LISTEN: Laura Fell – ‘Bone Of Contention’

London-based artist Laura Fell has announced her debut full-length album Safe from Me, via journal-turned-label Balloon Machine Records, and has dropped soaring lead single ‘Bone of Contention’ to celebrate.

A psychotherapist by day, Fell entered the realm of music at the age of 25 as her decade-long penchant for poetry progressed naturally into songs, and ‘Bone of Contention’ speaks clearly of Fell’s magnetic song writing abilities, elevated further by the expansive instrumentals and her husky voice.

Rich and atmospheric, the track boasts a refined, mature musicality which combines an echoey vocal quality with layered productions of synths and strings. With a touch of world-wise lyricism and meticulous arrangements, the single feels like the work of a veteran rather a woman making her way through life discovering new parts of herself.

‘Bone of Contention’ in Fell’s own words is an “exercise in anger,” as she learns to understand and embrace it, finding clarity and power within. The single paints a vivid picture of genuine emotions coloured by Fell’s imaginative wordsmithery and framed by her life experience.

Listen to ‘Bone Of Contention’ below and follow Laura Fell on bandcamp, Facebook and Spotify for more updates.

Malvika Padin

ALBUM: Dizzy – ‘The Sun and Her Scorch’

Canadian quartet Dizzy bring candid tales of lost love, introspection and acceptance on their sophomore album, The Sun and Her Scorch. The four-piece – consisting of vocalist Katie Munshaw and instrumentalists Alex, Mackenzie and Charlie – showcase an impressive sonic duality on their latest record as they move away from raw chaos and frustrated buzz of their debut album Baby Teeth, in to the mellow simplicity and resigned reality checks that come with growing up.

Opening with the haunting, hazy soundscape of ‘Worms’, Dizzy immediately draw you in with unassuming intrigue, as Munshaw’s dreamy vocal delivery blends with smooth guitar-led instrumentals. The track paints a vivid picture of the band’s childhood in Oshawa, Ontario, before following track ‘Sunflower’ ejects the album out of the nostalgic setting with its deceptively vibrant sonics. Where ‘Sunflower’ echoes the central theme of youthful uncertainty, indie anthem ‘The Magician’ charms with its effortlessly upbeat candescence.

The stand-out offering is the lyrically nuanced and delicately melodic ‘Good and Right’, which establishes the songwriting and storytelling prowess of Dizzy. It’s a skill they employ in other tracks, including the expansive yet immersive ‘Roman Candles’ and the light, cosy setup of Daylight Savings Time’.

Whimsical and experimental, the album offsets chirpy vocals of tracks like ‘Good and Right’ with straight-edged break-up tune ‘Lefty’, and atmospheric, pop-tinged ballad ‘Primrose Hill’ to an impressive effect that speaks of the fickle nature of 20-something dreamers. Perfectly book-ending the nostalgia of the opener, with final track ‘Worms II’ the band inject a last bit of colour and vibrancy with its changed lyricism, but leaves the soundscape unscathed as the tight grasp of times past remain.

Overall, The Sun and Her Scorch is a collection of anxious musings, candid observations and heartfelt contemplations, sprinkled occasionally with much-needed mirth and good vibes. This is an alt-pop production with lots of substance and little bit of simplicity, and with their second record Dizzy have proved that the impact of their first was no fluke.

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Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana

Malvika Padin

ALBUM: Liar, Flower – ‘Geiger Counter’

Released via One Little Indian Records, Liar, Flower‘s new album Geiger Counter – the latest project from KatieJane Garside (Daisy Chainsaw, QueenAdreena, Lalleshwari) and Chris Whittingham – is a collection of songs that blend honey-sweet vocals with dreamy, beautifully produced instrumental soundscapes.

Opening track ‘I Am Sundress (She Of Infinite Flowers)’ is a hauntingly beautiful offering that gives way to the hypnotic rock concoction of ‘My Brain Is Lit Like An Airport’. The angry soundscape then transforms into the psychedelic, deconstructed ‘9N-AFE’. Its robotic, glitchy sonics make it a stand-out track on the record.

The rock-tinged stylings of ‘Mud Stars’ juxtaposed with melodic ‘Broken Light’ teases your brain with its varied range. Following track ‘Even The Darkest Clouds’ is an off-kilter banger that uses lacerating guitars and booming beats with raw vocals, throwing Geiger Counter into complete tortured disarray; essentially making it a cacophony of mismatched musicality.

In comparison, next track ‘Blood Berries’ is a slow lullaby with a foreboding touch. The pair’s brilliant production skills are shown off proudly on the post-punk sounding ‘Little Brown Shoes’. The tail end of the record is sunshine after a storm, as the instrumentals begin leaning away from the tinges of gloom, lust and loathing which have remained front and centre for most of the LP.

The sultry, seductive ‘Baby Teeth’ flawlessly blends into the country-tinged ‘Hole In My Hand’, while the light touches of title track ‘Geiger Counter’ provide a simple, yet memorable melody. Final track ‘Doors Locked, Oven’s Off’ is the perfect closer that brings together the darker sounds of the album with its airy corners, ending the record with the strongest instrumentals thus far.

A disorienting combination of loud violence and gentle caresses that keeps listeners on their toes throughout; Geiger Counter is as meditative as it is nightmarish, as mysterious as it is all-knowing. The record grows on you with each track and by the end of it, you’re ready to play it all over again.

Listen to Geiger Counter by Liar, Flower on Spotify

Malvika Padin

EP: Alice MC – ‘Storyteller’

London-based songwriter Alice MC’s jazz-infused soundscapes make for joyful listening on her debut EP, Storyteller, set for release on 15th May. While the atmospheric instrumentals set a relaxing lull, her soft yet bold voice anchors the EP, grounding listeners in place.

Opening with ‘Colours’, Alice’s jazz-soul vibe shines through easy and bright. The symphony of groovy instrumentals and her sensual vocal delivery sets the smooth tone for the four track record. In contrast to the laid-back setting of the opener, ‘Creatures Of The Night’ begins with foreboding twinges of a violin, evolving into an eerie piano soundscape. Alice’s vocals add another haunting layer to the track, which builds to a soaring crescendo before fading into quiet whispers.

The EP boasts a far-reaching sonic range despite its short runtime. The best example of Alice’s experimental touch is the rock-tinged, anthemic offering ‘Far From Heaven’, which makes for an interesting listen. Final track ‘My Love’ is a stripped back offering that makes full use of Alice’s incredible vocal talent. She’s rooted right in the centre of the song, as she sails through four minutes of going low, then reaching high verses with seamless ease, supported only by a subtle acoustic soundscape.

An beautiful singer and charismatic performer, Alice MC’s main talent lies in her ability to merge simplistic, yet poetic lyrics with her soothing jazzy soundscapes. Storyteller is a wonderful collection of songs that sink into your mind with a sense of ease and contentment.

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Malvika Padin