Track Of The Day: Gaygirl – ‘Mikkel’

South London group, Gaygirl are amazing. That’s the main gist of this, but I’ll give you some reasons why and these reasons pretty much surround their new single, ‘Mikkel’.

If, like me, you’re obsessed with the band Garbage and wish you were as tough and as cool as Shirley Ann Manson, then you’re going to fall massively in love with ‘Mikkel’. It will take you right back to 1995 when Garbage first blew our minds with ‘Vow’. Lead singer, Bex, has this effortlessly powerful voice that stops you in your tracks.

‘Mikkel’ is such an addictive song – everything about it has you hooked. Bex’s vocals are just the start of what lures you in. Tom (bass) and Lewis (guitar) come together to create a groove that’ll make you throw your body around in all kinds of ways, and it is beautifully glued together with Louis’ crashing beats. With all these intense sounds, having the gripping sound of the majestic vocals really does justify why Gaygirl are one of the most exciting bands around.

Oozing an eerie aura, with a deep lyrics to match, Bex explains: “’Mikkel’ compares the desperate feelings of confusion at the end of a relationship with a seemingly disastrous tea party amongst bad company.”

With a gripping tension throughout, slowly mellowing then building back up, it creates an infectious, all-encompassing sound that you just know this will be incredibly wild during their live shows. 

Whilst a slight step away from previous singles, with heavier sounds throughout, I just cannot get enough of ‘Mikkel’.


‘Mikkel’ is out now, and Gaygirl’s upcoming EP, Pleasurehead, will be released on 24th April via Permanent Creeps.

Olivia Cellamare


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