EP: ShitKid – ‘This Is It’

ShitKid has a penchant for apathetic, off-kilter lo-fi sounds and she’s set to share more of them on her upcoming EP, This Is It. The anti-popstar’s fourth record is set for release on 19th January via PNKSLM Recordings and it’s the perfect follow-up to her acclaimed debut, Fish.

ShitKid is the project of Swedish artist Åsa Söderqvist, who recorded and produced This Is It in her own bedroom, before handing over the material to be mastered by Luke Reilly. The EP opens with jaded track ‘Favourite Thing’, on which heavy bass & reverb align to communicate ShitKid’s simultaneous delight and dissatisfaction with a summer fling.

‘Oh Me I’m Never’ picks up the tempo, with pulsing, drone-like electronics and more of ShitKid’s deceptively sweet vocals. The pounding drums and jaded synths on third track ‘All My Fears’ will get your feet anxiously shuffling around the dance floor, while ‘High Way’ is an off-kilter extrapolation about life after quitting a job because you’re “lazy and bored.” Her apathy has an unusual, engrossing energy to it and penultimate track ‘Spring Theory’ will have you eye-rolling at your seasonal chores list, eager not to waste time on such mundane events

‘Yooouuu’ is an anti-love song, an extended farewell sponsored by “so many cups of coffee” and “cigarettes” culminating in a note “by the phone”. It’s a polished ending to this strung out set of sounds, all of which prove that ShitKid is anything but shit.

Pre-order your Limited Edition vinyl copy of This Is It here. Follow ShitKid on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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