LISTEN: CATBEAR – ‘Girl Crush’

A dreamy electro-pop rumination about wanting a friendship to turn into something more romantic, CATBEAR have shared their latest single ‘Girl Crush’. Written during the Covid-19 lockdown, the London-based queer duo playfully ponder the “could-have-beens and what ifs” when it comes to thinking about that certain someone.

“The quiet streets of lockdown London and the amazing weather we had influenced the summery chilled vibe on this song,” explain CATBEAR, who are formed of Zoe Konez and Sarah Smith. “We were listening to a lot of 80s and 90s alternative pop, but also loving the current pop sound of Caroline Polachek, The Japanese House and Rina Sawayama too.” This merging of influences resulted in the lush, dreamy sounds on ‘Girl Crush’.

Recorded and produced in Konez’s home studio in Brixton, the single is a completely DIY affair, with Smith laying down her vocals in her spare room wardrobe. The duo’s charming pop creations about relatable concepts are a welcome distraction for anyone caught up in a crush during these unusual times.

Listen to ‘Girl Crush’ below and follow CATBEAR on bandcamp, Facebook and Spotify for more updates.


Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Blonde Maze – ‘Not All Flowers Bloom’

Having been a huge fan of New York artist and previous guest on our radio show Blonde Maze for a long while now, I was excited to see that she has shared a brand new single.

Reflecting on the realisation that even though something is beautiful, it may not last forever, ‘Not All Flowers Bloom’ is an an utterly dreamy offering. As chiming beats and twinkling hooks accompany the beautifully luscious vocals, a truly euphoric electro-pop soundscape is created. Of the track, Blonde Maze expands: 

Something may grow but not fully bloom. This song is about the acceptance and awareness of that realization. The cover art is a girl watering a flower that’s dying, trying to revive it. But she’s also looking out into the field of blooming flowers, because she knows in the back of her mind, her blooming flower is somewhere out there.”

‘Not All Flowers Bloom’ is a perfect example of Blonde Maze’s knack for creating exquisite soundscapes. I could listen to everything she creates on a loop forever – I just find her music so completely calming and blissfully cathartic. Essential listening for these anxiety-inducing times. 

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: PILLARS – ‘Blame’

PILLARS, the 25-year-old electronic musician, debuted her first EP, Circa last month. Describing the album, she says it is “a reflection of past mistakes, regrets and behaviours.” So, it’s fitting that she has now shared ‘Blame’.

Set against a minimalist soundscape, PILLARS’ voice punches through intimately and with clarity. The chorus rings out “I’m to blame”, an honest and vulnerable refrain of a lover apologetic for their mistakes. Church-like organs fade in and out, lending a solemn quality to her testimony, while slow and steady kicks pound like a tired heart. Pulsing synths and subdued snaps add subtle texture to the track, creating a suspenseful atmosphere, as each verse hangs in the air waiting for PILLARS to finally confess – “I’m to blame”. 


Circa by PILLARS is out now. Listen on Bandcamp or Spotify.


Aisha Kasmir

Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon Photography


Premiere: AyOwA – ‘Is It You Love?’

Following previous releases such as ‘First Frost’ and ‘Alt Det Du Ku’, and having charmed us with the hypnotic beauty of their live set at Notting Hill Arts Club last year, Danish duo AyOwA have now announced the release of a new album, set for release this Autumn.

Taken from the upcoming album, ‘Is It You Love?’ offers a mysterious longing for something that once was. A swirling, evocative soundscape, twinkling keys flow as throbbing beats provide the backdrop for Hannah Schneider’s soaring, rich vocals. Creating an ethereal slice of intoxicating electro-pop, ‘Is It You Love’ oozes a stirring, majestic splendour, immersing the listener completely in its smooth, cinematic grace.

Listen to ‘Is It You Love?’ on Spotify now, and watch the poignant new video for here:

Amoeba, the upcoming new album from AyOwA, is set for release this Autumn.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Emma Silke