EP: Dear Pariah – ‘Live at Thais’

London-based songwriter Dear Pariah‘s (Charlie Hinchcliff) latest EP, Live at Thais, is a salve on frayed nerves, with its soothing presence and expansive soundscape. From the outset, Hinchcliff sets hearts aflutter with her crystal clear vocal delivery and poignant lyricism. The EP is hazy and hypnotic, yet hyper-focused on building a strong sonic base through minimalist instrumentation.

The five-track offering opens with ‘Felt Some Love’, a slow-burning rock-tinged tune, anchored by an electric guitar and Hinchcliff’s heartfelt vocals. Following track ‘Bench’ goes in the opposite direction, going for an acoustic instrumental that highlights Hinchcliff’s impressive vocal range. With poetic lyrics and a soothing sonic arrangement, this is a personal favourite and a very early highlight.

The gospel-touched delivery of ‘Not Ready’ shows Hinchcliff’s musical versatility, surrounding listeners in the warmth of heavenly vocals, and melodies that beg for more than one listen. Next comes ‘Tired’, a hauntingly beautiful tune which plays with folksy instrumentation. The track is another stand-out, with its vulnerable, melancholic setting blanketing the mood of the EP. It’s a sombre yet comforting listen.

Closing track ‘Leave Me Be’ is a quiet piece of brilliance that shines for its understated arrangement and delivery. Led by acoustic guitar and elevated by a voice that feels meditative and powerful all at once, the track brings Live at Thais to a perfect ending. Dear Pariah is an artist everyone needs to listen to at least once, and if you’re going to pick any place to start, Live at Thais is certainly the best.

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Malvika Padin

Get In Her Ears w/ Dear Pariah 06.02.20

Kate was back on air this week with some of the Get In Her Ears grrrls favourite new music. She played tracks from AyOwA, Ghum, AGAMA, Sink Ya Teeth, Lido Pimienta & Jackie Shane.

Songwriter Dear Pariah also came in to the studio for a chat about her new tracks, ‘Not Ready’ & ‘Felt Your Love’

Listen back here:

Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy
Lido Pimienta – No Pude
HANYA – I’ll Do It Tomorrow
Dunebug – Uninvited
ALA.NI – Papa
AyOwA – First Frost
Wilsen – Feeling Fancy
May Rosa – Before I Knew
Pet Crow – What We Doin
Ghum – California
Eden Huntur – Weightlessness
Half Waif – Ordinary Talk
AGAMA – Safe In Noise
The Golden Age Of TV – Me, You and a Dog
Jackie Shane – Any Other Way
Dear Pariah – Not Ready
Dear Pariah – Felt Your Love
Genevieve Dawson – Mountain
Deathhags – Be Who You Are
Otta – Near Enough A Woman
Sink Ya Teeth – Somewhere Else
Piney Gir – Puppy Love
Roxy Jackson – Father’s Regrets
Kat Five – Butterfly Wings
Bugeye – Don’t Stop
Pretty Happy – Schmuck
Planningtorock – Beulah Loves Dancing