PREVIEW: Dream Nails Acoustic Set at Housmans, 12.09.18

As if putting on immense, riotous live performances wasn’t enough, GIHE’s favourite Feminist Punk Witches Dream Nails have now decided to blow our minds in a slightly different way – by putting on their first ever acoustic set at infamous independent and anti-fascist bookshop Housmans. Taking place on Wednesday 12th September, it will be a much smaller space than the band usually play, and looks set to be an intimate experience, and – whilst perhaps quieter in volume – no less powerful and empowering than your usual raucous Dream Nails gig.

Of their decision to play this unusual event, Dream Nails explain:

It’ll give us a chance to talk more about the context of each song, share stories and chat with the audience too. We are excited to break down each song into its simplest, rawest form for the acoustic show. Also, at a time when fascism is once again rearing its ugly head, bookshops like Housmans are completely essential to provide a counter narrative to populism, white supremacism and the capitalist patriarchy, so we’re really happy to bring our fans into the space so they can see how amazing it is!

Plugged in or acoustic, Dream Nails combine impassioned activism and infectious tunes creating a sparkling, formidable force, inspiring and motivating us to get up, make our voices heard and fight fascism with all our might.

So, don’t miss out on this unique experience! Catch Dream Nails’ acoustic set at Housmans Bookshop next Wednesday 12th September at 7pm. More info and ticket links. And, if you can’t make it, fear not – the band will also be streaming the event live from their Facebook page!

Mari Lane



Interview: Yasmin Paris Love

Glasgow-based Event Producer Yasmin Paris Love is currently working on an exciting new project in collaboration with international director and visual artist, Drew John Barnes. I.AM attempts to explore creatives from various disciplines in order to discover what makes them an individual via a program that will combine performance and projection. The exhibition will feature live performances by musicians Drew has previously collaborated with including Saint PHNX, Love Sick and KVASIR. Utilising the latest projection mapping and time coding technology, the exhibition takes place at Glasgow’s Drygate on 6th September.

We caught up with Yasmin to find out more about what she does and this innovative new project…

Hi Yasmin, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you initially get involved in the role of Event Producer?
I’m Yasmin Paris Love and I have been working in the event industry for ten years. I had a great opportunity whilst studying to work as an Event Coordinator at SAUWS and from there really discovered that I enjoyed technical production more than event management. I have been producing events for 8 years now. The first production I worked on we sold out within 3 days (we enticed 750 people to my hometown Paisley and had a great time doing so!), and I think thats what really motivated me to continue down this route.

Your upcoming ‘I.AM’ exhibition with Drew John Barnes at Glasgow’s Drygate sounds extremely interesting. Can you tell us a bit about what the night will entail?
When Drew first approached me with the idea of working on this project he wanted to discuss releasing his work online. Knowing how much inspiration Drew takes from live concerts I knew that a live exhibition was the best way forward. The night is designed to really visually stimulate the audience. Every second has been pre-programmed. The artists and Drew have worked really hard to create something special. Behind the scenes our amazing technical team have been designing the lighting, video and audio around the performances and Drew’s work. We are using time coding technology so everything will be synchronised along with projection mapping, live animation and of course ultra high resolution. The best way to describe this in short is imagine you got to watch your favourite movie at the cinema with your favourite bands playing live at the same time!

Combining visual art with musical performances from the likes of Kvasir, Saint PHNX and Love Sick is a great idea – what inspired this, and how did the musicians get involved with the project?
Both Drew and I are both huge music fans and advocates for creatives. We wanted to create something that showcased visual art and music simultaneously, that relationship to us is so important. I think one of my favourite earliest memories is taking the bus to my local record store and buying an album, reading all the album credits and just appreciating the artwork on the album cover. When I listen to music I always have a visual in my mind of either that album artwork or the production of the show. Drew is particularly selective on who he works with and so are the artists. Each have their own individual visual signature and, if you have watched the music videos that Drew has directed, for them it is quite apparent why they work together. When Drew worked on the music video ‘King’ for Saint PHNX he was so inspired by the song, and I think it really shows in the detail of the video they produced. Music and video should be emotive, it should make you feel something. We approached KVASIR, Love Sick and Saint PHNX not only because they have a great working relationship with Drew, but also because their music really makes us feel something and we wanted that to translate with the audience.

The exhibition will utilise the latest projection mapping and time coding technology, how do you feel this will enhance the viewers’ experience?
I worked on a project with Kevin Steele (Production Manager who is also working on this project) – it was a live orchestra accompanying the silent film “IT”, composed and conducted by Patrick Doyle in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and it was performed by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior Orchestra as part of the ISME conference in 2016. I left that experience changed on how I viewed the relationship between visual art and music, and I really want viewers to share that experience. When you synchronise visual and audio it’s really amazing the effect that has on your senses. I think the best way to describe that is the feeling you get when you watch a classic Disney movie or more recently Guardians Of The Galaxy, or anything which Hans Zimmer has worked on. I think Drew and I both like to escape reality, and hope the work we have put into creating an emotive experience using technology, visual art and music will really enhance the viewers’ experience.

What challenges have you faced in your role as Event Producer throughout your career? Have you ever come across any barriers due to being a woman in the industry?
I was working as a production assistant in London to Jo MacKay and Ian Greenway and up until that point I had never personally experienced any barriers, as Scotland has a beautiful small network of production colleagues who I have always found to offer complete respect. Working on a production in Oxford we arrived and the Production Manager (who I won’t name but she is incredible) arrived to be welcomed with a “Can I speak to your boss?”. Unfortunately, the security person had just assumed that the person in charge had to be male. The production manager handled it perfectly and afterwards we didn’t encounter any further issues but it left an impression on me. I think sadly the only real issues I have ever encountered has actually been with working with suppliers, making similar assumptions. You get the occasional “I have been doing this since you were in nappies” comment working on site, and even though you communicate you are producing the event there is still often the assumption to ask questions to my male colleagues, even though they may not be working on that part of the event! I have found just politely correcting and educating is the best way to deal with this, and I am thankful that when starting out I got to watch that incredible Production Manager handle a situation like that.

How do you feel the art world is for new artists at the moment, do you think it’s difficult for them to get their work noticed?
I think with the advancement of technology and communication there is so much noise. It is really difficult to get your work noticed or for traditional art spaces to let you host your work in their space because potentially it’s not the typical audience they might expect and this makes them very nervous. For new artists I would love to see them teaming up more with other colleagues trying to progress in their own field and build up small teams. I think “collectives” are a great way to approach organising events now, or building online platforms to show your work. Not being afraid to reach out and collaborate with other people can really make the difference to your project.

And are there any upcoming artists you’d recommend we’d check out?
I really have to give some appreciation to some amazing women in the creative industry right now. Not sure I would be able to call them upcoming, but if you are looking for some exciting visual and music work check out Theresa Kaindl, Emily Wylde, Kiiara Shee and Liana Banks.


Finally, as we are primarily a new music website, are there any Glasgow-based bands/musicians that you’re a particular fan of at the moment?
Absolutely love Lewis Capaldi. I have been on a bit of a journey recently professionally and have been physically travelling a lot internationally for work, so Lewis Capaldi and Fatherson have been the perfect soundtrack for this.

Huge thanks to Yasmin for answering our questions!

The ‘I.AM’ exhibition in collaboration with Drew John Barnes is on tomorrow 6th September at Drygate Glasgow. Tickets here.

PLAYLIST: September 2018

Summer’s over and so is festival season, but fear not! Our brand new September playlist is here to to brighten up your day. This month is shaping up to be something special sound-wise, and we’re excited to share our track selections with you. Take some time to scroll through our words, and hit play on the Spotify link at the bottom of the page…


Noga Erez – ‘Cash Out’ (feat. SAMMUS)
The idiosyncratic voices of Tel Aviv’s Noga Erez and Philadelphia rapper SAMMUS combine in superb style on this new track, which is the perfect follow up to Erez’s previous knockout single ‘Bad Habits’. Together, the pair “call out the contradicting and chauvinistic pressures piled on women through consumerist society” with defiant, seething flair. I cannot stop listening to this total T.U.N.E. (Kate Crudgington)

Basement Revolver – ‘Heavy Eyes’
‘Heavy Eyes’ is the new single from Canadian indie-rock trio Basement Revolver taken from the debut album (also called Heavy Eyes) which was released in August via Fear of Missing Out Records. The track is about feeling tired and how hard life is when you’re in that tired state…PREACH. I love the track’s rhythmic percussion with those distant vocals pushing me into that hypnotic hazy state. (Tash Walker)

Twist Helix – ‘Graphite’
Taken from their upcoming debut album, Twist Helix’s new single ‘Graphite’ is a song about the artist feeling frustration as she cannot articulate an authentic vision of her city. A sweeping, cinematic offering, it juxtaposes dynamic, synth-heavy beats with a twinkling musicality and the soaring impassioned vocals of front woman Bea Garcia. Ouseburn, the upcoming album from Twist Helix, is out 5th October. (Mari Lane)

Fears – ‘Blood’
Flitting between Belfast and Dublin, Irish musician Fears (aka Constance Keane) creates sublime electronic-based soundscapes. I first heard ‘Blood’ on The Irish Jam, and I’ve been haunted by her melancholy soundscapes ever since. I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this talented newcomer. (KC)

Ah! Kosmos – ‘Wide'(feat. Özgür Yılmaz)
Atmospheric guitar, captivating percussion and hypnotic vocals melt together on Ah! Kosmos’ new single. The track is taken from her upcoming second album Beautiful Swamp, which is set for release on October 5th via Compost Records. Born in Istanbul and now based in Berlin, Ah! Kosmos (aka Başak Günak) is a sound designer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. She sweeps listeners up in to a rapture with her intense soundscapes filled with rhythmic guitar melodies, and her collaboration with guitarist Özgür Yılmaz on ‘Wide’ is another stunning example of this. (KC)

Koschka – ‘The Flood’
The new single from Berlin-based Koschka, ‘The Flood’ oozes a sweeping grandeur and haunting, majestic power. Inspired by themes of ephemeral love, acceptance and regret, it flows with twinkling keys as the impressive range of Koschka’s resonating vocals soar across a luscious soundscape with an effervescent grace. Truly spellbinding. (ML)

Okay Kaya – ‘Habitual Love’
Okay Kaya who hails from Norway has only recently popped up on my radar, but I’m so glad she did. Currently in the process of releasing a series of loosely-connected, slightly disconcerting music videos for her album Both – manifesting themes such as love, voyeurism and trauma as another physical body. This is my favourite of the releases so far – ‘Habitual Love’ whose gentle beats and Sade like melodies take on a life of their own when you watch the video. However you consume this…it’s fantastic. (TW)

The Menstrual Cramps – ‘The Smash’
Raw, righteous, and a rallying cry against pervasive capitalist and patriarchal oppression: The Menstrual Cramps’ released their sophomore album Free Bleedin’ at the end of August, and it drips with irrepressible anarchy and wit. ‘The Smash’ is the second track on the record, calling for a political and personal revolution. The lyric “Theresa May don’t even masturbate” is a personal fave here. (KC)

Peach Club – ‘Boy In A Band’
A gritty, raging attack on those ‘boys in bands’ that we’ve all come across – those disgusting guys who use their self-proclaimed ‘fame’ to take advantage of young women – ‘Boy In A Band’ rages with a raw ferocity, thrashing hooks and driving beats, building with a frenzied energy to a riotous anthem, blasting into the ears with a racing sense of urgency. And rightly so. We need voices like Peach Club’s now more than ever; a voice that gives motivation and inspiration to girls and women to speak out and be heard in order to prevent the damaging actions of certain boys in bands continuing to be swept under the carpet within the music industry. And we cannot wait for Peach Club to headline our Blogtober event at The Finsbury on 12th October! (RSVP here(ML)

Fightmilk – ‘Four Star Hotel’
Fightmilk have now signed to Reckless Yes and announced the release of their truly fantastic debut album Not With That Attitude (due November 2nd). Taken from the album, new single ‘Four Star Hotel’ is a scuzzy, sparkling anti-love song spiced with a tongue in cheek wit and refreshing cynicism. Another immensely catchy, instant smile-inducing slice of luscious punk-infused indie-pop at its finest. And we cannot wait for Fightmilk to play for us again at The Finsbury on 14th December! (RSVP here). (ML)

Dolls – ‘Sugar Free’
Prepare to have your bubble well and truly popped by the sound of DOLLS’ latest single ‘Sugar Free’. The London-based duo have delivered another catchy slice of grunge-pop glory, alongside the news they’ll be releasing their debut EP Pop The Bubble on September 21st. (KC)

Value Void – ‘Babeland’
I just think this is such a tune. ‘Babeland’ by London trio Value Void is taken from their upcoming debut album set for release on 26th October via Tough Love, which they’ve described as “a luxuriantly deep, shag pile-warm, analogue proto punk collection”. This particular song is about one night in a pub when everything looked grim except for two very attractive men kissing. I love the hazy dreamlike sound which for me was the perfect accompaniment to the hazy warmth of this London Summer. (TW)

Dott – ‘Wedding Song’
Taken from their recent album Heart Swell, Dott’s ‘Wedding Song’ is a poignant ode to love in all its forms, and a celebration of Ireland’s vote to legalise Same Sex Marriage in 2015. The Galway-based band will be headlining our first Get In Her Ears Night at The Five Bells on October 26th (RSVP here). (KC)

IDER – ‘Body Love’
I could listen to this song over and over and over. Such beautifully intricate harmonies, carefully weaved together over the course of ‘Body Love’, I’m left wrapped in the song’s self-affirming message each and every time. I’ve picked this track because I’m going to be seeing IDER play at The Village Underground on 2nd October, and I cannot wait. (TW)

Tirzah – ‘Gladly’
Beautifully understated, gently hypnotic and lyrically touching. I cannot get enough of Tirzah right now, and you know what, it’s not just this track…but the whole album Devotion. What can I say…I am hopelessly devoted. Cringe statements aside, please go listen if you haven’t already, your life will be better for it. (TW)

WATCH: Penelope Trappes – ‘Carry Me’

Sublime, haunting vocals and beautifully shot images make up the video for Penelope Trappes‘ latest single ‘Carry Me’. The track is taken from her sophomore album Penelope Two, which is set to be released via Houndstooth on October 26th.

Originally from Australia but now based in London, Penelope’s dark, pensive, melancholy soundscapes are formed around “field recordings…guitars and synth drones, piano and reverb”. They declutter the mind and ensnare the senses, and ‘Carry Me’ is a beautiful example of her ability to blend tender vocals, layers of sound, and divine visuals with artistic flair.

Speaking about her upcoming album Penelope Two, Trappes extrapolates: “I spent 2017 being an empath with two dear friends, who lost very close loved ones. One lost nearly her whole family in an accident and the other lost his partner of 23 years, after she gave birth to their third child. Echoing distance, pain, love and infinity – this album is dedicated to them”.

Trappes transforms real pain in to other-worldly comfort, proving her worth as a confidant and as an artist. Watch the video for ‘Carry Me’ below and follow Penelope Trappes on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order your copy of Penelope Two here.

Photo Credit: Agnes Haus

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Lala Lala – ‘Water Over Sex’

Stop-motion animation, personal anguish and drifting lo-fi sounds permeate the new visuals for Lala Lala‘s latest single ‘Water Over Sex’. The track is taken from her upcoming album The Lamb, released on September 28th via Hardly Art.

Based in Chicago, Lala Lala (aka Lillie West) says the new track is based on a paranoid feeling that any “good fortune” she encountered would be “subsequently taken away” to “balance the scales” after a home invasion. Whilst this sounds like a sad premise, Lillie’s music feels far from melancholy with its jangly guitar sounds and dreamy vocals.

The video for ‘Water Over Sex’ was co-directed by Matthew James-Wilson and Toronto-based illustrator Ginette Lapalme. Matthew explains the video’s inception further: “I know Ginette from the comics scene in Toronto and, since Lillie is a fan (with her stickers on her guitar case and a few tattoos of her drawings), I wanted to work on an animated music video with her for the new album. We spent a week straight shooting using fabric, photocopies, Ginette’s collection of miniatures and knick-knacks, and stuff we found at 99 cent stores in Chinatown. The video follows a lamb doll (which Ginette made) continually daydreaming about the objects around her while she tries to live a relaxing life. We wanted to sort of indirectly reference the conflict in the song about how your lifestyle changes after you quit drinking. Since we all live in three different cities and couldn’t film Lillie for it, I asked Lillie to send over webcam footage of her singing the song that we could animate over.”

Originally from London, Lillie moved with her family to Los Angeles, where she spent her teenage years and later to Chicago. She started Lala Lala as a way to communicate things she felt she could never say out loud; touching on issues like intense paranoia, deaths of loved ones, and re-examinations of existing relationships.

‘Water Over Sex’ is another exploration of some of these intensely relatable themes. Watch the video for it below and follow Lala Lala on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order Lala Lala’s new album The Lamb here.

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Arc Iris – ‘$GNMS’

Ahead of the release of their third album Icon of Ego on October 12th, Providence’s Arc Iris have shared their new single ‘$GNMS’. The band have carefully crafted analog sounds and seamless vocals to create a complete reinterpretation of ‘Money Gnomes’ – a track taken from their debut self-titled album.

Originally an eight-piece rock orchestra, Arc Iris have overcome industry adversity and line-up changes to become the band they are today. Comprised of lead vocalist Jocie Adams, keyboardist and sample artist Zach Tenorio-Miller, and drummer Ray Belli; Arc Iris create dynamic rhythms and catchy melodies that captivate and soothe their ears of their listeners.

Their third album, Icon of Ego interrogates the notions of celebrity, fame, and idol worship, which the band explore through both their music and their theatrical performance style. Displaying an array of costumes, flare, and light rigs, enhanced by choreographed dance moves, Arc Iris live performances are always a spectacle.

Listen to ‘$GNMS’ below and follow Arc Iris on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order Arc Iris’ Icon of Ego here.

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Bugeye – ‘Is This Love?’

Having already received praise and airplay from the likes of Radio X’s John Kennedy and BBC Radio, ‘Is This Love?’ is the new single from Croydon’s (and our) favourite Disco Punks Bugeye.

Accompanied by a homemade psychedelic new video, ‘Is This Love?’ is a twisted play on the theme of love, taking inspiration from Donna Summer’s ’80s club anthem ‘I Feel Love’. Racing with raging, synth-driven hooks and a fierce punk grit, it’s a colourful, and completely infectious, funk fuelled anthem. Guaranteed to get you up and moving on first listen, ‘Is This Love?’ showcases Bugeye at their most animated, with the soaring vocals of front woman Angela Martin at their most powerful, with shades of the likes of Gossip’s Beth Ditto.

Watch the vibrant new video for ‘Is This Love?’ here:

Catch Bugeye live:

15th September – The Camden Mix Up, The Good Mixer, London (single launch)
22nd September – The Portland Arms, Cambridge
28th September – The Finsbury, London
18th October – Lady Luck Bar, Canterbury
27th October – Oxfam Gig, Camden

Mari Lane