Track Of The Day: Hearts Beating In Time – ‘Simone’s’

In a sweet recipe of floating melodies and twirling lyrics, Berlin’s Hearts Beating In Time brings us her new twinkly single, ‘Simone’s’. With elegant layers of dreamy synths and simple supportive percussion, Rebecca Theuma’s vocals tip-toe across her track in a delicate and inviting way. Simple lyrics that feel like a conversation with a friend invite listeners into close proximity, delivering a safe haven in a perplexing world. Rebecca’s disposition is comforting as she discusses the rotating world around her as she watches the sunrise.

As the track builds, she asks “I wonder if I’ll ever be a happy, perfect person?”, a question many of us ponder in the light of tough times. Against her earnest and worrisome lyrics, Rebecca’s instrumental continues to expand in an optimistic, rose-coloured way. ‘Simone’s’ is a curious reflection, but not one that is weighted in hopelessness. Rich, elongated synth pads never let hope diminish, and as time unravels, the mix feels celebratory of an all encompassing journey. Of the track, Theuma explains:

“This song tells the story of two close friends wandering the streets of their new home; the city of Berlin. They meet at a bar called ‘Simone’s Kleine Kneipe’ and spend the night walking around in the cold, until they can’t go any further and sit on a bench talking about everything and nothing until the sun comes up. The song is a result of this night-long conversation.”

With shades of the likes of LA’s Florist or GIHE fave Deerful in her musicality, Hearts Beating In Time floats in a world that is too immersive to be held to earth, leaving listeners in a welcome dream-pop fantasy. With a retro ’80s electronic tinge present throughout, and a taste of new wave bedroom-pop, Hearts Beating In Time’s ‘Simone’s’ is a ticket to a moment of glittery relief. 

Simone’s‘ is out now via Reckless Yes, and is taken from the upcoming album Songs For The Girls, release date tbc.

Jillian Goyeau

Photo Credit: Leo Chircop

Five Favourites (Drummers): Eilis Frawley

We’ve been big fans of Berlin-based classically trained percussionist Eilis Frawley for some time now, especially since she took our breath away playing live for us at Notting Hill Arts Club last year. With recent single ‘Stats’, she offered arresting beats set against bold, Krautrock-infused spoken word, as the lyrics addressed hard-hitting stats, highlighting the everyday injustices facing women today. Tackling issues such as period poverty, FGM, domestic violence and other vital issues, it’s a beautifully striking and necessary listen. As is the entirety of her just released EP Adult Life

We think one of the best ways to get to know an artist is by asking what music inspires them or influences their writing. So, we caught up with Eilis to discuss the five (well, six, actually!) drummers that inspire her the most.

Here are 6 of my favourite drummers/percussionists, all from different scenes with totally different playing styles but all 100% owning what they do.

Fleur Green
Fleur Green was my first percussion teacher, when I was 16. She was tough, in the best way. I spent just one year learning from her before she moved abroad, but I’ll never forget her discipline, especially to her own artistic practice. She led by example and was highly committed with a no bullshit attitude. From the very beginning she instilled in me a diligence towards music I’ve carried through the years. She’s such an inspiration. She’s back in Adelaide now and performs under Fleur Green.

Chi Fukami Taylor
Chi Fukami Taylor was the first female drummer I saw perform on a big stage – and she completely nailed it. It was 2007 and she played with The Go! Team at Falls festival in Victoria. She had so much groove, and it was the first time I witnessed someone playing drums and singing. I’m still shocked people can sing in tune and play drums, that’s alot of brain power.

Seol Kim
Seol Kim – Known as Snow is one half of Oh Chill (57) from Seoul. I had the pleasure of sharing the bill with her multiple times in Seoul and also in Berlin. Snow does not mess around. Another singing drummer, she’s a hard hitter, her timing is impeccable and her grooves always leaving you wanting more. She’ll keep you on your toes.

Sara Neidorf
Sara is a Berlin drummer. We share the same practice space, and no-one sounds like her. You always know when she’s in the building. Her fills are outta control. She’s fast, dynamic and playful. She’s involved in scenes I’m not too familiar with but hearing her play alone is already a treat! Aptera is one of her projects I’ve seen live, and wow the skill! Highly recommend looking into what she’s doing, especially if you’re into heavier music.

Valentina Magaletti
Valentina Magaletti is the only person on this list who I haven’t met, or seen play live, BUT I’m so impressed by her playing, she crosses over so perfectly from pop drummer to experimental percussion wizard. She’s behind so many great projects but I recently discovered Tomaga and it’s a total stand out! Go listen to them.

Mindy Abovitz
Mindy Abovitz has to be on this list as well, for not only pursuing drums as a self taught drummer, but for creating TomTom Mag, connecting female* drummers all over the world and changing the media representation of drummers. She’s outstanding.

Massive thanks to Eilis for sharing her choices with us!

Adult Life, the new EP from Eilis Frawley, is out now via Reckless Yes. Listen now. And watch the recent video for the poignant ‘Stats’ here:

Photo Credit: Janina Gallert

Track Of The Day: Evvol – ‘Song For The Broken Hearted (Rollin)’

If you’re looking for “bright pop songs” with a “darker tone underneath the surface” – Evvol are the band you’re looking for. Comprised of Julie Chance and Jane Arnison, the Berlin-based duo take their exasperation at the state of the world and turn it in to well-crafted electronic melodies.

‘Song For The Broken Hearted (Rollin)’ is one of four tracks that were written to playfully address the serious dilemmas of contemporary life, and the band’s sheer resentment for the residual status quo. The other three songs – ‘Release Me’, ‘Oceania’ and ‘New Old’ – are equally as bitter sweet as this new offering. Speaking of the collection of songs, the band have said: “These songs were written looking inwardly at how we cope when faced with challenges. They’re about escaping into hedonism and really just running from the mad, fucked up world we live in.”

At the end of 2016, the pair worked on an experimental piece commissioned for Berlin’s Pop-Kultur Festival, performing an immersive sound and visual performance and installation called ‘Human Resonance’. If their video for ‘Song For The Broken Hearted (Rollin)’ is anything to go by, it must have been a sublime artistic experience. Watch the visuals for the new track below and follow Evvol on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Valeska Rautenberg – ‘I Am Weak And So Are You’

Berlin artist Valeska Rautenberg has released her latest EP Aerial Minds, the first of a series of four EPs dedicated to one of the four elements. To accompany the record, Valeska has shared a delicate set of visuals for track ‘I Am Weak And So Are You’, and through flashes of red and blue she ruminates on vulnerability.

Valeska has worked as a musician, producer, teacher, composer & voice-over actress, but began releasing her own music again in 2017. Speaking about her new EP project, Valeska explains: “The EPs are like parts of an equation, like puzzle pieces to me. Every song is a facet. An element. But whole on their own. Let’s start with air: all four songs, though they vary in genre, explore the EP’s main theme; the element air. Capturing the intangible, ethereal and unthinkable in their own very unique ways. It gets political, deals with loss, falls in love with human weaknesses and much more”

‘I Am Weak And So Are You’ is the third single Valeska has released from her Aerial Minds EP, alongside ‘Midnight Children’ and ‘All Is Forgotten’. Her ambition and vision are sure to take her to where she wants to be. Watch the video for the latest single below and follow Valeska on Facebook for more updates.

Downlaod Valeska Rautenberg’s Aerial Minds EP here.

Kate Crudgington