LISTEN: THICK – ‘Mansplain’

A cathartic, witty, guitar driven take-down of the men who undermine women in bands (and women in general), Brooklyn punk trio THICK have shared their latest track, ‘Mansplain’. Lifted from their debut album 5 Years Behind, which is set for release on 6th March via Epitaph, the single’s premise will resonate with women and girls who have struggled to be taken seriously on, and off stage.

The track opens with a plethora of snarky comments – “Girl bands are really in right now”, “Does she know where to plug that in?”, “Are those your boyfriend’s drums?” – before the single rips into life with crashing drums, cutting vocals, and riotous riffs. “Those are all things that men have actually said to us or our friends at shows,” drummer Shari Page explains. “A lot of these songs came from feeling stifled in silence, but then the song itself is an answer to that,” adds bassist Kate Black. “It’s us saying, ‘I have my opinion, and I’m going to share it no matter what.’ Instead of keeping things all bottled up, it feels so much better to face everything head on, and just be really loud about it with your two best friends.”

THICK have crafted the perfect track to crank up the volume to, and rid yourself of the unnecessary negativity on ‘Mansplain’. The band took this ethos of doing what feels right into the studio with them whilst recording their new album at Studio G in Brooklyn, with producer/engineer Joel Hamilton (Iggy Pop, Jolie Holland). “It was really important to us that the songs feel emotionally connected to our reality, so that it feels as natural as possible to play them” Black shares. They’ve clearly achieved this on ‘Mansplain’, which is accompanied by a humourous video directed and produced by Jeanette D. Moses.

Watch the video for ‘Mansplain’ below and follow THICK on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Michelle Lobianco

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Ariel View – ‘Friday Nights’

Newly signed to Epitaph records, Ariel View walk the line between scuffed indie rock and adorable pop attitude on this classic slice of melodic guitar rock. While ‘Friday Nights’ is definitely the kind of care-free sounding, summery, irresistibly loveable song that you can totally lose your shit to at a live show, it’s actually a song about heartbreak according to Ariel View’s singer, Harmonie Martinez, who wrote the song following a relationship breakup.

This might explain why the song feels so heartfelt and impassioned, with the emotion of the vocal balancing nicely with the song’s strong chorus and tight guitar sound. The band make it sound easy and it’s clear that Epitaph were on to something when they signed them, as there’s a sophistication and maturity of sound here that suggests Ariel View could become very big indeed.

‘Friday Nights’ is out now.

Cazz Blase