EP: Tokky Horror – ‘KAPPACORE’

Thank fuck for attitude! Emerging from the pit to release KAPPACORE, hardcore punk/techno collective Tokky Horror have recorded a visceral collection of mosh-inducing dance melodies; an infectious melding of distorted breakbeat chaos and abrasive guitar filth – from Zee Divine, Ava Akira and Mollie Rush – to piss off the punk purists!

Following their 2021 extended play from Alcopop! Records, I Found the Answers and Now I Want Morelater incorporated into their compilation of off-kilter DIY noise, Home Recordings 2020-2021 – KAPPACORE is their latest mutation; a hyper-intense techno-punk record for misfits. Opening with ‘MAXINE’, featuring Blazer Boccle, Zee’s (formerly of Liverpudlian queer punks Queen Zee) (witch)craft results in hypnotic drum & bass; Blazer, Ava and Mollie’s pseudo-rapping buried in the mix, scrambling from a shallow grave for your attention, making your heart skip, skip a beat! “We are the weirdos, mister.”

Now primed to explode, ‘HAMMER 2 THE FACE’ follows, creating punkish energy through Aphex Twin-esque idiosyncratic techno; Tokky Horror’s do-it-yourself ethos resulting in grinding industrial guitar riffs layered with Zee’s experimental hardcore production. Let the bass hit you like a hammer to the face! Preserving this chaotic energy, ‘JAZZ MUSIC’ is a textural electrical assault to the senses, with only woodwind instrumentation providing brief respite from Tokky Horror’s groove. “I love jazz music / You love jazz music / I love jazz music / Tokky Horror crew!”

‘TOILET’, another rave-inducing headbanger, is the crew’s “heartbreak song about falling out of love with a scene.” Punk is supposed to represent anarchy! It should be the perfect petri dish for activism; punk rock’s lyrical vitriol expressing an intense desire for sociopolitical change. Unfortunately, most “punks” were too wasted to protest… So, back in the lab, the mad scientists at Tokky Horror are working towards creating their own sub-culture; one of inclusivity, and ‘TOILET’ is their melancholic dance punk anthem! “We are all searching for change…”

Closing out KAPPACORE with pulsating basslines and distorted vocals comes ‘TRANMERE RAVER’, featuring MC NULTi. The Tokky Horror crew crescendoing into a cataclysm of crusty electronic crud. From the breakbeats of Orbital to the electropunk of The Prodigy, Tokky Horror proudly wear their influences on their Kappa branded sleeves. This is the Tokky Horror Show: hypnotic anarchic catharsis!

Tokky Horror UK Live Dates 2023
18th May – KAPPACORE EP Release Party Blondies, London
26th May – Sneister Festival, The Hague NL
9th June – Fiestas De La Artes, Manchester
5th August – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
18th August – Convoy Cabaret Festival, Dorchester
19th August – Arctangent Festival, Somerset
9th September – Burn It Down Festival, Devon

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