LISTEN: Laura Fell – ‘Bone Of Contention’

London-based artist Laura Fell has announced her debut full-length album Safe from Me, via journal-turned-label Balloon Machine Records, and has dropped soaring lead single ‘Bone of Contention’ to celebrate.

A psychotherapist by day, Fell entered the realm of music at the age of 25 as her decade-long penchant for poetry progressed naturally into songs, and ‘Bone of Contention’ speaks clearly of Fell’s magnetic song writing abilities, elevated further by the expansive instrumentals and her husky voice.

Rich and atmospheric, the track boasts a refined, mature musicality which combines an echoey vocal quality with layered productions of synths and strings. With a touch of world-wise lyricism and meticulous arrangements, the single feels like the work of a veteran rather a woman making her way through life discovering new parts of herself.

‘Bone of Contention’ in Fell’s own words is an “exercise in anger,” as she learns to understand and embrace it, finding clarity and power within. The single paints a vivid picture of genuine emotions coloured by Fell’s imaginative wordsmithery and framed by her life experience.

Listen to ‘Bone Of Contention’ below and follow Laura Fell on bandcamp, Facebook and Spotify for more updates.

Malvika Padin

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