LISTEN: Evie Balfe – ‘According To Maybe’

According To Maybe‘, the latest single from Lincoln-born London-based artist Evie Balfe, is an echoing and life affirming anthem for anyone with a taste for indie electro-pop who needs a cheeky self esteem pick me up…

Evie’s intoxicating vocals swim effortlessly through this track creating a melody of gorgeous moods which shift from conversational to commanding as she, rightly, reminds us “not to live according to maybes”. Evie’s vocals – which carry a certain flirtatiousness to them –  invite us into a sea of soothing electro beats. There’s a sense of Alice going down the rabbit hole here as the track leads us from from blink-and-you’ll-miss-it percussion phrases, to moments where all production is pulled away leaving only the vocals to mesmerise us.

The balance between all these changing directions is brokered perfectly and, though it’s intense, this track feels full without being busy. There’s also enough passion and heart shining through each verse to ensure Evie’s true intention is never lost as she calls for us to garner enough self confidence to carve the life for ourselves we truly deserve, without ever settling for less. A welcome addition to any feel good playlist.

Do I Feel Like I’m Happy Now, the upcoming album from Evie Balfe, is set for release soon… Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Tutku Barbaros

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