Track Of The Day: Painted Zeros – ‘Break’

“I always felt I loved you more than you returned / a lesson learned” confesses Katie Lau – aka Painted Zeros – on her latest single, ‘Break’. The Brooklyn-based musician & sound engineer blends reverb-strewn guitar with her tentative vocals to communicate the emptiness left behind by a past love.

Lifted from her second album, When You Found Forever, set for release on 29th May via Don Giovanni Records, ‘Break’ is a poignant, bittersweet reflection on the grief caused by a painful breakup. “It’s a little bit about being broken hearted over a girl,” Lau admits, “But it’s more about the interior experience of being hurt — of feeling completely alone in the universe, that state of despair where you feel loveless and abandoned by all earthly and non-earthly things.”

Lau’s lyrics reflect the unfairness of this despair. Her soft vocals make lines like “I always hoped the one day it would be my turn / to give the hate” seem less spiteful, and more painfully honest. Towards the close of the track, when Lau sings the eponymous lyric, there’s a sense of relief and closure, underscored by more of her woozy, spiralling guitar sounds.

‘Break’ is accompanied by a video, shot and directed by Lau. The footage is full of springtime blossoms, birds, and sunshine; providing a bright contrast to the song’s underlying message of sadness, and showing that there’s still life after heartbreak. Watch the video below, and follow Painted Zeros on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: MAITA – ‘A Beast’

A poignant, under-stated guitar ode to the difficulty and desperation that comes with heartbreak; Portland-based MAITA has shared their latest single, ‘A Beast’. Taken from their upcoming album Best Wishes, set for release on 3rd April via Kill Rock Stars, the track is a relatable, melancholy-tinged exploration of being able to forgive, but not forget.

Speaking about the track’s premise, songwriter Maria Maita-Keppeler explains: “’A Beast’ [is] a musing on the pain that one person is capable of causing another, and the endless potential for forgiveness that exists within that space. That forgiveness always comes with a price, however: the memory of it that we carry beneath our skin, as does the abused dog that flinches when you lift a hand to pet it.”

MAITA’s willingness to confront emotional uncertainty is what makes ‘A Beast’ such a compelling listen. The accompanying video also reflects the pain and isolation that underscores the track. Maria offers her thoughts on the setting for the visuals: “It was inspired by [the place] where I wrote the song, which was at an old studio apartment in Portland. Though spacious for a studio, [it] had the potential to feel claustrophobic and lonely at the same time, transforming into a hot-bed for creative angst and pining. I wanted the video to take place in a similar setting: an empty apartment to serve as a backdrop for the many stages of waiting- – the tenderness, the frustration, the desperation.”

We’re big fans of MAITA’s tenderly frustrated sounds. Watch the video for ‘A Beast’ below, and follow MAITA on Spotify and Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Ingrid-Renan

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: El Tee – ‘How I Like It’

Full of hazy guitar sounds and hushed, heartfelt vocals; Melbourne-based artist El Tee has shared her latest single ‘How I Like It’ via AWAL. The track is both a “protest against, and an acknowledgement of losing yourself to someone else” and showcases the songwriter’s strength and vulnerability over the course of five sweet minutes.

El Tee (aka Lauren Tarver) has been busy performing in her hometown recently, both as a solo artist and as part of local five-piece outfit Club Med. Her relatable lyrics and her honest narratives mark her out as an interesting new talent on both the Aussie new music scene, and further abroad.

Speaking about her latest single, El Tee explains: “‘How I Like It’ captures the surrender of identity in fear of disapproval and rejection, while holding on to just enough self-respect to voice your needs and desires”. It’s this willingness to confront emotional difficulty that makes her new track linger in the memory for so long. Listen to ‘How I Like It’ below and follow El Tee on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: HOST – ‘Goodbye’

After spending the past year writing, recording and producing music alone, Irish artist HOST has shared her debut single ‘Goodbye’ with the world. It’s a song about “putting your heart and soul into a shit relationship that inevitably falls apart” – which is something most of us unfortunate souls have probably endured.

It’s not all doom and gloom though: HOST’s electronic pop hooks make ‘Goodbye’ a charming, up-tempo listen. The accompanying video is a mash of glitter, wine and raw emotion which you can re-enact in your bedroom any time you need to shrug off the feelings of inadequacy left by a lover who didn’t deserve you. Check it out below…

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Kate Crudgington