PREMIERE: Host – ‘b4me’

“Cut your hair but not your ties” advises Irish artist Host on her new track ‘b4me’, which we’re premiering exclusively on Get In Her Ears today. The song is an infectious slice of electro-pop that navigates the tricky territory between being in love with the idea of being loved, and not being able to reciprocate that desire.

Following on from her debut single ‘Goodbye’, Host has spent most of her year writing, recording and producing music alone. ‘b4me’ is another sharply produced offering from the newcomer, who had this to say about her new track: “Usually, like many other artists, I write my songs based off an exaggerated version of the truth; but ‘b4me’ is far from fiction. I produced the song fully before adding a lyrical element to the music and for me, that alone spoke volumes, but sometimes you just have to speak your thoughts aloud to make them fully register”.

Fact or Fiction: we’re happy to dance along to Host’s upbeat tunes. Listen to ‘b4me’ below, and follow her on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: A N N A V R – ‘Under The Sand’

Elegant and intricate: Berlin based avant-pop artist ANNAVR has shared new track ‘Under The Sand’, taken from her debut EP I: Hallucination. The release is the first of a 3-part EP trilogy – II: Vibration and III: Salvation – both of which are due later this year.

Recorded in both Berlin and London, I: Hallucination is ANNAVR’s musical exploration of “past romance in a futuristic musical context”. The artist and producer elaborates: “The title is an acknowledgement for a state that describes somewhere between the biggest possible relief, and the most terrible unfulfilled longing. I don’t mean it in any way associated to drugs. It’s more like I am so open to things, my senses are so overwhelmingly awake, that most of the time I can feel like a battery that is overcharged.”

Praised by Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music), Don Letts, The Fader, i-D Magazine and Interview Magazine, it’s easy to see why tracks like ‘Under The Sand’ are seeping in to a variety of musical consciences. Listen to the lo-fi, piano-led tune below and follow ANNAVR on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

ALBUM: Sabatta – ‘Misfit Music’

Sabatta are a South East London band who have always proven to be difficult to categorise. Their musical influences are endless – from Dead Kennedys to Parliament/Funkadelic. Now, with their sophomore album, aptly-titled Misfit Music, guitarist and vocalist Yinka Oyewole and bassist Debbie Dee have further established their unpredictable sound; a unification of punk rock, heavy metal, psychedelia, grunge, funk, and soul. Why limit yourself?

Oyewole has referred to their sound as “Grunge Soul”, and this is true of the abrasive opening track ‘Rock Star Shit’; a spoken word dissection of the glitz and the glam of the ‘rock star’ lifestyle, “but here’s the life that we be livin’. Take the bus at a quarter to eight, to the Morrisons reduced aisle but it’s too late.”

The raw fusion of riotous guitar riffs and funk-fuelled basslines on ‘Wicked Right Now’ -combined with a punk-rock attitude that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Bad Brains record -solidifies Sabatta’s mission statement: “fuck genres, fuck labels, fuck rules and fuck fitting in”. Just when you think track #2 has reached its logical conclusion, Oyewole breaks the silence with frantic fretwork reminiscent of The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Slowing the tempo down for ‘Always’, ‘Feel It Too’ and ‘Prized Possession’, Oyewole and Dee invoke the spirits of Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. The riffs are raw. The basslines are heavy. But the essential element that binds everything together is the groove. Track #6 (and lead single) ‘Scream of Consciousness’ plays like a dystopian punk anthem, opening with a deliberate drum beat – a slow burn from ex-drummer Adriano Siani – before breaking out into a blaze of fiery, charismatic vocals and thrashing guitar.

‘Innocence’ offers a departure from the heavy – but never from the groove, courtesy of Dee – by further showcasing the versatility of Oyewole’s vocal capabilities, and his proficiency on electric guitar with a melodic solo that closes the track, before ‘Speed of Life’ closes the album with furious intent.

Misfit Music is in-your-face, unapologetic, and diverse. Sabatta have created a sound that is uniquely their own, releasing an LP that is the black sheep of rock and roll. An outsider to the alternative. This is a duo that does not obey usual genre conventions – and fuck it! They never wanted to fit in anyway.

Misfit Music is out now via Blackfriars Entertainment

Ken Wynne


Track Of The Day: Menace Beach (ft. Brix Smith) – ‘Black Rainbow Sound’

If you’re going to shift your sound, then who better to team up with than Brix Smith. Joining infamous post-punk Mancunians The Fall in the early ’80s, she helped reshape the band into something more akin to Californian new-wave pop. Here, she joins Leeds band Menace Beach on new single ‘Black Rainbow Sound’, ahead of the band’s third album of the same name. Menace Beach are a loose collection of musicians, a ‘sort-of supergroup’, featuring members from Hookworms and Sky Larkin, but featuring Liza Violet (formerly of Department M) and Ryan Needham (Komakino) at its core.  

‘Black Rainbow Sound’ is a notable move away from the band’s previous lo-fi ’90s alt-rock guitar noise, found on debut Ratworld and its follow-up Lemon Memory. Here, bleepy synths and loops whirl around a spiky guitar that starts off like Pavement but, as the whole builds – with a grinding bass, drums that snap to the point and vocal harmonies – starts to sound increasingly krautrocky. This is particularly true of its middle eight as Needham spits “Make it all the time, make it all the time”, before it leads into Smith, cameoing with a voice from the ether, a character that changes the song’s narrative, talking about being “between molecules…beaming out thoughts which…ricochet across the universe”. It’s delightful nonsense that breaks up the repetition of the song and, after several listens which bring out the multiple layers, the track reveals itself as a bit of a pop grower. Quite a feat from a band whose last two singles were titled ‘Maybe We’ll Drown’ and ‘Give Blood’!

With a chunky bassy chug, shiny bright synths and vocals that chime just right, the song’s multiple layers that arch together are a perfect aural depiction of the titular ‘Black Rainbow Sound’, with Brix Smith’s golden shimmer as its highest curve. With the knotting together of the natural electronic and guitar tendencies of members Liza and Ryan, ‘Black Rainbow Sound’ points towards an album that may well be Menace Beach’s best.

Black Rainbow Sound, the upcoming album from Menace Beach, is out 31st August via Memphis Industries.

John McGovern

Photo Credit: Tommy Davidson

LISTEN: Hari Debi – ‘Air’

Riotous and intoxicating: excellently named newcomers Hari Debi have shared their single ‘Air’, which is all about the maddening but marvelous first stages of a relationship.

Riffs and deceptively sweet vocals collide on their new track to communicate the feeling that “you physically need your lover in order to stay sane” in the early days of new romance. Recorded and produced by Hari Debi themselves, ‘Air’ is a refreshing blast of garage rock.

The band will be playing at We Can Do It Records all-dayer on 28th July, alongside our favourites Witch Fever, Something Leather & After London (RSVP here). Listen to ‘Air’ below and follow Hari Debi on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Hope – ‘Drop Your Knives’

Praised by Idles and set to headline London’s Sebright Arms on 20th October: Berlin four-piece Hope have shared new track ‘Drop Your Knives’. It’s a visceral exploration of refusal, anger, desire and love – and the track is accompanied by a stark set of visuals, directed by Riccardo Bernardi.

Taken from their self-titled 2018 EP (released via Haldern Pop), ‘Drop Your Knives’ contrasts dark emotions with stomping, upbeat electronics and percussion. The blurred monochrome visuals – interspersed with faded stripes of red – reflect the band’s artistic direction, as singer Christine Börsch-Supan explains: “The black aesthetic is not the same “black” of Wave or Gothic bands, but the unpretentious black of Talk Talk. A black which lets you forget the Jazz, the academics, and the provinces that we come from.”

With their optimistic name and dark but detailed outlook: we can see why Hope are catching the attention of audiences and artists alike. Watch the video for ‘Drop Your Knives’ below and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Riccardo Bernardi

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: V V Lightbody – ‘Fish In Fives’

Before settling down to listen to the latest single courtesy of V.V Lightbody, make sure that you have tethered yourself down to a heavy object as her latest offering runs the real risk of causing listeners to float away amongst the clouds with its kitsch, folksy acoustics. Hailing from Chicago, Vivian McConnell treats us to her dreamy new single ‘Fish in Fives’, taken from her new LP. 

Classic, vintage harmonies ease us into the track before V.V. Lightbody’s ethereal vocals tell us that although she is gentle, she is powerful – “I’m a hummingbird in its net”. Imagery of nature isn’t just reserved for the lyrics however, as the accompanying video sees V.V Lightbody in a dutiful, domestic setting, preparing flowers to eat before swallowing down a spoonful.

Playful flutes halfway through add to the other-worldliness of the track as the gentle acoustics aid the free-flowing nature of the song. V.V Lightbody gifts us a dreamy lullaby with ‘Fish In Fives’, leaving us eagerly anticipating her new LP. 

Bathing Peach, the new album from V V Lightbody, is out now.

Nicky Lee-Delisle