Track Of The Day: Pansy – ‘Where There’s Smoke’

Self-described as “late-bloomers forming sounds to garden, cry and dance to,” Chicago-based indie rockers pansy have shared their latest single ‘Where There’s Smoke’. Taken from their upcoming album of the same name, which is set for release on 2nd of April, the band blend laid-back vocals with energetic riffs and frenzied percussion on this fuzzy, melodic guitar tune.

Formed of vocalist & guitarist Mat Hagger, bassist Benjamin Abid, guitarist Danny Sein and drummer Cameron Frank, pansy began working together and creating music in Grand Rapids, Michigan, before relocating to Detroit and Chicago. The band spent three days recording the 6 tracks on their upcoming album, with new single ‘Where There’s Smoke’ being one of the first songs they wrote for it.

Described by Hagger as a “cascading sand avalanche, slowly turning into glass,” the track gently ricochets “somewhere between catharsis and boredom,” which is fuelled by “A thunderous eruption of driving rhythm and chugging guitars” according to drummer Frank. Following on from their previous singles ‘Buried’ and ‘Pity Party’, pansy’s latest offering is designed to break the monotony of everyday life and provide listeners with a lush piece of musical relief.

Listen to “Where There’s Smoke” below.

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Photo Credit: Jeremiah Bulkowski

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