#ThrowbackThursday: GIHE w/ Nova Twins 05.07.18

Due to the current lockdown/coronavirus situation, we’re unable to make it in to the Hoxton Radio studio to broadcast our live new music show from 7-9pm for the foreseeable future. We have plenty of past shows to share with you though! We’re sharing previous recordings as #ThrowbackThursday sessions, so you can still enjoy 2 hours of new music, and chats with some of our favourite artists each week.

Today, we’ve picked our July 2018 show with Nova Twins. Georgia & Amy were due to headline Colours Hoxton tonight (23rd April) and we were meant to be in the crowd cheering them on, so we’re consoling ourselves by listening back to this interview. The girls talk about their experience of Festival Season 2018, and their unique outfits (spoiler: they went to Homebase for their ‘Lose Your Head’ boiler suits) Check out their debut album, Who Are The Girls, here.

Listen back to the show here:

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Track Of The Day: Nova Twins – ‘Hit Girl’

Nova Twins were already on our ‘Hitlist’ after we reviewed their knockout EP Mood Swings last year, but with the release of new single ‘Hit Girl’ they’ve rocketed right back to the top of it.

Accompanied by a sleek monochrome video, ‘Hit Girl’ seethes with Nova Twins’ trademark lethal attitude and deviously distorted bass lines. “I’m just a girl / I’m feeling hostile” snarls guitarist & vocalist Amy, a line that resonates as deeply as Georgia’s thundering bass lines. The pair want to show the world that women – particularly women of colour – are not going to be overlooked in music anymore.

When speaking to AFROPUNK, the girls explained: “We wanted to kill people’s perception of what a rock act – and women in music – should look like/sound like! Women of colour still get pigeon-holed into genre specifics, like R&B or Hip Hop, and although we are amazing at performing these genres, we also pioneered a lot of other things too.”

With their defiant new single and existing dedication to challenging industry norms, Nova Twins have us riled and ready for more ferocious new music in 2018. Watch the video for ‘Hit Girl’ below and get your tickets for their headline gig at The Victoria on 24th May here (tickets are also available on DICE)

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Photo Credit: by Sana Abstrakt

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Iris Gold – ‘All I Really Know’

We love the defiant up-tempo sound of Danish soul-pop artist Iris Gold‘s latest single ‘All I Really Know’. Recently featured in Afropunk, Complex Magazine, Wonderland and Elle Magazine, it’s clear that Iris’ talent is as strong as the metal she shares her surname with.

By blending retro hp-hop, soul and power pop with a “generous sprinkle of flower power”, Irish Gold has managed to create a funky, uplifting anthem about self belief. Speaking about the new track, Iris explains: When you’ve been dealing with adversity throughout your life, it will either kill you, or make you blossom into a positive person – and I decided very early on in life that I would always be positive, energetic, and a go-getter. ‘All I Really Know’ is my Rocky Balboa/Apollo Creed track. It’s a song about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and trying again, after failing, no matter how many attempts it takes.”

Originally from London and raised in Copenhagen, Iris has lived a nomadic life surrounded by free thinkers growing up in hippy communes and countercultures, which has made her the charismatic artist she is today.

Listen to ‘All I Really Know’ below and follow Iris Gold on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington