Introducing Interview: Chinah

Fresh off the back of their latest single ‘Real Thing?’, we caught up with Copenhagen based Chinah in the run up to their London show at Bermondsey Social Club on 13th November.

Hi Chinah, welcome to Get In Her Ears! We’re loving your latest single ‘Real Thing?’, which we’ve played on the radio show, can you tell us a bit more about this song?
‘Real Thing?’ is a song about choosing to be lazy with your integrity because you long for intensity, and explores the feeling of experiencing a sense of “dominance within the submission”.

Your newer music has a much more evocative feel to it, each song creating its own individual atmosphere, with an almost hypnotic element… Is that something that you are consciously trying to create?
We try to make each song unique whilst still having something in its essence in common with the other songs on the album. The philosophy perhaps. But for everything beyond that, we like to allow ourselves to experiment and try different things out. We’re having fun with it. So yeah, the shifting moods and the different mixes of genres on the album are sort of an expected result of us staying curious and insisting on not limiting ourselves in terms of genre.

Previously you’ve spoken about seeing music in terms of contrast and dynamics, which is a refreshingly realistic way to describe the artist and the listener’s interaction with music, rather than by the constraints of labels. Could you expand on that a bit?
This last year we’ve been experimenting a lot with mixing genres, both within the length of a song and on the album as a whole. Likewise, we knew from the start of working with Anyone, the album, that we wanted it to be somewhat unpredictable. We prefer not placing ourselves into just one genre that has too narrow of a ruleset. In a sense, not defining our music too precisely prevents us from constraining our creativity, in that we might not try to “live up” to a made-up idea of what our music is or isn’t.

You’re about to embark on a tour of Denmark, but before you do you’re going to be stopping over here first at the Bermondsey Social Club on 13th November! Are you looking forward to playing London again?
Definitely! It’s been a year since we played in London, so coming back now with new music feels just right. We’ve played in London a few times before, and we always felt a very supportive atmosphere at our concerts and beyond. Hopefully the Londoners will dig the new music as well

Anyone, the upcoming album from Chinah, is out this Friday 9th November. Vinyl pre-order here. And you can check out Chinah live at Bermondsey Social Club on 13th November – tix available on DICE.

The Tuts and Dream Nails to play Solidarity Not Silence Benefit Show

If you’re not familiar with The Solidarity Not Silence case, it’s an ongoing case in which a group of women are defending themselves against a defamation claim made by an abusive, unnamed well-known male musician (referred to as ‘A’) for statements that they made concerning his treatment of women.

The group includes one of A’s ex-girlfriends, one of several of his former partners who are facing a libel claim, and feminist musicians who spoke out in support of these women. Legal papers have been served against all of them. By coming together as a group, they have managed to personally fund their legal defence through the various stages up until the claim was finally served against them in court on 2nd August 2017. Not only has this lengthy process been very expensive, there has also been tremendous emotional and psychological impact. Most of the women have suffered severely with their mental health as a result, but they refuse to give up.

To raise money for their cause, a big benefit show is being held on 5th December at Oslo, Hackney. With live music from GIHE faves The Tuts and Dream Nails, there will also be DJ sets from GIRLI and Dream Wife‘s Alice Go and Bella Pod. A night of fantastic music, and all for an extremely worthy cause.

Tickets for the Solidarity Not Silence Benefit Gig are £12 and can be found here.

Find out more information about the campaign, and what you can do to help, here.


Interview: Young Romance

We’ve been big fans of duo Young Romance ever since they charmed us with their completely dreamy sounds and ethereal splendour playing for us live at The Finsbury in 2016. And so this week, we were super excited to hear the announcement of their spellbinding second album Don’t Look.

To celebrate the good news, our Nicky had a quick catch up with the duo.

Welcome back to Get In Her Ears, we’re all excited about the release of Don’t Look! We’ve seen that it’s another self release?
Thanks, happy to be back! Yes, it will be released via Banquet Records again which worked really well for us last time.

In what ways would you say it differs from your 2016 debut, Another’s Blood?
This record was made with a different approach to our debut, and probably reflects a bit more what our live show has become. It’s a bit more raw but has the same pop sensibilities than the last one has.

Are you hoping to embark on another extensive tour for the album release?
We’ve had a release show this week at The Social in London and will be playing an in-store at Banquet Records on Tuesday 6th November, but we are hoping to tour more extensively next year once the record has settled in a bit!

What was the deciding factor in forming a band together in the first place?
We had been in bands together prior to Young Romance, and when those came to an end we continued to write songs together but weren’t actually looking to form a band at that point. I think after working on the songs it was a kind of natural progression wanting to try them live, and it just went from there really.

Do you both have different artists / bands which you draw inspiration from?
We both have a fairly similar taste in music, but there will always be places where we differ. I think we generally meet in the middle on things and that’s where the songs come from.

Heartbreak seems to be the running theme throughout your releases so far, how far do you think music can heal us?
I really find it interesting with music that two people can listen to the same song and take completely different meaning from it. There is nothing greater than immersing yourself in a song, whether it is to wallow or to dance, and it transcends where you are at that moment and I think that can be incredibly healing.

Huge thanks to Young Romance for answering our questions! 

Don’t Look is out now via Banquet Records. Buy here

Photo Credit: Niki Parr


Video Premiere: Catgod – ‘Sleep In’

Having previously charmed crowds at Truck Festival, Cornbury Festival and many Sofar Sounds showcases, as well as receiving praise from the likes of Tom Robinson and Lauren Laverne on BBC 6 Music, Oxford band Catgod have now followed the success of last single ‘Keep My Promises’ with an utterly immersive new offering. Lead by sibling duo Catherine Marriott and Robin Christensen-Marriott, the band fuse together an eclectic array of sounds to create something simply captivating.

Inspired by the turbulent feelings of mistrust in a relationship, ‘Sleep In’ flows with the sweeping grandeur of Catherine’s folk-strewn flute melodies alongside sparkling harmonies and a completely bewitching delicate musicality. Oozing a soaring emotion-strewn splendour, it’s an utterly unique and instantly alluring fusion of sounds. Of the track, the band explain:

It’s about the turbulent feelings you have in a relationship where you don’t quite trust the other person. It’s about wanting to stay in bed with them all day but also having nightmares about them with other people.

Now, accompanied by a beautifully shot video filled with dreamy pastoral images to match the spellbinding musicality of the track, ‘Sleep In’ showcases all there is to love about this band, and marks them out as truly innovative masters of their craft.

Watch the brand new video for ‘Sleep In’ here:

‘Sleep In’ is out now via Could We Could. Stream it now on Spotify.

Video Premiere: Hilma Nikolaisen – ‘Only Me’

Following 2016’s debut Puzzler, Norwegian artist Hilma Nikolaisen has announced her upcoming new album Mjusic will be released next month, and has now graced our ears with an infectious new single.

Flowing with scuzzy hooks alongside Nikolaisen’s swooning, languid vocals, ‘Only Me’ oozes shades of the mellow alt-rock of the likes of Courtney Barnett or Pip Blom. Fuelled with impressive riffs and jangly, lo-fi melodies, it’s propelled by a paradoxical visceral energy whilst at the same time emanating all the dreamy, laid-back feels before it speeds to a final, whirring climax. Accompanied by a psychedelic new video, featuring artwork from Vanessa Baird, ‘Only Me’ is an uplifting slice of rock ‘n’ roll with a contemporary edge.

Of the video, Nikolaisen expands:

“I am a big fan of the artist Vanessa Baird. In 2016 I was fortunate to feature her work on the cover art for my debut album ‘Puzzler’. Baird’s breathtaking exhibition ‘You Are Something Else’ was really something else. I’m proud and grateful to have ‘Only Me’ and ‘You Are Something Else’ connected in this video.”

Mjusic, the upcoming new album from Hilma Nikolaisen, is out 30th November.

Mari Lane

Lips Choir announce upcoming ‘Club Classics’ gigs

A singing collective for anyone who self-identifies as female, inclusive London-based Lips Choir have just announced their biggest gigs to date, with two nights planned at Clapham Grand on 14th and 15th November.

Talking about the importance of Lips Choir, Sally O’Connor from the group says:

Feminist choirs are offering something that hasn’t really existed much before now – a space for women to take up space and create their own sound and to use their voices to make change in the world. There’s a lot of power and joy in a group of people coming together and singing…

With Lips Choir having previously sold out The Coronet and performed at Bestival, Wilderness and The Royal Albert Hall, next month’s gigs will be celebrating their collection of songs Club Classics: The Lips Remix, and will treat fans to a brand new set that explores the history of dance music in sweet harmony.

Complete with a six-piece all-female live band and special guests including 4x UK beatboxing champion Grace Savage, these gigs looks set to be fun-filled, uplifting events to definitely put in the diary!

Of the event, musical director Jessica Maryon Davis explains:

With this gig, we’re going big on all areas of dance music. We want to bring the Lips sound to everything from Acid House to UK Garage and give props to those varied voices which created the all-time club classics everyone knows and loves. Being a choir, it’ll add a different twist – people aren’t used to hearing up-tempo club tunes sung in choral harmony!

Tickets are £15 (£8 for concessions) and the choir will also be raising money for WAST (Women Asylum Seekers Together). Tickets are available here.


Introducing Interview: FOURS

Having received praise from the likes of Clash Magazine, and being playlisted on Spotify, London-based FOURS have just released a powerful slice of soulful alt-pop with new single ‘Even In My Dreams’. Propelled by the soaring vocals of Edith Violet, it’s an instantly infectious, impassioned offering.

We caught up with Edith to find out more…

Hi FOURS, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about the band?
Hi there! We are FOURS, we spend most of our time sending each other gifs and talking nonsense. Also we sometimes write songs, but mainly it’s the gifs thing.

How did you initially all get together and start creating music?
We initially got together a few years ago. Had no idea what we wanted our sound to be and kind of rambled along for a while. I think when we started writing songs that we liked we started to take it seriously. How we met was kind of random and could very easily have never have happened. I think we’re all glad it did, we have lots of fun.

Your new single ‘Even In My Dreams’ is out very soon – can you tell us what it’s all about?
It’s about f**kboys making you hate yourself. And not being able to stay away from them. Dicks.

You’ve been compared to the likes of Paramore and Lykke Li, but who would you say are your main musical influences?
Soul singers are my idols, Nina Simone is my all-time favourite. I think Florence is spectacular and very clever. My influences are often the people who are different. I don’t take influence from pop that tends to sound the same, even though I can appreciate it.

How is your local music scene? Do you go to see lots of live music?
London’s music scene is mental, it’s rare to see a bad band play because there are hundreds of great ones gigging constantly. It’s quite terrifying but also brilliant cause there’s nothing more fun than watching a band kill it on stage. I used to be better, but I try and go to see live music as much as I can, I take a huge amount of joy from it.

And what can fans expect from your live shows?
I think bands should expect me dancing lots during the show and then about five songs in being quite severely out of breath which is due largely to how out of shape I am. We try and make the shows fun and bouncy… Come see us and you can tell me!

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any new/upcoming bands or artists you’d recommend we check out?
One of my favourite new bands is Childcare, they go on tour this month, so go see them! Also Clean Cut Kid have a new album coming out and I listened to their first one to death.

And how do you feel the music industry is for new bands at the moment – would you say it’s difficult to get noticed?
I think the music industry will always be a tricky one. It’s very fickle and can be quite disheartening but it’s kind of that way with *nearly* everyone so at least we are all in it together. There’s good people too, who are trying to get your project to work as much as you, so you just have to find some good ones!

Finally, what does the rest of 2018 have in store for FOURS?
The rest of 2018 will be very quiet from us. We are continuing to write a body of work that we’ve been writing all year. I’m super excited for people to hear the new tunes, so 2019 will be a fun one!

Huge thanks to FOURS for answering our questions!

‘Even In My Dreams’ is out now via Big Indie Records. Stream on Spotify.