PREMIERE: Cosmic Ninja – ‘Lies’

Formed in 2016, and with acclaim from the likes of Kerrang! Radio and Tom Robinson at BBC 6Music, Cosmic Ninja have now announced the release of a new EP. Formed of Tamsin Cullum, Jonny Angelini, Robin De Wandelear and Danny Watts, the Bristol band pride themselves on their riotous, queer punk energy, and have previously wowed crowds at events such as Glastonbury Calling, Unite Against Hate and BBC 6Music Fringe Festival.

Taken from the upcoming EP, new single ‘Lies’ fizzes with a gritty, relentless energy. A politically-charged, raging statement of intent against the corrupt Capitalist society in which we live, it builds with a seething power to a sizzling, angst-driven climax. Fusing together the vocals of Tamsin Cullum and Jonny Angelini, alongside immense whirring hooks and frenzied beats, with a racing sense of urgency, it offers an explosive call to arms that’ll leave you – fists-clenched – ready to take on the world with more of Cosmic Ninja’s fierce, electro-punk anthems.

Of the track, the band explain:

“‘Lies’ is about the dishonesty and corruption rife in UK politics. The endless lies and lack of integrity has reached an extreme level… Politics has lost sight of trying to make a better place for everyone and, instead, those with influence climb to the top and pull up the ladder by any means necessary… In most lines of work, you would be held accountable for lies, but, for politicians, it seems acceptable practice… This song is about calling out those lies, seeing through the misconception and positively challenging those walking blindly through corruption.”

Listen to ‘Lies’, for the first time, here:

Dissident Transmission, the upcoming new EP from Cosmic Ninja, is set for release on 8th April.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Peaness – ‘How I’m Feeling’

Having just announced the release of their debut album, and with acclaim from the likes of Marc Riley on BBC 6Music and Maximo Park’s Paul Smith, Chester trio Peaness have shared a new taster of what’s to come from the upcoming LP. 

Following their buoyant last single ‘What’s The Use?’, ‘How I’m Feeling‘ is propelled by a sunny, playful energy as it offers a reflection on the self-loathing and melancholy that can come from being stuck in an unfulfilling job, whilst offering a glistening sense of hope that, with a bit of determination, you can make a positive change. Oozing glossy, honey-sweet vocals and uplifting, jangling hooks, it’s a perfectly vibrant blast of shimmering punk-pop, set to cheer even the dreariest of January days.

Watch the quirky, cute new video for ‘How I’m Feeling’ here:

World Full Of Worry, the debut album from Peaness, is set for release on 6th May via the band’s own Totally Snick Records. Pre-order here.

Mari Lane

Get In Her Ears Live @ The Victoria w/ Fräulein, 21.01.2021

On Friday we were back for our first gig of 2022, at The Victoria in Dalston, and what a fantastic night it was! Huge thanks to the three totally amazing bands who played, and to all the lovely folk who came out to support them and fill the venue… We’re still feeling all the feels, and are extremely grateful to everyone who made it such a dream night.

First up, duo Naz & Ella kick things off beautifully. Exuding a captivating grace, they deliver their exquisite, brooding offerings with a subtle gritty edge, reflecting on poignant themes ranging from sexual harassment to animal cruelty. A truly stirring start to the evening.

Next up, First Timers alumni Breakup Haircut treat us to their joyous, scuzzy pop-punk. Exuding a vibrant energy, they deliver their uplifting, danceable offerings with an infectious wit and colourful charisma as the crowd bounce along in glee.

Closing the night are one of the most exciting bands around at the moment. Having been on my radar for over a year now, it’s a real honour to host one of duo Fräulein‘s first headline shows. Blasting out an immersive wall of grunge-fuelled splendour, each track oozes a swirling energy and raw, impassioned drive. As the stark power of front person Joni’s vocals ripple alongside gritty hooks and drummer Karsten’s immense driving beats, the huge crowd show their appreciation with whoops and cheers, and even a bit of a mosh. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – here is a band headed for big things, continuing to develop their epic musical prowess by the minute, and I cannot wait for their imminent world domination!

Massive thanks to the three incredible bands who played for us on Friday and everyone who came along! Join us for our next gig, on 24th February at Shacklewell Arms with Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business, Potpourri and BAXTR!

Photos: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto
Words: Mari Lane / @marimindles

Track Of The Day: Flamango Bay – ‘LA’

Deciding to play music together whilst at high school in San Francisco, Ikaika Gunderson, Dash Goss Post, and Georgia Manou – aka Flamango Bay – have now announced their debut EP, set for release this May.

Taken from the EP, new single ‘LA’ is propelled by sunny, jangling melodies as it oozes a shimmering allure that ripples alongside smooth, crystalline vocals. Offering a twinkling sense of optimism tinged with the realisation that romantic ideals don’t always live up to one’s expectations, it’s a dreamy slice of indie-pop that glistens with an irresistible, effervescent charm. An instant ear-worm that leaves me longing to hear more of Flamango Bay’s radiant energy and lilting musicality.

Of the track, the band explain:

“Because of life circumstances and the pandemic, we really romanticized moving to LA… We put a lot of expectations on the city to fix our internal problems. However, when we actually moved there, we were still the same people with the same problems.”

Directed by Desmond O’shea and made over 2 days and over 14 hours of driving, ‘LA’ is accompanied by a new video. Watch now:

The Fool, the upcoming debut EP from Flamango Bay, is set for release on 13th May via 0800-Moshi-Moshi.

Mari Lane