WATCH: Hexmaze – ‘Hex Hex Hex’

Making a mark on the London music scene since 2017, five-piece band Hexmaze have just dropped their single, ‘Hex Hex Hex’. With a hypnotic potion of punk lyrics and vocals, haunting chants and fuzzed out guitars, the collision of different sounds creates a genre-splitting track. In their latest single, the band demonstrate their diversity and ability to experiment in a song and create what will ultimately become a favourite amongst fans.

The music video, directed by Swedish visual artist Anna Bo, complements the energy and organised chaos of the song. Anna Bo creates a horror-like fairytale setting, which is intersected with scenes of the band dressed as Atwood-esque spectres band walking in unison. The video is almost ritualistic as its indulgent and rich imagery perfectly captures the intense emotions packed within the song. Both the music video and the single signify the journey from anxiousness to anger, and overall create an empowering message.

Watch the new video for ‘Hex Hex Hex’ here:

Amy McCarthy

Track Of The Day: Foundlings – ‘Enemy’

If there were a Venn diagram for dreamy indie pop and raucous alt rock, Foundlings would be sat comfortably in the middle along with Parquet Courts and Courtney Barnett. Having been praised previously by BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq, Foundlings are ready to release their debut. Hailing from Brighton and South London, the ferocious four piece have released the first single from their upcoming EP. ‘Enemy’ comes straight out the gates with lingering lyricism from front-woman Amber Price, jagged off-beat drum patterns and guttural guitar riffs reminiscent of the Dirty days by Sonic Youth.

A structurally dynamic tune which is filled with twists and turns, almost edging upon math rock territory, it’s filled with echoed backing vocals, layered over shrill guitar riffs, cementing Foundlings’ dreamy indie-pop sound.

We highly recommend you check out ‘Enemy’ and dance your worries away with this rocking headbanger.


The eponymous debut EP from Foundlings is out 1st March via Last Night From Glasgow.

Amy Grace 

Video Premiere: Mannequin Death Squad – ‘Blue’

Following immense offerings such as ‘Van Gogh’ and ‘Honey Punch’, and appearances supporting the likes of Slaves, as well as on our very own radio show, Australian instrument-swapping duo El and Dan – aka Mannequin Death Squad – now return to compel our ears with a brand new raucous single.

Propelled by a raging riotous energy and frenzied, thrashing beats, ‘Blue’ is a perfect alt-Valentine’s anthem. Oozing a gritty, scuzz-filled power and raw, seething vocals, it’s an exhilarating blast of infectious grunge-fuelled rock, showcasing the unique ferocious force of our favourite Aussie duo. Of the track, El explains:

Blue is a song I wrote at 16 years of age in my ’90s poster drowned out room. It feels to me like an angst break-up song. It’s about who we vilify when we’re feelin’ kinda blue.”

Watch the brand new video for ‘Blue’, and see a Gorilla-tastic love story unfold, here:

‘Blue’ is out now via Integrity Records.

Mari Lane

Introducing Interview: Alice Phoebe Lou

Having recently released her deeply poignant single ‘Skin Crawl’, South African artist Alice Phoebe Lou is about to embark on an extensive North American and European tour. 

We caught up with Alice Phoebe Lou to find out more about her plans, and the inspirations behind her sweeping, crystalline sound…

Hi Alice Phoebe Lou, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about what you do and how you initially got started creating music?
Thanks for having me! I got into music pretty late in life; I’d always been into performing, but it was more about dancing & theatre. When I started travelling around Europe fresh out of high school, I was doing street performance as my ‘job’ and at first it was dancing & throwing balls of fire around. Eventually I started singing cover songs & writing my own. So initially, music making was something I did to get some change & continue my lifestyle in Berlin. The city became my fresh start, where I realised that music would be my direction.

Your poignant new single ‘Skin Crawl’ is said to be inspired by your negative experiences at the hands of men, can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind it?
The meaning behind the song comes from a culmination of events & circumstances all too familiar for women, over my entire lifetime really. It starts with the innocence that was taken from me bit by bit as a teenager, as my body was sexualised and all the negative and traumatic experiences at the hands of men. And then coming into womanhood where so much sexually aggressive and violent behaviour is taken for granted and seen as a ‘part of the territory’ of going out or being social. After my drink was spiked in New York and I experienced one of my lowest lows in this regard, I kept going out alone, rejecting the idea that I needed to be afraid or change what I enjoy doing because of the behaviour of a few. But as many women know, there are so few ‘safe’ spaces where one can dance & not be touched, harassed, made to feel uncomfortable. So this song tries to bring attention to that in the hopes that we can strive towards more of these safe spaces.

And your upcoming album Paper Castles is out next month. Are you able to tell us about the writing process that went into creating it, and are there any ongoing themes running throughout?
Very excited to release Paper Castles! It’s been the most beautiful process. The writing of it was done between tours and travels, and the songs have been written all over the world. There’s definitely an overall theme of coming into womanhood, coming into myself and owning my body and my sexuality and getting to the other side of traumas and personal hardships. The recording process was a full on dream, with the best musicians and friends I could possibly ask for, and the most smooth and stress free process imaginable. Didn’t know it was possible! Noah Georgeson was an incredible producer and friend to have guiding us and I’m so happy and humbled by the result.

We’re big fans of your dreamy, captivating sound, but who or what would you cite as your main influences?
Mostly my friends really. I’ve got an incredible community of musicians & creatives spanning the globe, but especially in Berlin and my home town Cape Town. We do a lot together, throwing parties and dreaming big about the future of what we could achieve together, trying hard to create an environment of support rather than competition. They really inspire me and cheer me on, and I feel extremely fortunate.

You’re about to embark on a big North America and European tour in support of the album, but are there any shows you’ve played in the past that stand out as a particular highlight?
Definitely playing in Ramallah & Bayt Sahur in Palestine. To be able to bring international music to a place that is so cut off from the world, to people that so appreciate that you’ve come there and that you’ve brought them music & catharsis; it was a very special experience. I’ll be going back there soon.

You’re originally from South Africa, how did you find the music scene over there?
It’s bubbling right now. It’s hard to survive as an artist in South Africa, because there’s not enough money, not enough support. But there are incredible people doing amazing things – throwing wonderful festivals, doing everything they can to get the scene off the ground and I’m in awe and inspired to watch it happen.

And how do you feel the music industry is for new artists at the moment – would you say it’s difficult to get noticed?
I definitely think it’s difficult for new artists, as there are so many new musicians trying to get their work out there, and often such a limiting and rigid industry that favours commercial potential over value. But I think if one is innovative; works fucking hard and tries to mould their own little corner of the music industry, learning as much as they can, finding the way to release that works for them, anything is possible.

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any other new/upcoming bands or artists that you’d recommend we check out?
Amy Ayanda, Thor Rixon, Hyroine, Young Yosef, Hush Moss, RAS, Loving, Good Morning, LA Salami.

Finally, what else does 2019 have in store for Alice Phoebe Lou?
Organising a festival for 2020. Been my big dream for a while.

Huge thanks to Alice for answering our questions! 

Paper Castles, the upcoming album from Alice Phoebe Lou, is out 8th March. Catch her live in the UK in April:

15th April – Thekla, Bristol
16th April – Deaf Institute, Manchester
17th April – Earth, London
18th April – Bodega, Nottingham

Photo Credit: Elliott McKee

Track Of The Day: Merely – ‘Mystery Garden’

She’s often billed as synth pop, but Merely’s latest release, ‘Mystery Garden’, shows that she doesn’t easily fit inside the pop box. Instead, the single would be better described as romantic electronica – like William Blake has got hold of an interface and downloaded Ableton Live.

The track renders an organic landscape using digital sounds and is equal parts soothing and unsettling: contradictions held together by Merely’s ear for melody and clever production. Fans of Bjork’s Utopia will enjoy this – though it has a mellower, more synthesised feel.

‘Mystery Garden’ is romantic in the sense of Coleridge wandering through a woodland after eating some opium, rather than romantic in the sense of a Hallmark card, but perhaps fittingly, it’s out on Valentine’s day.

Merely is the moniker of classically-trained instrumentalist and vocalist Kristina Florrell, who is based in Sweden. Should you happen to be in Göteborg this week, you can catch her playing on Friday 15th, at the launch show for the new album, Hatching the Egg.


Hatching The Egg, the new album from Merely, is out 14th February via YEAR0001.

Frances Salter

Photo Credit: David Chocron

ALBUM: Queen Zee – ‘Queen Zee’

Making weirdness in to wonderful, inclusive, explosive new tunes; GIHEs favourites Queen Zee have shared their debut self-titled album and it’s every bit as glorious as we’d hoped. Released via their own label Sasstone Records, the group have created ten tracks that gleefully cut down any of the forces that attempt to stand in the way of equality.

The tongue-in-cheek ‘Loner’ opens the record, and it’s an in-your-face anthem taking the piss out of being a solitary, socially inept loser. Zee’s vocals dominate the track as swirling guitar and non-stop percussion keep the riot going. It’s followed by the equally punchy ‘Lucy Fur’ and ‘Sissy Fists’, which are belting fusions of grunge & punk. The latter smashes apart any associations of weakness and is a proper hardcore two minutes of pure adrenaline.

‘Idle Crown’ is a riotously executed piece of Marilyn Manson-esque pop sleaze. The narrative centers around two LGBTQ+ characters trapped in a toxic heteronormative relationship, who are unable to live as their true selves. It’s hard to resist screaming along to the chorus of ‘Porno’ and ‘Victim Age’, both of which will have you kicking and screeching around a dance floor.

The album’s standout track is undoubtedly ‘Boy’. It’s an anthem for trans-gender rockers and their allies who refuse to be ignored, or oppressed by transphobic or homophobic attitudes. “You can try and bury my head in the sand, but that won’t make the body at the surface a man’s” sings Zee, as manic guitar and heart-pounding drums smash out for just shy of five minutes. ‘Hunger Pains’ follows with Zee’s ravenous screeching and more trademark corkscrew guitar riffs, whereas the brief interlude ‘Anxiety’ is a mellow yet candid admission to not feeling well.

Whether you admit to it or not, we can all relate to closing track ‘I Hate Your New Boyfriend’. It’s a hilariously vicious take-down of a misogynistic partner who drains your friend and by default drains you too. Turn it up extra loud anytime you know said antagonist is in the vicinity. With their punk attitude and ability to write abrasive and infectious tracks, there’s no danger of Queen Zee being melted in to a “masculine mould” – and we’re rejoicing in support of this “whipping girl born into a big man’s world”. What a debut, invest immediately.

Photo Credit: Jon Mo Photography

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Emilie Kahn – ‘Will You?’

Beautifully melancholic and expertly produced, Montreal songwriter Emilie Kahn‘s latest single ‘Will You?’ makes for a poignant and earnest listen. The track is taken from  her second album Outro, which is set for release on 22nd February via Secret City Records.

The new song is accompanied by an equally beautiful music video, directed by Aaliyeh Afshar and Max Taeuschel. Speaking about the visuals, the pair explain: “We wanted to highlight Emilie’s performance while exploring the dark but tender feeling of the song. Playing with the mirror, blinds and faux walls, we wanted to delve into the liminal divide between life and death in a physical way”.

Emilie Kahn’s alternative pop tunes have an exquisite pain about them, and ‘Will You?’ is another shining example of the songwriter’s ability to achieve so much through minimal but focused music. Listen to ‘Will You?’ below and follow Emilie Kahn on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: BaoNgho

Kate Crudgington