LISTEN: Kat Five – ‘Butterfly Wings’

Having been big fans of electro punk duo Feral Five for some time now, it is with excitement that we’re able to share the debut solo single from Kat Five.

Inspired by a butterfly that flew into the studio one day, ‘Butterly Wings’ reflects on the need to unite to fight oppression. Featuring the actual sound of butterfly wings fluttering, it flows with a sweeping hypnotic power, throbbing electro beats, and deep resonant vocals with shades of the infectious trip hop of Massive Attack.

Of the track, Kat explains:

It’s a song of hope in dark times, and was inspired by Moroccan cultural organisation Racines – shut down by the government – and its slogan #LaCultureEstLaSolution. It has taken on new resonance closer to home, with its message that even the tiniest actions can create change.”

Listen to ‘Butterfly Wings’ now:

‘Butterfly Wings’ will be released 28th February. 

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Feral Five – ‘EGO’

Having previously wowed us with their unique, vibrant live show at The Finsbury, and more recently this year at Cro Cro Land, London/Kent based duo Kat and Drew, aka Feral Five, have now shared an innovative new track.

A take down and take over of monster egos everywhere, ‘EGO’ is propelled by throbbing, pulsating beats and glitchy hooks alongside its buzzing chip tune sounds and part German lyrics. A disconcerting, whirring soundscape that builds to an ’80s inspired electro-punk anthem, oozing an immersive, driving energy and seductive allure. 

Listen to ‘EGO’ here:


The EGO launch show is on 29th September on the Tamesis Dock. Presented by ArtHertz at the Totally Thames Festival, it features Feral Five live, a live AV ambient set by Richard Norris (The Grid / Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve), and the Tamesis Trilogy I short film premiere – directed by Dennis Da Silva.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Garry Hensey

LIVE (Photos): Cro Cro Land, 06.04.19 (Part 1)

This weekend saw the launch of Croydon’s brand new festival, Cro Cro Land. Organised by Croydon residents Angela Martin and Julia Woollams, the festival aimed to promote gender equality in both its line-up and staff, whilst championing a number of local bands and artists, and working in conjunction with a number of grassroots organisations and charities, including Lives Not Knives.

And what a festival it was! Paying host to SO MANY incredible bands, it was not only a day filled with all the best live music, but also a completely unmatched sense of community spirit and united joy at being part of the DIY scene. As well as all the superb bands playing on the day, we bumped into so many other bands and artists there to support their peers, as well as other key members from the community, such as Caffy from The Zine UK and staff from Croydon’s best pub, The Oval Tavern. It was like a huge family gathering, filled with all the most life-affirming vibes and, of course, the best live music.

Our Jon Mo was there, along with Jamie MacMillan, to capture all the action…

First up we caught the fun-filled, punk-infused energy of Werecats on the Concrete Playground stage.

Photo Credit: Jamie MacMillan

Next, we headed to the main Town Square stage to be blown away by Tiger Mimic’s soaring rock anthems.

Photo Credit: Jon Mo

Photo Credit: Jamie MacMillan

Having ‘spun’ a few tunes ourselves at the Concrete Playground stage, we were treated to the luscious, jangly joy of Jetstream Pony‘s dreamy indie-pop offerings. And, whilst floating away on their twinkling scuzz, we also couldn’t help but notice lead singer Beth’s amazing, Croydon-inspired, skirt (made with material courtesy of local designer Made By Mrs M)!

Photo Credit: Jon Mo

Photo Credit: Jamie MacMillan

After continuing our DJ set at the Concrete Playground stage, GIHE faves ARXX blast into the packed space, delivering their unique, seething punk anthems with a magnificent sparkling power. And to see new music pioneer John Kennedy in the crowd enjoying the set really warms my heart; to see this band that I’ve followed for the last year or two grow into the incredible force of nature they are today makes me feel a bit like a proud mum – one of the most dedicated (and just all-round incredible) bands I’ve ever come across, they truly do deserve every success.

Photo Credit: Jon Mo

Photo Credit: Jon Mo

Back at the Town Square, fellow faves Berries (every band we saw on Saturday was a favourite!) get the crowd moving with their raucous whirring energy and distinctive, smouldering vocals. Oozing a raw passion (and donning band tees of other greats such as LIINES and Estrons), their infectious offerings and buzzing charisma proves this trio worthy of the highest accolades.

Photo Credit: Jon Mo

Photo Credit: Jamie MacMillan

With their unique, vibrant energy and glitchy groove, electro punk duo Feral Five fill the Concrete Playground with their soaring, shimmering offerings as front woman Kat’s glistening outfit and natural pizazz trigger dancing feet and smiling faces.

Photo Credit: Jon Mo

Photo Credit: Jamie MacMillan

As if it wasn’t enough to organise the festival, hero of the day Angela also lead her band Bugeye blazing into our eyes and ears with their incredible colourful power. Delivering their raging, synth-driven anthems with a fierce grit and vibrant energy, they dazzle us all with their contagious disco punk creations.

Photo Credit: Jon Mo

Photo Credit: Jon Mo

If you think all that sounds impressive, stay tuned for part two of our Cro Cro Land review, with more fab photos of the incredible bands who took our breath away on Saturday!

Photo Credit:
Jon Mo/@jonmophoto
Jamie MacMillan/@jamiemacphotos

Mari Lane/@marimindles

Track Of The Day: Feral Five – ‘Pet Show’

Having previously wowed us with their unique, vibrant live show at The Finsbury, and recently supported Black Grape in Brighton, London/Kent based duo Feral Five are back to enchant our ears with new single ‘Pet Show’.

As a glitchy, other-worldly soundscape flows, ‘Pet Show’ is a wonderfully weird fusion of sounds, set in a world of illicit exotic creatures, working in underground bionic cat cafés and shady robo-companion bars. Pulsating with the deep, resonant vocals of front-woman Kat and an immense danceable beat, it’s a truly beguiling, yet slightly unnerving, work of forward-thinking art. With its whirring, electronic hooks and ethereal twinkling melodies, ‘Pet Show’ therefore showcases the duo’s innovative electro punk once again. Of the track, the band explain: “… it conjures up future subcultures and is inspired by developments in emotional AI and experimental beings, and the primal urge to party.


With striking art work by leading anthro artist Strype, ‘Pet Show’ is out 7th December via Primitive Light Recordings.

Mari Lane

WATCH: Ms Mohammed – ‘Pandora’

Musician and activist Ms Mohammed has shared a video to accompany her latest single ‘Pandora’, and it’s a direct challenge to anyone who dares to suppress the feminine in all its forms.

Taken from her critically acclaimed EP Alibi, ‘Pandora’ brims with relentless riffs and thundering percussion which reflect the strength and endurance of all the women Ms Mohammed features in the video. We recognise Madame So, Kat Five of Feral Five, and Zel from VODUN; but we’re looking forward to discovering more about the other brilliant women who prominently feature throughout the footage.

Talking about the video’s themes, Ms Mohammed explains: “We are sold limiting ideas of what it means to be female. The feminine is still derided in all cultures, still frowned upon, still synonymous with weakness. Truly celebrating the feminine would bring about the revolution that is so desperately needed. The Future is Femme!”

Ms Mohammed founded the Clit Rock movement in 2013 as a way of speaking out against female genital mutilation. As a champion of cross-cultural tolerance and an out queer artist who advocates for LGBT rights and visibility, Ms Mohammed is challenging prejudice through her music. We are happy to be her allies in this fight for equality.

Watch the video for ‘Pandora’ below, and follow Ms Mohammed on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Feral Five – ‘I Want You’

Following the success of singles such as ‘Kiss’ and ‘Neurotrash’, and support from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Steve LaMacq and Shaun Keavney, our favourite electro-punk duo Feral Five are back with another innovative offering.

Just in time for the festive period, ‘I Want You’ is a whirring assault on crass commercialism and a feminist call to reject the trash and go for what you really want. Filled with swooping glitchy beats, twinkling ’80s reminiscent synth hooks and soaring, resonant vocals, it’s the perfect antidote to the saccharine drivel you can find yourself inundated with at this time of year.

A gritty sonic delight, ‘I Want You’ is all you could ever need in your ears this Christmas.


‘I Want You’, the new single from Feral Five, is out 8th December.

Mari Lane 

Guest Blog: Deux Furieuses at Nasty Women UK, 22nd – 24th September 2017

Last weekend, self-identifying Nasty Women artists, comedians, musicians, spoken word poets, workshop panelists and arts volunteers came together in London in one glorious fuck you to the current president of the USA. Donald Trump’s “such a nasty woman” aside to the microphone while Hillary Clinton spoke during the final presidential debate has galvanised a global arts movement in a show of resistance and solidarity.

With an aim to give everyone who has ever felt silenced a voice, Nasty Women UK is an intersectional movement bringing together people of all genders, races, faiths and LGBTQIA identities. Nasty Women UK Co-Director and Producer, Kasia Uscinska, explains: “The last twelve months have seen a spate of sexist news stories, with women’s rights being threatened, both here and around the world. The political climate has normalised intolerance in our culture. An estimated 100,000 people attended the Women’s March in London in January. We want to carry that momentum forward, ensure our voices are heard and inspire new generations of Nasty Women.”

Deux Furieuses marched on that Women’s March and when we were invited to play Nasty Women UK’s event, we were determined to find a way to play a part. As we could not perform our normal drum-powered assault in the gallery space we decided to make our acoustic debut. We very much felt that there should be a nasty element to the music at this event. We challenged ourselves to put across Deux Furieuses without the power of drums and a Marshall stack. Ros played ‘Can We Talk About This?’ and ‘Are We Sexy Enough?’ on acoustic and changed the lyrics from “Are we angry enough?” to “Are we nasty enough?”. Vas joined in on vocals and tambourine for new song ‘Let Them Burn’. The response to our short set on the night and the following day has encouraged us to get our message out in as many ways as possible.

Following the crowds round from Hackney Wick station to Stour Space on Friday evening, we found the opening night in full swing. We wanted more of Bishi on her sitar; we were introduced to the wonderful Phillippa Egerton who has created Donald Trump’s head in fruit cake form and invited us to the slicing and eating event at her house on 15th October; we were thrilled to find that rock photographer Iona Dee had a photo print of Ros playing guitar at our album launch at The Lexington in the exhibition… Guess who bought it?!

On Saturday night we were welcomed to Stour Space by moonlighting Southbank Centre volunteers who showed us to the performer green room. We looked down to a packed audience sitting on the floor and laughing uproariously in recognition at the comedy of Sindhu Vee. We loved that she was smart and could handle her British-born son but was quite defeated by the ‘old people logic’ of her Indian parents. Fatiha El-Ghorri also had us laughing while allowing us some insight into her struggles as a female Muslim Londoner in a head scarf who clearly leaves the house armed with a cutting comic retort. A drink with Saturday night’s DJ and Clit Rock founder Ms Mohamed led to a discussion about female musicians’ isolation in London and her idea for a monthly meet up.

We squeezed our way into the Art As Activism workshop on Sunday and felt our own struggle reflected back by the many other artists there. The panelists told us about their work, talked about female artists often suffering from imposter syndrome, and during the Q&A an audience member asked about the soul destroying need to measure the impact of your art for the purposes of funding – “GO SMALL!” said panelist Sam Roddick.

As we came down the stairs from an inspiring workshop, we heard singer songwriter Madame So soundcheck in the main space. As sound engineer Isabella Dibi adjusted the sound, people milled around looking at the art as photographer Suzi Corker captured everything with her camera. From the organisers’ production grid to real life, here was Nasty Women in action; at its best when the different sections of curation overflowed and merged together in one common creative endeavour.

Later Feral Five front woman Terry Tyldesley (whose photo on stage giving it her all in a home made Nasty Woman T shirt pretty much nails it) encouraged us round to witness Selena Godden in full flow spitting out her spoken word to a spellbound audience. Here was all the depth, power and comment that we aspire to as musicians and songwriters.

Nasty Women’s weekend event has raised over £7500 for End Violence Against Women and was a smash of a success. But it is not over. It feels like it is just beginning – and, as we look at the photos and find each other online and plan to meet up, the work starts again! This is an art movement on the march.

Words: Ros & Vas, Deux Furieuses
Photos: Suzi Corker