Get In Her Ears w/ Ailsa Tully 19.09.19

Kate was back in the studio this week spinning plenty of new music tunes.

Show highlights came from SASSY 009, Joviale, Les Flair, Breakup Haircut, Shari Vari and Rapsody.

She was joined by Ailsa Tully (independent musician and founder of Skivvy Records) who spoke about her music, her experience in the industry so far and her upcoming FREE event ‘Skivvy Sundays’ on 6th October at Peckham Levels.

Listen back:


Alanis Morissette – Hand In My Pocket
The Knife – Features Creatures (remix of Bjork)
Joviale – Struggle Cuddle
Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic Something – Keytar (I Was Busy)
Kim Gordon – Air BnB
Feral Five – Void
Les Flair – Clapton Girls
REYKO – Lose Myself
Trentemoller – Try A Little
The Other Ones – Get Your Hands Off Me
Gaptooth – Post Patriarchy Disco
Soft Punch – Conflict
Rapsody – Ibtihaj
Ailsa Tully – Ebony
Ailsa Tully – Highly Strung
Gillie – Clash & Collide
SASSY 009 – Thrasher
Breakup Haircut – Why Can’t I Be Cool Enough To Move To Berlin?
Shari Vari – New York City
Ellen Krauss – Criminal To Love
Anna of the North – Dream Girl
Malunga – AM
Faultress – Marilyn
ALANI – Sha La La
Chelsea Wolfe – Deranged For Rock & Roll
Olivia Jean – Night Owl
Amy Winehouse – Me & Mr Jones

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One thought on “Get In Her Ears w/ Ailsa Tully 19.09.19

  1. […] A former guest on our Hoxton Radio show, Tully is deeply influenced by her Welsh heritage. A member of her church choir, she recalls walking across the Welsh countryside and hearing voices reverberate beyond the church walls, which has influenced her own sound to include elements of choral music, folk music and field recordings. ‘Drive’ is the first taste of Tully’s new music, and she’s set to release more singles in 2021. […]


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