WATCH: Kynsy – ‘Mr Nice Guy’

A buoyant tune that playfully undermines the dodgy behaviour of those who have a deceptively sweet temperament, Irish multi-instrumentalist & producer Kynsy has shared her latest single ‘Mr Nice Guy’. Accompanied by a decadent, colourful video directed by Dave Fox and Conor Donoghue, the track is a blend of bold synth sounds, cutting lyrics and infectious melodies.

‘Mr Nice Guy’ is the first piece of new music Kynsy aka Ciara Lindsey has shared since the release of her debut EP, Things That Don’t Exist in January earlier this year. It marks a move into poppier territory, but retains Kynsy’s refreshingly honest perspective on real life situations. Co-produced by Kynsy and James Dring (Gorillaz, Jamie T, Sorry), the track is a reflection on an unfortunate situation Kynsy found herself in with a previous boss.

“It’s a song about money and working and having one of those horrible bosses who tells you he’s trying to be ‘the nice guy’ while he goes through you outside on the street,” she explains. “It’s mostly based on an encounter I had in a waitressing job. I suppose there is a message in there about the power of empathy and kindness in how you deal with people.”

Watch the video for ‘Mr Nice Guy’ below.

Kynsy will be playing live at The Social in London on Thursday 18th November

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Photo Credit: George Voronov

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