LIVE: Fenne Lily – The Islington, London 31.01.18

Fenne Lily‘s understated, soft, yet seething lyrics captivated her sold out crowd at The Islington on Wednesday night, and we were impressed by her tentative voice and startling self-awareness.

Whilst persistent sound issues kept taking listeners out of the moment, Fenne Lily managed to bring them back in to it with a combination of perfect vocals and self-deprecating humour. Whilst her songs often ring with sadness and pain, her not-so-PG stories – including one about a guy who ruined Back To The Future for her by asking for a blow job – make her live performances a real joy to witness.

Accompanied by her bassist and drummer for the majority of her set, she effortlessly performed singles ‘What’s Good’, ‘Bud’ and ‘On Hold’, as well as delivering a solo rendition of track ‘Brother’, which was particularly poignant. The tear-inducing ‘Three Oh Nine’ was also performed in Fenne Lily’s trademark modest, yet stunning style. Even in her sleep-deprived state – she’d spent almost a solid 24 hours hand-painting tote bags for her fans – she’s a beguiling, beautiful performer.

We recommend you catch her now, before she inevitably becomes uncatchable.

Support came from Oxford group Be Good, who won the crowd over with their indie-pop sounds and hap-hazard charm.

Fenne Lily’s debut album On Hold will be released on 6th April. Pre-order it here.

Kate Crudgington

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