Track Of The Day: Cage Park – ‘Hand Me Downs’

A brooding reflection on the time you spend lingering in the gap between leaving college and starting university, Birmingham-based indie outfit Cage Park have shared their latest single ‘Hand Me Downs’. The title track from their new EP which the band plan to release later this year, ‘Hand Me Downs’ is a coming-of-age tune that navigates the restlessness of youth.

Formed of Reuben Saunders (drums), Leo White (guitar), Edie Mist (bass and vocals) and Arthur Belben (vocals), Cage Park met at secondary school in 2017 whilst playing as part of the school’s rock and pop ensemble, but they’ve moved on musically since then. As the band have grown up side-by-side, it seems fitting that ‘Hand Me Downs’ documents this coming-of-age-process.

Born from the push and pull that comes with wanting to make a mature decision, but also wanting to enjoy moments of freedom, Cage Park blend yearning dual vocals, swirling riffs and post punk inspired beats to extrapolate on this wired feeling. The lyrics explore the many mundane and juvenile things we do – “small-talking / hand shaking” – to pass the time when we’re waiting for life to happen.

“The track was written around the recent changes in our lives,” bassist & vocalist Edie explains. “It’s about leaving college and taking gap years. Wanting to move towards adulthood but still ending up on the sofa watching cartoons.” Cage Park express this sentiment with relatable and exasperated flair, holding on to the comfort of their past before their futures unfold.

Listen to ‘Hand Me Downs’ below.

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