LISTEN: Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – ‘Feel The Sun’

A swirling haze of sultry vocals and fuzzy guitars and synth textures; London-based psych outfit Josefin Öhrn + the Liberation have shared their latest single ‘Feel The Sun’. The track is taken from their upcoming album Sacred Dreams, which is set to be released in April via Rocket Recordings.

The band have seen a dramatic rise to prominence since the release of their debut EP Diamond Waves in 2014, which led to a nomination for a Swedish Grammy for “best newcomer”. Since then, Josefin and writing partner Fredrik have relocated from Stockholm to London and have created a new Liberation around them.

The new band consists of; Maki (Go Team), Patrick C Smith (Eskimo Chain), Matt Loft (Lola Colt) and Ben Ellis, who’s worked with both Iggy Pop and Swervedriver. They recorded the new album Sacred Dreams at Press Play studios run by Andy Ramsay of Stereolab, who also produced and programmed his non synced drum machines for the record.

With talented individuals surrounding them, Josefin and Fredrik are on track to release another altruistic record. Listen to ‘Feel The Sun’ below and follow Josefin Öhrn + the Liberation on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order your copy of Sacred Dreams here.

Josefin Öhrn + the Liberation UK Tour Dates 2019
23 Apr – Oxford, The Bullingdon
24 Apr – Leeds, The Brudenell Social Club
25 Apr – Manchester, The Deaf Institute
26 Apr – London, Islington Assembly Hall
27 Apr – Bristol, Thekla
30 Apr – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds

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Get In Her Ears Live @ Notting Hill Arts Club w/ Foxgluvv 16.03.19

Get In Her Ears returned to Notting Hill Arts Club on Saturday night to host another successful evening of alternative and electronic music. Headliner Foxgluvv was joined by Party Fears and Grapefruit who performed their sounds to a buzzing, appreciative crowd.

First up were five piece Grapefruit, who delivered their dreamy and intoxicating blend of atmospheric guitar tunes with enviable intricacy. Frontwoman Angela’s captivating vocals were especially impressive on singles ‘Colder’ and the band’s latest release ‘Black and Blue’, but collectively the group were mesmerising to watch. Guitarist Grace broke a string but Party Fears came to her rescue….

The Berlin-based duo took to the stage afterwards and played a raucously enjoyable set filled with disco-punk bangers. Joined by their friend Sean on bass, Maggie (guitars & vocals) & Eilis (drums) played a knockout set which featured their latest single ‘Sun King II’, delivered with an energy and charisma that won over the crowd in a heartbeat.

Closing the night was “hungover pop” artist Foxgluvv, who was joined on stage by producer Scott. The pair clearly enjoyed playing and singing to every beat, as they danced away to their buoyant and infectious tunes. ‘Fries’ and ‘Expensive’ were definite set highlights – during ‘Expensive’ Foxgluvv even brandished her own personalised dollar bills and showered the crowd with them. Her soft vocals and sassy attitude worked perfectly together, cementing her as a firm Get In Her Ears favourite.

Huge thanks to the bands, sound engineer and staff at Notting Hill Arts Club. Keep your eyes peeled for more gig announcements from us soon!

Photo Credit: Jon Mo Photography

EP: LIERS – ‘Elixir’

Formed by lead singer Liz Seaver, Dublin’s LIERS spent most of 2018 cutting their teeth on the Irish live music scene. Performing at Electric Picnic and supporting bands like Fangclub (alongside Vulpynes) at popular Dublin venue Whelan’s; LIERS have taken a few moments away from the stage to share their debut EP Elixir. 

Released in January of this year, the record opens with title track ‘Elixir’. It’s a blend of 90’s tinged guitar sounds, with quiet verses leading in to loud choruses in true grunge style. LIERS cite Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Alanis Morrissette as some of their influences, so it’s clear from the offset their EP is going to be full of power chords and powerful vocals. ‘Universal Female’ flows in the same vein, with Liz’s strong voice leading over a rush of alternative sound, designed for when you’re feeling “perfectly imperfect”.

Third track ‘Can’t Got Back’ is a melodic reminder to reluctantly move forward, even if it makes you rage and cry, whilst the penultimate ‘Realise’ is a plunge in to heavier riffs and percussion, detailing an emotional breakthrough in its lyricism. Closing track ‘Host’ is a shimmering slice of open-hearted garage rock, ending the EP on a strongly optimistic note.

Whilst their name suggests deception, it’s clear that LIERS are able to communicate their love of 90s music in an honest and melodic fashion through the five tracks that form their debut EP Elixir. Liz, Ed (lead guitar), Stephen (bass) and Ronan (drummer) should take pride in this impressive debut.

Listen to Elixir on Spotify. Follow LIERS on Facebook for more updates.

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FIVE FAVOURITES: Coral Rose (The Silver Field)

The Silver Field – aka Coral Rose – shared her debut album Rooms on Tim Burgess’ O Genesis Recordings on 18th January. It was recorded in Coral’s bedroom using loops & layers generated by a plethora of instruments – including; the double bass, cello, guitar, mandolin, harmonium, harmonica and a bagpipe chanter – with her father’s old SPX-90 saturating her sounds in delays and reverts.

Rooms is a delicate but formidable accomplishment, and we wanted to know what inspired Coral to create such textured sounds. We asked her to name her “Five Favourites” – five artists or albums that have influenced her songwriting technique – and her eclectic responses are listed below… 

1. Kate Bush – Hounds of Love
I have listened to this album more than any other and I still hear new things in it. The place she got to with arranging and producing and songwriting on this album… It’s an amazing record of a musician at the peak of her career. I hate that phrase because it makes it seem like everything she made after it wasn’t as good, which isn’t true (I’m looking at you lovingly, Sky of Honey). But it really feels that with Hounds of Love she was able to say what she wanted to say in the ways she wanted to say it. She had everything she needed and she focused on her vision and the result is this bloody masterpiece – a vivid dream, so abundant in imagery, each song like a scene in a play almost, a story of some place and time, and often connected somehow to the landscape. I think it’s quite a pastoral record in a way, a romantic, an environmental record. It really feels like each song is a journey somewhere new, from trees to hill to sky to shipwrecked at sea, to under the ice, until finally we’re looking down at the whole earth, and the storms and the sailors and – deeper, deeper, somewhere in the depth there is a light! – and then the dream ends and she leaves us held safe in the calm of the morning fog (a hyperballad moment!)

2. Arthur Russell – World of Echo
‘A Little Lost’ got me into Arthur Russell – I even remember where I was when I first heard it – but World of Echo is what got me hooked. In Wild Combination (the film about his life and work) it shows his apartment where he recorded with this big fish tank in it, and – ok, it gets said a lot – this record really is underwater music. Underwater in a way that my body just needs, the same way it needs the soft fog of Grouper’s Ruins or the sparks and screeches of Shaking the Habitual – some records just make your inner world make sense, and I feel most at home in this one. Sea creatures fly around, plants flow in the current, the wet tapes and the lisping cello and bubbling drum machines, it’s such a cohesive world of half-light and playful melody; I can spend a lot of time in these fish tanks of his! I love his other songs, his disco music and his country music, but this album is a very special place to me. I trust it, and I know that’s an odd thing to say about music, but that’s what the feeling is!

3. Massive Attack – Protection
This album has been with me for a long time. I remember my parents playing it when I was a kid and I remember rediscovering it as a teenager. And then it came back to me again another 10 years later, and those roots reached right back and it became something very central to me, it sits right in my musical core. I was talking to my Dad about it and saying about how full of warmth I felt it was, and he said “yes, and cold at the same time”, and I get what he means. There’s a lot in this record, so many different styles, instruments, voices, egos; that there ends up being quite a lot of contradictions, but for me it’s this tension, collaboration in action, that makes it so beautiful. They all put a lot into this record, and I feel like you can hear where the clashes happened and people had to compromise and temper their vision, and I think that’s where they made something really special. It has a kind of balance and grace, which feels like a rare, precious thing.

4. Aïsha Devi – Of Matter and Spirit
If Protection is warmth and cold at the same time, this record turns that up til it’s sharpened and crystalline; it’s all ice and fire and lead-weight beats deep underground; burning, primal mountain music. It’s intense listening, it’s a real trip, but it feels ceremonial, in that it breaks you down but holds the pieces, and keeps them safe, and all the grit and dirt fall out of the gaps and you come out the other side of it put back together again, cleaner, more whole, despite what you’ve lost. That’s a kind of alchemy, I think. I saw her live and it was that experience taken even further, at times it was almost too much, almost distressing, but by the end of the night the feeling it left me with was a kind of clarity and freedom that I don’t think I’ve ever got from live music in the same way before. It was something very physical, almost like it was a by-product of listening to the music, rather than the direct emotional effect. She also collaborated with some designers to make a computer game for this album, which I really loved!

5. Muna – About U
This is just such a perfect pop record. I had to stop listening to it for a while because the songs took over my head and for weeks they were all I could listen to. For me it’s on a similar kind of feels channel as Carly Rae Jepsen or Tegan and Sara but it brings those teenage-era fears and vulnerabilities out into the day, sits them down, gives them a drink, dries off their clothes, and you sit around talking with each other and making friends and the fears fall away and you end up dancing until the morning. It’s very fun but very wholesome and it feels like there’s a lot of kindness and wisdom in it. I don’t really understand why they’re not at superstar-levels of fame! When I listen to it I just want to keep turning it up louder and louder, the production is so satisfyingly thick and to mix that with the level of raw emotion that is underpinning it is really intoxicating, and, ok, I’m going to be hooked again…

Huge thanks to Coral Rose for sharing her favourites. You can buy a copy of The Silver Field’s Rooms here.

Kate Crudgington

EP: Bad Sidekick – ‘Bad Sidekick’

A fistful of brooding indie noise: London trio Bad Sidekick have shared their debut self-titled EP. It follows their previous singles ‘Circus’ and ‘Crook’ (which you should definitely check out) and proves the band are at the beginning of a promising music career.

“Everything I touch, it gets destroyed” sings front-woman Cooper Rose with powerful intonation on opening track ‘Run Boy’. Guitarist Joe and drummer John create loops of fast, fuzzy, furious sound as she warns of the storm that’s coming. It bleeds in to the snarling ‘I Ain’t Sick’ on which Cooper oozes more of her enviably cool vocals, supported by a cacophony of guitar noises and more heart-thumping beats. If you think these tracks sound impressive on record, wait until you hear them live.

Bad Sidekick’s stellar song-writing skills are showcased on the gentler ‘Lost Cause’, which broods with quiet intensity before the drop-in. It’s not long before ‘Romeo’ comes spiraling along though, and the band rev things up to full throttle again here. Penultimate track ‘Think About It’ is cut from the same cloth; full of visceral riffs and driving percussion that urge you to contemplate Cooper’s invitation.

A glitchy sampled recording opens final track ‘If I Were The Devil’, on which Cooper sings: “I don’t wanna be like the others, trapped inside these dead eyes, waiting for the flames to turn me to ashes”. With her superb vocal intonation, there’s no danger of her burning out anytime soon, especially when paired with Joe’s razor sharp guitar riffs, and John’s knockout drumming.

Bad Sidekick are masters at making manic, mind-buzzing sounds; and their debut EP is a shining collection of infectious, gritty indie anthems. Invest immediately.

Listen to Bad Sidekick’s debut EP on Spotify.
Follow Bad Sidekick on Facebook for more updates.

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Track Of The Day: LibraLibra – ‘Tongues’

Bubblegum pink and vibrant beats: Brighton’s LibraLibra have shared their new video for latest single ‘Tongues’. Filmed, Directed and Edited by Elliot Tatler; the footage is a pastel-infused visual feast with eye-catching make-up, costumes and set pieces.

Speaking about the new track, Vocalist Beth Cannon explains: “‘Tongues’ evolved out of frustration, anger and suffering. I can only hope that this song speaks to those who have been outcast and turned into a pariah, abused – losing their sense of pride and being stripped completely bare, then left shamed within society.”

Former guests on our Hoxton Radio show – where they discussed the ‘Tongues’ single launch show at The Green Door Store, which included decorating the venue to look like a womb/vagina – we’re big fans of LibraLibra’s quirky cacophonies and bold, exciting aesthetics. Watch the video for ‘Tongues’ below, and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: TLBrooker Imagery

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