LISTEN: Bitch Falcon – ‘Martyr’

A savage blend of visceral vocals, grungy guitars and powerhouse percussion, Dublin trio Bitch Falcon have shared their latest single ‘Martyr’. The third single to be lifted from their debut album Staring At Clocks, which is set for release via Brighton label Small Pond on 6th November, the band effortlessly combine the racing energy of post-punk beats with the melodic elements of grunge on this new offering.

“Nigel’s drumming reminds me of Warpaint in this, it has such a bounce to it,” explains Bitch Falcon’s vocalist and guitarist Lizzie Fitzpatrick. “I tried to span my vocals from soft to cord-ripping, a bid to show the aggression in the song.” Fitzpatrick’s ability to deliver soft lines and ear-shredding screams at the flick of a switch is what makes ‘Martyr’ such a powerful tune. Underscored by Nigel Kenny’s heavy yet buoyant drumming and Barry O’Sullivan’s brooding bass lines, the single demands repeated listens to fully appreciate each of these formidable elements.

Listen to ‘Martyr’ below and follow Bitch Falcon on bandcamp, Spotify and Facebook for more updates.


Order Bitch Falcon’s debut album Staring At Clocks here.

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Total Rubbish – ‘Honey Ryder’

The name’s Rubbish, Total Rubbish, and they’re a Philadelphia-based trio who craft grungy-yet-poppy guitar tunes about everything from “Bond Girls” to odd-end jobs. Their debut single ‘Honey Ryder’ shares its name with the first ever Bond Girl featured in the 1962 film Dr. No, and the band describe it as an ode to “the first babe in a long line of babes.”

Formed of Bre Steinfeldt (bass), Cass Nguyen (guitar) and Kiki Schiller (drums), Total Rubbish recently signed to Born Losers Records to release their upcoming record, Triple Negative on the 20th September. ‘Honey Ryder’ is lifted from the EP, and it’s a sweet taste of the band’s talent for combining melodic vocals with dense, swirling riffs.

Inspired by the likes of The Dandy Warhols, Veruca Salt and the Velvet Underground, the ironically named Total Rubbish are ready to deliver their bittersweet take on disappointing relationships, new beginnings and historical babes with their upcoming EP. Listen to ‘Honey Ryder’ below and follow the band on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Caro Ramirez

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: snake eyes – ‘skeletons’

A brooding, guitar driven observation on inappropriate behaviours and how we try to deal with them, snake eyes have shared their latest single ‘skeletons’. Lifted from their upcoming debut EP of the same name, which is set for release on 9th October via Failure By Design, the track is an abrasive recognition of how despite our differing opinions, we’re all really made of the same flesh and bone.

Formed of Jim Heffy (vocals/guitar), Nicole Gill (bass/vocals) and Thomas Coe-Brooker (drums), snake eyes are three friends who write songs together to avoid over-thinking or over-complicating things. The trio recorded their debut EP between Heffy’s bedroom and Coe-Brooker’s attic, giving it that all important authentic DIY sound.

Heffy penned ‘skeletons’ after seeing first hand the “questionable” behaviour of an ex-colleague. “A guy at my old work would make these ‘jokes’. I didn’t wanna make a scene as I was leaving the job so I’d just bite my lip, which looking back I feel was the wrong move.” As Heffy points out in the song’s lyrics, “It’s hard to see what’s clear with a narrow mind”, so the band take down these “jokes” via clear cut vocals and crashing percussion instead.

Watch the video for ‘skeletons’ below and follow snake eyes on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: L.A. Witch – ‘True Believers’

Rumbling bass lines, gritty guitar riffs and raw vocals permeate ‘True Believers’, the latest single from Californian trio L.A. Witch. Lifted from their new album Play With Fire, set for release on 21st August via Suicide Squeeze, the track is a sonic take down of nay-sayers who insist you can’t change the status quo.

Formed of Sade Sanchez (guitars/vocals), Irita Pai (bass) and Ellie English (drums), L.A. Witch are cool kids with a conscience, ready to take you to the bar but also stand up for you if someone’s trying to intimidate you or shout you down. New single ‘True Believers’ is essentially an exploration of that, urging listeners to focus on what they can change, rather than on what they think they can’t.

Sanchez explains the context of the song further: “‘True Believers’ is about being overwhelmed with the constant stream of news and information we see everyday. It’s about feeling anger and frustration with the state of the world. In a way, the track mocks the All Lives Matter culture that has come to fruition in the U.S.

At times when you’re travelling around and meeting new people, you get into conversations about social matters and different political standpoints. A lot of people don’t believe they have any power over the matters concerning them, and that can be frustrating. It can be difficult for people to see themselves having an actual impact with what we’re all facing in the world today, all you can really do is take it day by day, lead by example, and know that any and all change starts with you. It’s important to always believe in who you are, even through all the chaos.”

Listen to ‘True Believers’ below.

Pre-order your copy of Play With Fire here.
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Photo credit: Marco Hernandez

Kate Crudgington