Get In Her Ears w/ Salvation Jayne 30.01.20

This week, Kate and Mari were back on the air with some of their favourite new music from the likes of Snarls, Polly Money, Wilsen, Nuala Honan and Chromatics.

They also had Salvation Jayne live in the studio for a chat about their new single ‘Coney Island, Baby!’, and a couple of exclusive acoustic tracks.

Listen back here:

Lady Gaga – Telephone (feat. Beyonce)
Brooke Bentham – Control
Wilsen – Feeling Fancy
GENN – Du Da Dance
Aunty Social – Cortex
The Just Joans – Dear Diary, I Died Again Today
Captain Handsome – I Wish I Had A Dog
Hilary Woods – Prodigal Dog
Clare Kelly – Less Alone
SASSY 009 – Lara (feat. Clairo)
Chromatics – TOY
Grawl!x – Epicene
Polly Money – Roommate
Nuala Honan – Slow Down
Big Joanie – Fall Asleep
Salvation Jayne – Coney Island, Baby!
**Salvation Jayne Acoutic Tracks**
VUKOVI – Violent Minds
Indian Queens – Bubblewrap
Snarls – Walk In The Woods
Amaroun – Perish
Duck – C/Rage
Eliza Shaddad – Same As You
Paint Factory – Listen To Her Speak
Ennieloud – The Best I Can
Pom Pom Squad – Cellophane (FKA Twigs cover)

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