WATCH: HMS Morris – ‘Family Souls

Family Souls’ – the latest single by the Welsh art-rock band HMS Morris – is as fun and surreal as the band’s name suggests. A joyful collage of a song, it brings together elements of soul, funk and indie to create a bouncy pop banger that’s both experimental and perfectly polished.  

Reminiscent of Tuneyards, ‘Family Souls’ quickly wedges its way into your brain, as front person Heledd Watkins unleashes the song’s infectious, angular hook. When she dreamily utters “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” it blends jerky instrumentation with sweet pop harmonies like a wonky ’60s girl group. 

At the heart of the song is a creative conundrum. The lyrics explore why Watkins finds it hard to perform in front of her family or, as the band put it: “the dissonance between Heledd’s roles as a dutiful west-Walian daughter on one hand, and as a badass creative force to be reckoned with on the other.” As the front person of a band with such vibrant eccentricity, it’s hardly surprising that Watkins wrestles with this. But I hope she resolves it soon; if this song and the incredible video are anything to go by, her family are missing out on an incredible performer! 

Created by Trigger Happy Creative, watch the new video below:

‘Family Souls’ is out now via Bubblewrap Records.

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