Track Of The Day: Pearly – ‘Silver Behind The Mirror’

An agitated, sultry dose of cinematic heavy rock, Ohio-based trio Pearly have shared their latest single ‘Silver Behind The Mirror’. Taken from their upcoming album Silver of The Mirror, which is set for release on 11th February via Eto Ano Recordings, the track is a smouldering slice of “stoner rock” that heaves with heady desire.

Formed of Josie Yeager, Austyn Benyak and Dalton Edwards, Pearly are inspired by an eclectic range of influences, including the aesthetics of David Lynch’s films as well as the music of TOPS and Nine Inch Nails. Together, they create a mixture of soft indie rock tunes and swaggering, aggressive dance rock, with new single ‘Silver Behind The Mirror’ flowing in the vein of the latter. Full of ​​Yeager’s yearning vocals, Benyak’s angsty guitars and Edwards’ brooding beats, the track is an angsty, smouldering invitation into Pearly’s dark, but inviting musical world.

“Sonically, the track was heavily inspired by Lou Reed’s rendition of ‘This Magic Moment in the movie Lost Highway,” the band explain about their new single. “The low, rumbly guitars that the song starts with and lay underneath the song feel evil and I remember hearing it and thinking that it sounded exactly like a motorcycle. But it’s so so sad. The feeling that song gave us when we first heard it placed us right into the world of evil and sunny LA in Lost Highway. Lyrically, this song is about living in an atrocious mess all the while being incredibly ambitious.”

Whilst on the surface, Pearly’s sound may appear serious and heavy, the band want to blend their angsty aesthetics with their ordinary desire to cut loose and enjoy life’s more playful moments. This attitude underscores their previous single ‘Julianne Moore‘, their latest track, and the songs on their upcoming album too.

Listen to ‘Silver Behind The Mirror’ below.

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