WATCH: Kim Gordon – ‘Air BnB’

Only Kim Gordon could get away with making a music video about not being able to afford to make a music video. It’s a bold statement, and one that pays off for the musician & artist on her new single ‘Air BnB’. The track is taken from her debut solo album No Home Record, which is set for release on 11th October via Matador Records.

Following on from singles ‘Murdered Out’ and ‘Sketch Artist’, Gordon’s latest offering is an abrasive jest about hospitality. Her breathy vocals and scratchy guitars are the perfect soundtrack to trash your “faux mid-century modern” hired dwellings to.

Known for her groundbreaking work with Sonic Youth, as an Author (2015 memoir Girl In A Band), an actress, and as an artist; Gordon’s first set of songs as a solo artist demonstrate her ability to fuse all of her passions and skills in to one fascinating entity. They cast new light on a musician whose fan base thought they already knew everything there was to know about her.

Watch the video for ‘Air BnB’ below and follow Kim Gordon on Twitter for more updates.

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Photo Credit: Natalia Mantin

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Kim Gordon – ‘Sketch Artist’

With her inimitable vocals and uncompromising, ever-cool style; it’s no surprise that Kim Gordon‘s brand new single ‘Sketch Artist’ is an intriguing, heavy, eclectic gem. Taken from her first solo album No Home Record, which is set to for release on 11th October via Matador Records, the new track is accompanied by a sharp set of visuals directed by Berlin-based artist Loretta Fahrenholz.

Following on from Gordon’s 2016 single ‘Murdered Out’, ‘Sketch Artist’ is a multi-textured new offering that snarls, bites and sedates in equal measure. Speaking about her upcoming album, Gordon extrapolates: “Why a solo record? And why now? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t have happened without the persistence of Justin Raisen. Living in LA the last few years it feels like home, but the transience of the place makes it feel sometimes like no home.”

Gordon’s feelings about LA are explored in Fahrenholz’s visuals, which feature the artist as an “Unter” driver with a deadly stare, cruising through the city causing pedestrians to break out in to strange spasms of movement. The video also includes a cameo from actress and writer Abbi Jacobson. Whilst most will know Gordon for her work with Sonic Youth – alongside her numerous art exhibitions, and her brilliant 2015 memoir Girl In a Band – these new tracks prove she is capable or re-directing her vision whenever the mood strikes her.

Watch the video for ‘Sketch Artist’ below and follow Kim Gordon on Twitter for more updates.

Photo Credit: Natalia Mantini

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Miss June – ‘Best Girl’

Sometimes you just want to hear some scuzzy, grungy rock music by people with scruffy clothes and messy hair. Miss June, who hail from Auckland and have just finished supporting Idles on their New Zealand tour, have recently signed to Frenchkiss Records and released the track ‘Best Girl’. It is a surly take on the inbuilt need for female overachievement amongst young women.

Singer, writer, musician, skateboarder, model and doctor (!), Annabel Liddell, has an understated, deadpan style that is reminiscent of Kim Gordon and ‘Best Girl’ is “an anthem for anyone who has been misled from birth into battle for a spot that doesn’t exist.” It’s one for the Heathers-watching, black-wearing, cussing dispossessed amongst us. The band will release their first full record in September, so ‘Best Girl’ is by way of being a taster track for what is to come.

Double A-side ‘Best Girl’/’Twitch 7’ is out now via Frenchkiss Records. Catch Miss June live in the UK at the following dates:

12th June (tonight!) – The Windmill, London
15th June – Bushstock Fest, London

Cazz Blase

Photo Credit: Nicole Brannen

EP: Drahla – ‘Third Article’

Fans of Sonic Youth and all things alternative to should invest in the debut EP from Leeds three-piece Drahla. The band have released ‘Third Article’ (Produced by Hookworms’ MJ) through their own label Blank Ad; and it’s a sterling cacophony of noise-rock sounds that’ll have you trapped in a 90s alt-nostalgia spiral.

The fast-paced ‘Form Of Luxury’ opens the EP with its restless percussion and jaded vocals, and you’ll “form a line” in preparation for the track’s breakdown which boasts manic riffs and hefty bass. On second track ‘Silk Spirit’, Luciel Brown’s voice sits comfortably above the delightful drone whilst she sings of “walking in the desert” in Kim Gordon-esque style, as reverb and feedback simultaneously clash and combine to make this the stand-out track on the EP.

The penultimate ‘Circuit’ is a brief spiral of noise that leads in to aggressive closing track ‘New Living Creation’. It’s the perfect conclusion to this short but satisfying series of impressive strung-out sounds. ‘The Third Article’ is available to stream via Spotify or Apple Music, and available to purchase on vinyl via Bandcamp. We recommend you invest in Drahla now.

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Kate Crudgington