PREVIEW: Dream Nails Acoustic Set at Housmans, 12.09.18

As if putting on immense, riotous live performances wasn’t enough, GIHE’s favourite Feminist Punk Witches Dream Nails have now decided to blow our minds in a slightly different way – by putting on their first ever acoustic set at infamous independent and anti-fascist bookshop Housmans. Taking place on Wednesday 12th September, it will be a much smaller space than the band usually play, and looks set to be an intimate experience, and – whilst perhaps quieter in volume – no less powerful and empowering than your usual raucous Dream Nails gig.

Of their decision to play this unusual event, Dream Nails explain:

It’ll give us a chance to talk more about the context of each song, share stories and chat with the audience too. We are excited to break down each song into its simplest, rawest form for the acoustic show. Also, at a time when fascism is once again rearing its ugly head, bookshops like Housmans are completely essential to provide a counter narrative to populism, white supremacism and the capitalist patriarchy, so we’re really happy to bring our fans into the space so they can see how amazing it is!

Plugged in or acoustic, Dream Nails combine impassioned activism and infectious tunes creating a sparkling, formidable force, inspiring and motivating us to get up, make our voices heard and fight fascism with all our might.

So, don’t miss out on this unique experience! Catch Dream Nails’ acoustic set at Housmans Bookshop next Wednesday 12th September at 7pm. More info and ticket links. And, if you can’t make it, fear not – the band will also be streaming the event live from their Facebook page!

Mari Lane



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