Five Favourites: Bugeye

Having just released their explosive debut album, Ready Steady Bang, GIHE faves Bugeye have fast been building a reputation for their wonderfully unique colourful pizazz, with recent acclaim from the likes of John Kennedy, Amazing Radio and God Is In The TV Zine. And rightly so, the album is like nothing you’ve heard before; a vibrant fusion of disco, punk and everything in-between, all fused together with magnificent energy into a relentlessly riotous and utterly uplifting collection.

We think one of the best ways to get to know a band is by asking what music inspires them or influences their writing. So, we caught up with Angela from Bugeye to find out her “Five Favourites” – five albums that have influenced her writing and Bugeye’s current sound. Check out her choices below, and make sure you listen to the new album asap!

Altered Images – Happy Birthday
I can’t quite remember when I discovered the Scottish band Altered Images. It may have been on one of those punk comp albums, but it was a band that would be one of my main influences for Bugeye’s music. I love the way they blend new wave punk tones with disco, cover dark themes but with upbeat musical accompaniments. It’s certainly what we try to do with Bugeye and although we don’t sound like Altered Images, their album Happy Birthday has been a big influence on my writing style.

Blondie – Parallel Lines
Another incredible band that merges disco and new wave punk in such a
seamless way. I have always been a huge Blondie fan from an early age, and this was one of my dads’ favourite albums. It’s spiky pop in its finest moments and is one of those albums that made me want to pick up a guitar and play. Whenever I need inspiration to write, I listen to Blondie.

Blur – Modern Life Is Rubbish
Probably an unexpected choice but I was rediscovering the beginnings of Brit-Pop before it all went south and this was an album I played a lot. It’s lyrically witty, wise, catchy, dark, light and everything in between. The music is simplistic but smart, and I think it was a great album that perfectly captured a mood, social change and the political climate. We wanted to write something that looked at the world today so surrounding ourselves with important records to inspire us to take a long hard look at the world was key. This was one of those albums.

Kraftwerk – The Man-Machine
Exciting synths and exploring the impact of technology upon humanity,
this album was the perfect atmospheric inspiration for our own writing on this subject. Synths have become such an important part of Bugeye’s sound and what better place to explore possibilities than with the work of Kraftwerk?!

Donna Summer – Best Of
Queen of the dance floor and a big influencer on dance music, Donna Summers’ music is pop, disco, soul and funk. It has a brutal futurism to it with icy electronics pulsing in a dark but fun way. We loved the way she mixed styles and sounds and we wanted to capture some of this with our album. You’ll hear arpeggiators and big disco sounds across our album as a salute to Donna Summer.

Massive thanks to Angela for sharing her Five Favourites!

Ready, Steady, Bang, the new album from Bugeye, is out now via Reckless Yes. Download or buy the CD on Bandcamp, or find one of the few remaining vinyl copies at selected independent record shops.

Video Premiere: Bugeye – ‘Blue Fire’

Following their last uplifting single, ‘When The Lights Go Out’, and with acclaim from the likes of John Kennedy and Amazing Radio, GIHE faves Bugeye have now shared another offering from their upcoming debut album.

Raging with Angela Martin’s gritty, sultry vocals and whirring electro hooks, ‘Blue Fire’ is perhaps more disco and less punk than previous releases, but maintains all the colourful pizzazz and magnificent vibrant energy that we’ve come to know and love from the band. A perfect uptempo blast of life that we all need right now.

A woman of many talents (musician, songwriter, promoter, manager, mother and now film-maker, to name a few!), Angela has now made a beautiful homemade new video for ‘Blue Fire’. An immersive collage of footage of the band spliced together with poignant clips of masked protesters, it perfectly captures all the colour and retro energy of Bugeye, whilst oozing a striking riotous force in these uncertain times. A necessary watch from this awesome group of wonder-women.

Watch the new video, for the first time, here:

When The Lights Go Out, the debut album from Bugeye, is out 10th July via Reckless Yes.

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LISTEN: Bugeye – ‘When The Lights Go Out’

As the nation sits at home, drinking too much booze and slathering themselves in hand sanitiser, Bugeye’s new single, ‘When The Lights Go Out’, feels incredibly relevant. With lyrics that focus on escapism, it’ll have you raising your fist, or a lukewarm can of Strongbow, in solidarity.

“I like to drink…”, sings front-person Angela Martin, “I like to lose myself…” And in times like these, who couldn’t emphathise with that? Not to say that ‘When The Lights Go Out’ is a downer, far from it. In fact, I feel a little gutted that, for the time being, it will just be played in homes, rather than blasted across crowded dance-floors like it deserves.

A swaggering piece of disco-punk, the song blends crunchy rock ‘n’ roll guitars and snarling vocals with swirling keyboards and poppy harmonies. A total earworm brimming with attitude, it charges you up and makes you want to move your feet. Even if it is just around your sitting room.

Bugeye have been around since the late ‘90s and their experience really shows on this single. Polished, professional and unashamedly poppy, it makes you wonder what other gems can be found on their debut album, which is out in the summer.


Produced by Paul Tipler, ‘When The Lights Go Out’ is released 24th April. Bugeye’s upcoming debut album is due for release in June.

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Track Of The Day: Bugeye – ‘Don’t Stop’

London based four-piece Bugeye create forward-thinking, danceable punk. Their new single ‘Don’t Stop’ comes alongside the news that the band will be releasing their debut album later this year on independent record label, Reckless Yes.  

Angela Martin’s Sleater Kinney-esque vocals and driving guitar team up with Grace Healy’s ’90s style synth lines in perfect harmony. ‘Don’t Stop’ is a riotously catchy number that will certainly make you want to dance, even if it is centred around the perils of drinking to excess.

Of the single, the band have explained: “’Don’t Stop’ is about alcohol abuse and the cyclical state that goes hand in hand with this. It’s a downward spiral of fuck ups and promises that tomorrow will be different. It’s about the denial of even having a problem in the first place and the pressure that society and the media put on us to ‘Don’t Stop’”

Having originally formed in the late ’90s, news of Bugeye’s debut album is a welcome development for fans and we certainly can’t wait to hear where their sound is headed. A steady stream of solid singles in recent years have already cemented their position as key players in the Riot Grrrl scene and we’re sure that this is a reputation that’s set to grow. Watch this space.

And watch the new video for ‘Don’t Stop’ here:

Produced by Paul Tipler, Bugeye’s debut album is set for release later this year.

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