LISTEN: Tina Boonstra – ‘Out Of My Depth’

Tina Boonstra is the pop-rock star we’ve been needing since the end of the noughties. Her new track, ’Out Of My Depth’, is one to keep you on your toes, as she reflects on trying to keep it together.

Punchy bass and percussion set the scene, keeping it simple and sweet, yet with an added grit. The first chorus is artistically contrasting as the instruments continue to support Boonstra minimally, whilst she sings “I’m out of my depth…”

As the song progresses, you gradually go deeper and deeper into Boonstra’s emotions, as the instrumentals backing her up become more and more complex. Soft harmonies tie you in, and bold guitar chords take you under. And, just when you think she’s coming up for air, another wave hits you with the final chorus.

Needless to say, if I ever need to let off some steam, Tina Boonstra is the girl I’m turning to… And with her next show coming up in April, you will most likely see me there.


‘Out Of My Depth’ is out now. Catch Tina Boonstra live on the following dates:

20th March – Green Note, London (supporting Alessi’s Ark)
29th April – The Shacklewell Arms, London (supporting Annabel Allum)

Robyn Emerson

Get In Her Ears w/ Alessi’s Ark 09.01.20

Kate and Tash were back in the studio for GIHE’s first show of 2020, playing the freshet new music tracks to take you into the next decade. Highlights include: Dream Nails, Aisha Badru, Asha Gold, tANGERINECAt, draag, Xylo Aria, Fenne Lily and Party Fears.

They were also joined in the studio by the lovely Alessi’s Ark for a chat and a beautiful live session, be sure to check them out at their London show on March 20th, at the Green Note.

Listen back here:

The Big Moon – Happy New Year
Ethereal UK – Strange World Normal Girl
Alfah Femmes – Skunks
Draag – Ghost Leak
Crest Glider – Queen’s Head
Personal Best – Baby
Drea Marilyn – Everything to me (Lips Cover)
Aisha Badru – Soil’s Daughter
Noshvia Wu – Hurt Somebody
Xylo Aria – Ignorance
Flyying Colours – Good Times
Post Louis – Descender
Captain Handsome – Halloween
Fenne Lily – What’s Good
Mavi Phoenix – Boys Toys
Alessi’s Ark – Born Free
Pete Yorn – Calm Down
Angelica Garcia- Jícama (Con Sal Version)
Asha Gold – Too Good
Party Fears – Money
Dream Nails – Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)
Evie Balfe – Remember
tAngerinecAt – I don’t want to be a white
Paper Tigers – Gucci Smiles
The Stolen Moans – Bad Guy (Billie Eilish cover)
Big Joanie – New Year