LISTEN: BLAB – ‘Gemini’

A guarded, but playful reflection on the pain of unrequited love filtered through an astrological lens, Southend-based multi-instrumentalist BLAB has shared her latest single ‘Gemini’. Released via Cool Thing Records, BLAB combines catchy guitar riffs with her bittersweet lyrics to work through her mixed emotions.

“’Gemini’ is my sad girl-astrology-emo-garage-anthem,” BLAB aka Frances Murray explains. “It’s about unrequited love but I didn’t want it to feel super sad. I kinda love how it’s super garage-y and ravey, but the lyrics are really heart-breaking, a bit like ‘Mr Brightside’. When I start dating someone, I always find out their star sign and try to suss them out a bit, see what I’m working with personality-wise. I always end up looking past the bad aspects of someone and this song is the realisation “oh, you’re such a Gemini” like, I now see you for who you actually are. I hope people can two-step and cry to this tune at the same time because that’s what I’ll be doing.”

Through her catchy beats and direct lyricism, BLAB cuts through barbed emotional moments on ‘Gemini’, softening unsettling realisations like “she looks like me and I look like her / a trait that I despise.” With her previous singles ‘Eton Mess’, ‘Casual Sex’, ‘RIP’ and ‘Insurance’, BLAB firmly communicated her anti-establishment, anti-ego message. With ‘Gemini’, she reaffirms her narrative of independence and individuality, but showcases a slightly softer side, tinged with a relatable melancholy.

BLAB is currently working on her debut album with Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly) and Rees Broomfield at SS2 Recording in Southend, channelling her riot grrrl attitude into a collection of witty, infectious anthems.

Listen to ‘Gemini’ below.

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