stop to this somehow”), the lyrics are left open for you to project your own concerns onto, whether you’re worried about bigoted governments with too much power or a single bully persecuting you alone. Regardless, the energy is the same. The synths scream and the drums roll like thunder; inspiring all the fury and confidence required to stand up and fight back.

The track ramps up to a screaming crescendo, before rolling back into the chorus then ending abruptly on the “we aren’t fucking backing down”. There is no room for misinterpretation here: ‘Cardiac Unrest’ is a statement, a promise and a threat all in one.

Kirstie Summers

Photo Credit: Rupert Gammond

Get In Her Ears Live @ Shacklewell Arms w/ A Void, 13.04.2023

On Thursday, we were back at Shacklewell Arms with a truly immense line-up! Huge massive thanks to headliners A Void, as well as Collars and Banshi for being amazing! Thanks too to Sofia on sound, and to everyone who came down to support the bands, dance the night away, and help us raise £100 for Rainbow Migration, who do vital work to support LGBTQI+ folk seeking asylum.

Kicking the night off, Cardiff band Banshi treat us to their swirling rock anthems, each delivered with a unique sparkling energy as front person Yasmin’s incredible vocals soar alongside catchy funk-fuelled hooks.

Next up, Cambridgeshire duo Collars offer an utterly unique live experience. As Kane simultaneously pummels the drums whilst blasting out whirring hooks on guitar, Dan exudes a captivating charisma as the soaring power of their vocals fills the venue with a fierce, dazzling energy.

Headliners A Void fill the venue with their immense, grunge-fuelled anthems. Oozing a frenzied visceral energy, they treat the bouncing crowd to 45 minutes of wonderfully raging offerings as Camille Alexander’s raw, sultry vocals blast out with a captivating allure.

Massive thanks to the three amazing bands who played for us on Thursday and to everyone who came out to support them and us! We’ll be back at Shacklewell Arms on 19th May with Brighton band Hypsoline, plus support from The Ethical Debating Society and Rom Coms – nab tickets here!

Words: Mari Lane / @marimindles
Photos: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto

NEW TRACK: The Pearl Harts – ‘Hypocritical’

Described as a “bratty, fun” song to scream along to, London-based duo The Pearl Harts have shared their latest single ‘Hypocritical’. Lifted from their upcoming second album Love, Chaos, which is set for release on 21st April via Double Bang Records, the track is full of swaggering riffs, commanding beats and chant-worthy lyrics that bite back at the restrictive stereotypes surrounding women in rock.

“’Hypocritical’ is influenced by the hi-octane pop of Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani with the punk attitude of ‘Impeach My Bush’-era Peaches,” the band explain. “It’s an empowerment song for women and girls taking on the world.” Following on from their previous single ‘More’ – a defiant declaration of self-autonomy that demands listener’s full attention – The Pearl Hart’s latest cut flows in a similarly unapologetic vein.

Across the twelve tracks that make up their new album, Love Chaos, which they produced in collaboration with Danio (Husky Loops, Kari Faux), the duo reflect on what it means to stay true to themselves in the face of adversity – whether that’s on a personal or industry level.

“As women in rock’n’roll we have had to fight and unpick a load of history and patterns to accept ourselves as we are today,” they explain, “Shake off the ‘good girls’ we have been brought up to be’, not to become ‘bad’ but to become our real, true, authentic selves. We are starting a new conscious pattern of how we want to play rock’n’roll our way. We don’t just have to be hard, tough women. We can be sensitive ones too.”

Fuelled by this new attitude, The Pearl Harts will be touring their new music across the UK & Ireland this Spring, with HotWax as support. Full details below.

Watch the video for ‘Hypocritical’ here:

The Pearl Harts UK Tour Dates 2023
3rd May ST ALBANS The Horn
4th May NORWICH Voodoo Daddy’s
16th May LONDON The Lower Third
17th May BRIGHTON The Prince Albert
18th May PORTSMOUTH Edge of the Wedge
19th May BRISTOL The Lanes
25th May BELFAST Voodoo
26th May DUBLIN, The Workmans Cellar
27th May LIMERICK Kasbah

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Photo Credit: @del_photos

Kate Crudgington

New Track: Weekend Recovery – ‘No Guts All The Glory’

The second track taken from their forthcoming LP Esoteric, ‘No Guts, All The Glory’ solidifies the fuzzy guitars and catchy refrains fast becoming central to Weekend Recovery’s sound. Much like their first single ‘Chemtrails’, the band’s latest release blends emotional delivery and screaming guitars that make for one hell of an earworm.

‘No Guts, All The Glory’ hits you with fierce drums right from the start. The beat comes in loud and hard, before guitars and vocals quickly ramp up to full energy and stay there. The drums are quick, the guitars are fuzzy and the vocals are so rich with feeling you can’t help but be absorbed into the narrative. In true Weekend Recovery style, the lyrics pull no punches. Without going into the he-said-she-said details, the track calls out the lies and hypocrisy of someone going out of their way to take credit for other people’s achievements – “Well don’t you wanna take the glory, someone else’s work of art!”

Two vocalists sing alternate lines, giving the track a sense of ambiguity. They could just as easily be yelling at each other as ganging up on a third subject who has offended them both. Either way, the hurt is unmissable. Both vocalists evoke utter disdain and contempt for whoever has inspired the song. They lash back in a blunt, uncompromising refusal to play along. They can acknowledge the manipulative behaviour, but rise above it and get on with their lives – You can brag about me, I won’t talk about you”. There’s even a trace of laughter behind the words, as if mirth has become the only reaction left when watching someone try so hard and still fail to take you down.

This playful undercurrent suits the light, upbeat melody and bouncy rhythm – it makes the song a joy to listen to. The rage in it is cathartic whilst acknowledging the absurdity of people who choose to create more drama in a world that has enough problems already.

Esoteric, the upcoming album from Weekend Recovery, is set for release this Spring.

Kirstie Summers

Photo Credit: Jess Johnson