Track Of The Day: Painted Zeros – ‘Break’

“I always felt I loved you more than you returned / a lesson learned” confesses Katie Lau – aka Painted Zeros – on her latest single, ‘Break’. The Brooklyn-based musician & sound engineer blends reverb-strewn guitar with her tentative vocals to communicate the emptiness left behind by a past love.

Lifted from her second album, When You Found Forever, set for release on 29th May via Don Giovanni Records, ‘Break’ is a poignant, bittersweet reflection on the grief caused by a painful breakup. “It’s a little bit about being broken hearted over a girl,” Lau admits, “But it’s more about the interior experience of being hurt — of feeling completely alone in the universe, that state of despair where you feel loveless and abandoned by all earthly and non-earthly things.”

Lau’s lyrics reflect the unfairness of this despair. Her soft vocals make lines like “I always hoped the one day it would be my turn / to give the hate” seem less spiteful, and more painfully honest. Towards the close of the track, when Lau sings the eponymous lyric, there’s a sense of relief and closure, underscored by more of her woozy, spiralling guitar sounds.

‘Break’ is accompanied by a video, shot and directed by Lau. The footage is full of springtime blossoms, birds, and sunshine; providing a bright contrast to the song’s underlying message of sadness, and showing that there’s still life after heartbreak. Watch the video below, and follow Painted Zeros on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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