Track Of The Day: Beorma – ‘Without You’

A bittersweet reflection on losing someone you love and as a result a part of yourself, Birmingham-based band Beorma have shared their latest single ‘Without You’. Mixing R&B and indie pop sensibilities with a smooth heartfelt vocal, the track is an unexpectedly upbeat listen, brimming with emotion and a melody that warmly rushes the senses.

Formed of Ferns, Tom and Paul, Beorma performed separately in different bands before they began working together during lockdown in 2020. Sending ideas back and forth online, the band’s collaboration led to the creation of their debut EP Virtual Emotionality, which they released in early 2021. Following on from their previous single ‘Her’ – which captured the inner conflicts of desire and the need for distance when it comes to a breakup – on ‘Without You’ Beorma gently muse on the gap that’s often left by grief.

“With a lot of our songs we like to touch on darker subjects and ‘Without You’ is exactly that,” Ferns explains. “It’s the dark side of loss; it’s about not only losing something/someone dear to you, but most importantly losing yourself and crying out for meaning and purpose in order to find your footing in this world again. I think it’s important for people to listen to it and let it speak to them in whatever way it does.”

Beorma will be supporting Dream Wife on the Birmingham date of their UK tour at The Castle & Falcon on 24th March.

Listen to ‘Without You’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: First Frontier – ‘Insist’

If you’ve heard any of the other tracks that Birmingham based duo First Frontier have released so far from their brand new debut EP, you might have an inkling of what to expect from ‘Insist‘; but the relatively gentle opening bars do not prepare you for the depth and power the duo have managed to inject into their latest song.Whether you’re familiar with their work or not, though, you can make the reasonable assumption that this is a track that is going to stay with you.

From the beginning, ‘Insist’ is made of the kind of stuff that seeps into your mind and lingers, though not in a way that is at all unwelcome. The track builds until the rich, wailing guitar and throbbing drum beat uplift the comparatively soft vocals. The song as a whole encapsulates the churning, roiling emotion that both causes and is hidden by the stoic exterior of someone who would never let on, on the outside.

‘Insist’ is a love song – though it’s not like other love songs in many ways you might expect, but it still has a very recognisable emotion. Instead of treating the hypothetical lover in the song as an object of pursuit, First Frontier makes them the inspiration to grow: it depicts love as a driving motivator. 

The lyrics are simple but heart-wrenching. The way the two vocal lines echo around each other create an image of the relationship that exists. One is tempted by the kind of desperate decisions that can destroy a life, while the other is beckoning them towards better, healthier things. Together they evoke an incredibly vivid picture of someone in the depths of despair, but who is starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. This is the kind of love that hurts, but it’s the kind of pain that you can channel into growth and use it to propel you to a better place.

First Frontier use a simple combination of just guitar, drums and vocals to create a unique and moving sound. ‘Insist’ a genuinely beautiful song – it aches to be consoled, but leaves you confident that there is hope very nearby.

Just Matter, the debut EP from First Frontier, is out now! Listen here.

Kirstie Summers

Track Of The Day: Cage Park – ‘Hand Me Downs’

A brooding reflection on the time you spend lingering in the gap between leaving college and starting university, Birmingham-based indie outfit Cage Park have shared their latest single ‘Hand Me Downs’. The title track from their new EP which the band plan to release later this year, ‘Hand Me Downs’ is a coming-of-age tune that navigates the restlessness of youth.

Formed of Reuben Saunders (drums), Leo White (guitar), Edie Mist (bass and vocals) and Arthur Belben (vocals), Cage Park met at secondary school in 2017 whilst playing as part of the school’s rock and pop ensemble, but they’ve moved on musically since then. As the band have grown up side-by-side, it seems fitting that ‘Hand Me Downs’ documents this coming-of-age-process.

Born from the push and pull that comes with wanting to make a mature decision, but also wanting to enjoy moments of freedom, Cage Park blend yearning dual vocals, swirling riffs and post punk inspired beats to extrapolate on this wired feeling. The lyrics explore the many mundane and juvenile things we do – “small-talking / hand shaking” – to pass the time when we’re waiting for life to happen.

“The track was written around the recent changes in our lives,” bassist & vocalist Edie explains. “It’s about leaving college and taking gap years. Wanting to move towards adulthood but still ending up on the sofa watching cartoons.” Cage Park express this sentiment with relatable and exasperated flair, holding on to the comfort of their past before their futures unfold.

Listen to ‘Hand Me Downs’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

ALBUM: God Damn – ‘Raw Coward’

Hailing from the haunted Black Country, God Damn have mutated their uncompromising, genre-bending sound to conjure up something brutally ambitious. The resulting concoction, Raw Coward, is relentlessly noisy, unapologetic rock and roll – a collection of tracks working its cynical black magic until the feedback fades out.

Following the release of 2020’s self-titled third LP, God Damn have been working in the shadows – moulding, shaping, crafting a hyper-intense album that sinks its fangs into social issues; tearing into nationalism, capitalism, and the music industry with venom. After introducing their fuzz-drenched LP with ‘English Slaughterhouse Blues’, God Damn dive headfirst into ‘Yout’, an abrasive sludge anthem that foreshadows a repeated theme… A false sense of pride. “When he was just a baby / His mother told him, son / Be a good English boy / And sell the world their guns.” Only personal growth will lead to true identity: “Hey, youth / Thank fuck for attitude / When will you find yourself?”

The attack continues with ‘Radiation Acid Queen’ and ‘Cowkaine’; drummer Ash Weaver’s relentless big brash strikes piercing through the distorted chaos created by the disquiet quartet. Quickly try to catch your breath! ‘Shit Guitar’ is easily the heaviest track on an LP already threatening to buckle from its own weight – unleashing doom-laden hooks (courtesy of frontman Thomas Edwards and Rob Graham) and Vantablack humour on a canvas of deadened self-awareness. Lamenting capitalist slave drivers, Edwards’ voice becomes strained under the ferocity of his raw delivery: “There’s no such thing as rock and roll / There’s no such thing as god / So climb down from your crucifix and play it like guitar / Your idols are all paedophiles who sold you who you are.”

The hypnotic ‘Little Dead Souls’ (Pt.1) and its equally addictive sequel (Pt.2) are complemented by Hannah Al-Shemmeri’s spooky, aberrant key tones, which when listened to as a singular soundscape, becomes a behemoth pairing; monstrous, sinister and unabating. ‘Drop Me Off Where They Clean The Dead Up’ follows with an equally irresistible progressive groove before the title track, ‘Raw Coward’, rips open the fabric of space with obnoxious guitar riffs and visceral lyricism.

Closing with the revolting ‘Dogshit In The Autumn Leaves’, God Damn leave their shit-stained footprint on the DIY music scene. Breathe it in! After wanting to “do away with all the dick-swinging gear wankery elitism”, Edwards engineered and produced Raw Coward himself through lessons learned from working with the legendary Sylvia Massy. Raw, explicit, experimental and intelligent, the end result is a crucial album of rock and roll rebellion; a melding of ’70s/’80s doom metal with ’90s grunge and other off-kilter influences that both disturb and inspire.

Raw Coward is out now through One Little Independent Records, with art and design from Hannah Al-Shemmeri.

God Damn - Raw Coward - One Little Independent Records

Ken Wynne