Track Of The Day: Moon Palace – ‘Shapeshifter’

Seattle rockers Moon Palace have a sound inspired by “vast landscapes and invisible forces”, and their latest track ‘Shapeshifter’ is an atmospheric, ambient reflection of these ideas. The song displays the band’s ability to blend traditional and electronic instruments alongside measured, beautiful vocal harmonies.

Moon Palace formed in 2016, and consists of Cat Biell (guitar/vocals), Carrie Biell (bass/vocals), Alina Santillan (guitar/vocals/trumpet), Darcey Zoller (cello), and Jude Miqueli (drums). The band members are active in queer, political, and feminist causes, and all cut their teeth performing in other groups before coming together to form Moon Palace.

Together, the girls have received a warm welcome on the live Seattle music scene, as well as being featured on a variety of notable music blogs, such as KEXP. ‘Shapeshifter’ is taken from Moon Palace’s debut LP which was released in late 2017. You can stream the LP in full on the band’s bandcamp page, or simply listen to the glory of ‘Shapeshifter’ below.

Follow Moon Palace on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for more updates.

Photo Credit: Sophia Barkalakis

Kate Crudgington

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