Track Of The Day: Chromatics – ‘Time Rider’

Chromatics are a band with a lot of history and, as such, their music has gone through a series of incarnations, ranging from noisy and chaotic sonic experimentations in 2001 to the slick, hypnotic electro-chill-dreamscape we have here.

‘Time Rider’ starts with the click-y minimalism of electro drums before slowly building towards full blown electro-pop, accompanied by beguiling vocals. It is a grower in that it might, on the first listen, appear to be a slight piece of work, but listen again and the track’s sonic complexities and cleverness become more apparent. A slightly mystical seeming slice of dreamy Utopian post disco, its lyrics make use of a motorcycle metaphor as an “Inter dimensional bridge between the future and the past”.

With all this in mind, it comes as no surprise that Chromatics have featured in the most recent incarnation of Twin Peaks. Their music is similarly unsettling, slightly eerie and beautifully subtle.

‘Time Rider’ is out now, and Chromatics are about to embark on a North American tour.

Cazz Blase

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