LISTEN: VERO – ‘Concrete’ (Shame cover)

A swirling, provocative cover of British punk band Shame’s gritty original track, Stockholm-based trio VERO have shared their latest single ‘Concrete’. Released via PNKSLM Recordings as the second half of their upcoming 7″ ‘BEG!/Concrete’, which is set for physical release on 14th January, the track is a heady mix of distorted guitars and alluring vocals.

Formed of teenage friends Julia Boman & Amanda Eddestål and Clara Gyökeres who they befriended whilst DJ’ing on the Stockholm nightclub circuit, VERO create music inspired by an eclectic range of influences. Their main purpose, aside from creating anthems with shades of 90s alternative icons Sonic Youth, is to challenge the idea of what a modern guitar band is supposed to be. With their cover of Shame’s ‘Concrete’, the trio have further proved their ability to antagonise and intrigue listeners with their brooding rhythms and crystalline, urgent vocals.

“We’ve never made a cover before, so when we were thinking of a fun B-side for the 7”, we decided to pick a song and a band that we loved,” the band explain. “We’ve been fans of Shame since ‘The Lick’, so it was an easy choice. The original ‘Concrete’ is a high-powered song; energetic and fast. We decided to take it down a whole lot, and then accelerate the intensity for the second half of the song. We had only 2 days to arrange, record and mix the track, which must’ve been a record for us. It was done in super-speed with no second thought, and we love the result.”

Listen to ‘Concrete’ below.

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Photo Credit: Hanna Rubensson

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Wet Leg – ‘Wet Dream’

A sultry indie pop tune that’s “enough to make a girl blush,” Isle Of Wight duo Wet Leg have shared their latest single ‘Wet Dream’. Following on from their infectious debut track ‘Chaise Longue’ released via Domino earlier this year, the band have created another witty, playful anthem, this time exploring the feelings left behind by unwanted attention from an ex after a break-up.

Formed of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, Wet Leg began making music together in the summer of 2019 and in the space of two short years, the pair have garnered a loyal and excited following. Their refreshingly laid back attitude, dead-pan humourous lyrics and memorable guitar licks provide their listeners with instant gratification and new single ‘Wet Dream’ is no exception.

“’Wet Dream’ is a breakup song,” Teasdale explains. “It came about when one of my ex’s went through a stage of texting me after we we’d broken up telling me that ‘he had a dream about me.’” Teasdale has put a mischievous spin on this situation in the track’s colourful accompanying video, which she directed herself, featuring Salvador Dali-esque lobster claws and pillow & food fights.

Watch the video for ‘Wet Dream’ below.

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Photo credit: Hollie Fernando

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Bleach Lab – ‘Real Thing’

Fusing hope and hesitation with heart-wrenching ease, Bleach Lab’s latest single ‘Real Thing’ is a dream-pop delight. Following on from their debut EP A Calm Sense of Surrounding, the South-London based indie group’s latest track shows Bleach Lab at what they do best: endearing, emotional indie with a hint of electronica.

Like candy that can kill, there’s a sweet sadness to ‘Real Thing.’ “It’s about wanting to find a more meaningful and lasting connection with someone,” explains vocalist Jenna Kyle. “I had been processing a lot of issues over the last couple of years to do with previous relationships and personal development, and I had finally reached a place where I felt I was in the right state of mind to be open to looking for something new.”

Saturated with the shoegazy sounds like Slowdive and Mazzy Star, it’s no surprise that the single was produced by alt-rock genius Stephen Street, who has produced tracks from The Smiths, Blur and The Cranberries in the past. The song’s acoustic guitars, soft electronic drumbeats and reverb depict the rectifying promise of budding romances. Kyle envelops her lyrics with longing as delicately as silk sits on skin: “I really wanna see you again / I wanna be more than friends,” which seems more like a prayer than a refrain.

Tender, touching and tactful, the new track emulates the melancholy melodies of Heaven or Las Vegas. If you find the slightly soul-crushing sounds of the Cocteau Twins comforting, Bleach Lab is the band for you.

Listen to ‘Real Thing’ below.

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Jay Mitra

LISTEN: girlhouse – ‘happy now’

Showcasing a new emotional maturity to her song-writing, Portland-born Nashville-based musician girlhouse has shared her latest single ‘happy now’. Whilst the track starts out deceptively dreamy, lyrically there’s no mistaking how girlhouse aka Lauren Luiz feels – especially in the biting lines “your promises stink like gasoline” and “are you f****g happy now?”

Listeners could be fooled into thinking this song is about lost love, but Luiz is actually pleading with herself on this new release. “’happy now’ started as an angry poem towards someone in my life that was really emotionally challenging to me,” she explains. “As we started producing it and I started looking at the lyrics from a different perspective, I realized I was projecting everything I hated about myself towards this other person. ‘happy now’ is my heart, gladiator screaming ‘are you not entertained?!’ to my body after doing all the things and following all the people that should, in theory, make me happy but in the end left me feeling empty.”

Through her grunge laden guitar and melodic voice, Luiz vents her frustration throughout the track, arriving at a place of acceptance and growth. 

Listen to ‘happy now’ below.

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Kat Jamison