Get In Her Ears Live @ Notting Hill Arts Club w/ Black Gold Buffalo 01.08.18

We found ourselves in West London on Wednesday night, excited to put on our first gig at the expertly run Notting Hill Arts Club! Whilst we love our Riot Grrrl inspired line-ups we curate for our monthly residency at The Finsbury Pub, we wanted to branch out and find a platform to promote our favourite electronic-based artists too.

For our debut gig at NHAC, we chose Black Gold Buffalo to headline, with support from the beautiful AyOwA and Bamboo Smoke.

The task of opening events fell to South Londoners Lou & Tom – aka Bamboo Smoke. Accompanied by their drummer, the pair seduced their crowd with sultry vocals, smooth bass lines and ambient guitar sounds.

Penultimate act AyOwA wooed the crowd with their dark electronica and intoxicating energy.  The performances of their singles ‘Sommer’, ‘Rus’ and ‘Alt Det Du Ku’ were particular highlights, with Hannah’s beautiful vocals (performed in their native Danish), pulling you into their dreamlike creation.

Headliners Black Gold Buffalo performed – as their name states – a powerful, precious set of pop-noir gems. The band released their debut self-titled album earlier this year (read our review here) so we were excited to hear their songs in the flesh. Singles ‘Magnets’, ‘Lay It Down’ and ‘Pearls Deep’ (which we regularly spin on our GIHEs radio shows) were mesmerising, whilst album tracks ‘Body Of Verity’ and ‘Penkenna’ showcased front woman Keziah Stillwell’s vocal abilities perfectly.

Huge thanks to the bands and to Notting Hill Arts Club! Keep your eyes peeled for more gig announcements from us soon!

Photo Credit: Jon Mo

Track Of The Day: Bamboo Smoke – ‘To The Waves’

Bamboo Smoke have shared their new track ‘To The Waves’, and it’s a dreamy, ambient offering that’s gently holding us by the heart-strings. “Can you hold my heart, without falling apart?” questions vocalist Louise, as instrumentalist Tom creates a hazy soundscape to reflect on such an intimate thought.

Brought together by their shared love of soul, hip hop & jazz, Bamboo Smoke prefer to keep things “fairly loose and unpolished”, trying to retain “as many raw qualities” from each recording as they can. We think this is a great way to create music, and we’re swept away by their efforts to do so on ‘To The Waves’.

Listen to the track below, and follow Bamboo Smoke on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Get In Her Ears talks Time’s Up

For their first show of 2018, Kate and Mari played the usual selection of fantastic new music including tracks from Moon Palace, Aisha Badru, Bamboo Smoke, JAAYNS and Table Scraps.

They also had a bit of a chat about the recent #TimesUp campaign, with massive love for Oprah Winfrey’s incredibly powerful speech at the Golden Globes.

Listen back to the show here:

Track Of The Day: Bamboo Smoke – ‘Sleepless’

Your Saturday is about to get sultry: Bamboo Smoke‘s latest track ‘Sleepless’ is a smooth, effortlessly produced electronic lullaby that will keep you suspended in that perfect state between dreaming and waking. Formed of lyricist & vocalist Lou and instrumentalist & producer Tom, the duo create hazy soundscapes with smoky undertones and soulful vocals.

A chance meeting on a rooftop brought Bamboo Smoke together at a time when Lou had armfuls of notebooks filled with words and melodies, and Tom had a library of instrumentals desperate for the right voice. The duo have since spent many months writing together in South London; riding trains, scrawling lyrics, and bouncing phone recordings back and forth.

Speaking about their music, the pair say: “We like things fairly loose and unpolished, and tend to retain as many raw qualities from each recording as we can, imperfections and all.” Sounds pretty perfect to us! The band’s debut EP is a collection of songs written over the course of the last year, during sessions snatched from the temporal demands of life in London in your 20s jobs, blending the playful with the shadows, capturing fragments of dreams. Listen to ‘Sleepless’ below.

Follow Bamboo Smoke on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington