Track Of The Day: Piss Kitti – ‘Turn You Over’ (Keep On Comin’ On)

A playful, strung out guitar tune about the mixed feelings we have after a difficult breakup, Liverpool punks Piss Kitti have shared their latest single ‘Turn You Over’ (Keep On Comin’ On). Lifted from their upcoming four tack EP For The Lovers, which is set for release on 19th March, the track navigates the uneasy emotions that dictate our actions after a relationship has ended.

Formed of vocalist Esme, guitarist Dominic, bassist Clara and drummer Danny, Piss Kitti write songs that spark conversations about sex, queerness and gender. Fusing relatable lyrics, catchy melodies and elements of garage and punk rock together, the band aim to simultaneously “turn you on, make you dance and make you think.” Their upcoming EP is an exploration of “romantic turmoil” and new single ‘Turn You Over’ (Keep On Comin’ On) is the first taste of this bittersweet slice of uncertainty.

“‘Turn You Over’ is about going through a breakup and knowing in your heart that it’s all wrong,” vocalist Esme explains. “You try to accept it and move on but you can’t, and instead find yourself fantasising, wishing and waiting for your love to return, replaying memories just to make yourself sick.” Through Dominic’s grungy riffs, Esme’s lush lilting vocals and Danny’s crashing percussion, Piss Kitti go through the motions on this new offering with a buoyant, warped optimism.

Listen to ‘Turn You Over’ (Keep On Comin’ On) below.


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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Big Daisy – ‘Bee Mine’

A fuzzy guitar ode to those who embrace emotional labour in a relationship without hesitation, Belfast four-piece Big Daisy have shared their latest single ‘Bee Mine’. Lifted from the new charity compilation album Bangers & Breakupsthe track is a lo-fi appreciation of the selfless acts of love and support we receive in a relationship, even if past trauma makes us feel like we don’t deserve them.

Formed of childhood best friends Aidan Reynolds, Ciara King, Dan O’Rawe and James Orr, Big Daisy released their debut single ‘Go Outside’ in November 2019, unaware that their agoraphobic anthem would become an appropriate soundtrack for a global pandemic. The band’s ability to “hide painful stories inside catchy songs” is something they take pride in, and latest offering ‘Bee Mine’ is another stellar example of this talent. Described as a track that wears its “heart on its sleeve,” it’s an unconventional love song that rings with genuine warmth and charm.

It sits comfortably on the track-list for Bangers & Breakups, a heartbreak album made up of an eclectic mix of tracks from Irish & Northern Irish musicians, with contributions from Problem Patterns, Junk Drawer, Beauty Sleep, Arvo Party and more. All proceeds from the album will be donated to She Sells Sanctuary, a domestic violence charity based in Northern Ireland.

Listen to ‘Bee Mine’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Painted Zeros – ‘Break’

“I always felt I loved you more than you returned / a lesson learned” confesses Katie Lau – aka Painted Zeros – on her latest single, ‘Break’. The Brooklyn-based musician & sound engineer blends reverb-strewn guitar with her tentative vocals to communicate the emptiness left behind by a past love.

Lifted from her second album, When You Found Forever, set for release on 29th May via Don Giovanni Records, ‘Break’ is a poignant, bittersweet reflection on the grief caused by a painful breakup. “It’s a little bit about being broken hearted over a girl,” Lau admits, “But it’s more about the interior experience of being hurt — of feeling completely alone in the universe, that state of despair where you feel loveless and abandoned by all earthly and non-earthly things.”

Lau’s lyrics reflect the unfairness of this despair. Her soft vocals make lines like “I always hoped the one day it would be my turn / to give the hate” seem less spiteful, and more painfully honest. Towards the close of the track, when Lau sings the eponymous lyric, there’s a sense of relief and closure, underscored by more of her woozy, spiralling guitar sounds.

‘Break’ is accompanied by a video, shot and directed by Lau. The footage is full of springtime blossoms, birds, and sunshine; providing a bright contrast to the song’s underlying message of sadness, and showing that there’s still life after heartbreak. Watch the video below, and follow Painted Zeros on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: MAITA – ‘A Beast’

A poignant, under-stated guitar ode to the difficulty and desperation that comes with heartbreak; Portland-based MAITA has shared their latest single, ‘A Beast’. Taken from their upcoming album Best Wishes, set for release on 3rd April via Kill Rock Stars, the track is a relatable, melancholy-tinged exploration of being able to forgive, but not forget.

Speaking about the track’s premise, songwriter Maria Maita-Keppeler explains: “’A Beast’ [is] a musing on the pain that one person is capable of causing another, and the endless potential for forgiveness that exists within that space. That forgiveness always comes with a price, however: the memory of it that we carry beneath our skin, as does the abused dog that flinches when you lift a hand to pet it.”

MAITA’s willingness to confront emotional uncertainty is what makes ‘A Beast’ such a compelling listen. The accompanying video also reflects the pain and isolation that underscores the track. Maria offers her thoughts on the setting for the visuals: “It was inspired by [the place] where I wrote the song, which was at an old studio apartment in Portland. Though spacious for a studio, [it] had the potential to feel claustrophobic and lonely at the same time, transforming into a hot-bed for creative angst and pining. I wanted the video to take place in a similar setting: an empty apartment to serve as a backdrop for the many stages of waiting- – the tenderness, the frustration, the desperation.”

We’re big fans of MAITA’s tenderly frustrated sounds. Watch the video for ‘A Beast’ below, and follow MAITA on Spotify and Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Ingrid-Renan

Kate Crudgington