PLAYLIST: April 2020

We’re living through tense and testing times at the moment, so at GIHE we’re doing everything we can to distract you from the day to day reality of lockdown life. Our April playlist is filled with some electro-pop stunners, a couple of riot grrrl inspired tracks and the occasional tentative lo-fi tune. Take some time to scroll through our track choices below and make sure you hit play on the Spotify playlist at the end of the page.

Kraków Loves Adana – ‘Young Again’
Some seriously lush electro-pop from duo Kraków Loves Adana here. Speaking about the track, Deniz Çiçek explains: “’Young Again’ reminisces about youth and the time when anxiety, overthinking and unhealthy relationships were holding you down. Memories might be dark and painful, but you realize how strong you emerged from the experience – with that bittersweet understanding that you’ll never be young again.” Yearning vocals, vivid synths and an intoxicating rhythm make this track worthy of repeated listens. (Kate Crudgington)

TOPS – ‘Colder & Closer’
An utterly dreamy slice of alt-pop, this new single from Montreal band TOPS is filled with all the swirling synth-laden hooks and whirring electro beats you could ever need. While alluding to the irony of social distancing and physical closeness to others (a particularly poignant theme right now), ‘Colder & Closer’ is a moreish, shimmering delight (Mari Lane)

Belako – ‘The Craft’ 
One of Spain’s fastest-rising bands, Belako have released their new single ‘The Craft’, taken from their first internationally released album Plastic Drama, due out on 8th May via BMG. This track is full of uplifting guitars as it pays homage to their teenage love of the 90s movie of the same name, explaining: “It also feels like the here and now, and it’s now or never. A sorority spell to face adversity head on, and to take fragility as a vital force in new ways to build ourselves up”. A great anthem for our current time. The track is  accompanied by a video which can be watched here. (Tash Walker)

Painted Zeros – ‘Commuter Rage’
Lifted from Painted Zeros’ second album, When You Found Forever (set for release on 29th May via Don Giovanni Records), ‘Commuter Rage’ is the sound of an artist who has had enough of making space for everyone else. “Go read a fucking book / don’t you fucking look at me / to teach you things that you are responsible for learning on your own” Katie Lau sings, with a quiet and relatable anger, over a deceptively sweet melody. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record, and to play this on my commute once lockdown rules have been lifted. (KC)

Lido Pimienta – ‘Te Queria’
I’m always so impressed with Toronto-based, Colombian-born artist Lido Pimienta’s releases. Her voice is so smooth, her music is uplifting, and the sentiments behind her songs are always empowering. Even though I’m not fluent in Spanish, I can’t resist trying to sing along with her. Pimienta says ‘Te Queria’ is about “moving on from those who won’t appreciate your light, but still can see it enough in you to want to steal it.” I love it, and I can’t wait to hear her new album, Miss Colombia, in full on April 17th. (KC)

Junie & TheHutFriends – ‘Boi Cha Cha’
I think we could all do with a big dose of Junie & TheHutFriends every day right now! ‘Boi Cha Cha’ brings me so much joy. I can’t help but exclaim “what a tune!” every time I hear it. It reminds me of the randomness of tUnE-yArDs, with its layers of beats and snaps and claps. It’s taken from the band’s debut EP, Diary of a Chaotic Neutral. (TW)

NAVA – ‘You’
Milan-via-Iran duo NAVA make mesmerising electronic tunes, and ‘You’ is no exception. They’re set to release a new EP later this year, and (if everything goes back to normal) they’ll be playing their first ever UK show at the Sebright Arms on 8th September. I’ve got my fingers crossed! (KC)

Jessica Winter – ‘Play’
“I’m a fuck up, and I’m okay” admits Jessica Winter in her seductive, sweet voice on this new single. Taken from her debut EP Sad Music, which is set for release later this summer, ‘Play’ accepts that life can be cruel; but there’s always edgy, electro-pop bangers like this to distract us from the pain. (KC)

Julia-Sophie – ‘x0x’
x0x is the first single from new electronic artist Julia-Sophie taken from her forthcoming EP, Y?, due out later this month. Recently supporting GIHE faves Sink Ya Teeth, I am completely mesmerized by the slow and haunting sounds evoked on this single. From the pulsating beats to the whirring synths, building and layering, topped with her questioning vocals, results in an almost painfully blissful experience – I’m completely addicted. I cannot, and don’t want to stop listening. (TW)

Bitch Hunt – ‘Spaceman’
Filled with catchy, scuzzy hooks, a subtle tongue-in-cheek wit and the gritty deadpan vocals of front person Sian, ‘Spaceman’ is an observational and relatable slice of punk-pop. With Bitch Hunt’s trademark impassioned energy and swirling harmonies, it’s a spot-on reflection on the sickening arrogance of all those cis male ‘splainers and ‘spreaders we so often have to endure in our day to day lives. An uplifting raging anthem inspiring us all to take those men down a peg (or four). Watch the new video for ‘Spaceman’ now. (ML)

Vulpynes – ‘I Can’t Sit Still’
Irish duo Vulpynes were due to play for us at The Finsbury last Friday (3rd April), along with Tiger Mimic, Gravey and Boys Of The Hole. It was pretty heartbreaking, but of course necessary, to cancel this one – I was super excited to see their immense raucous energy and soaring gritty power live. But, I’m desperately hoping to reschedule the gig for later in the year, so do keep your eyes peeled! And in the mean time, please stream/download and buy their music. (ML)

Guitar Gabby and The Txlips – ‘The Dead Pool
As scuzzed out riffs blast out alongside Gabriella Logan’s seething growl, ‘The Dead Pool’ is propelled by a grunge-fueled energy, with shades of the likes of Alice In Chains. Oozing a gritty emotion, it’s a ferocious, empowering anthem; a completely necessary angst-driven offering for these strange times. (ML)

Party Fears – ‘All Is Good’
The creator of some of our favourite DIY art-pop tunes over the last few years, ‘All Is Good’ is the latest single from Party Fears (aka Maggie Devlin). Released via Babywoman Records, it’s a tender, lo-fi offering that explores feelings of loss, nostalgia, and emotional endurance. (KC)

Lindsay Munroe – ‘Split’
‘Split’ is the second single taken from Lindsay Munroe’s forthcoming EP Our Heaviness, set for release on May 8th via AWAL – and I’m counting down the days. Of this latest single, Munroe says: “Split’ is one of the rawest songs I have written. I spent my early 20s in conservative religious environments, embedded in black-and-white thinking and beliefs. Increasingly I felt like I had to leave part of myself at the door, painfully unable to be open about my life and choices. ‘Split’ came from an attempt to move beyond the hurt and exhaustion of that situation”. I’m loving what I hear from Munroe so far, reminding me of a mix between Angel Olsen and Mitski. (TW)

Emily Magpie – ‘All Is Silence’
A particularly poignant new creation from GIHE fave, Bristol-based artist Emily Magpie, ‘All Is Silence’ was inspired by reading Margaret Atwood; a spine-tingling reflection on a post-apocalyptic journey. With her trademark twinkling ukulele melodies and her soaring heartfelt vocals, Magpie creates an effervescent slice of dream-pop, offering a sparkling glimmer of hope in dark times. Let’s Talk About The Weather, the upcoming debut album from Emily Magpie, is out now. (ML)

Kathleen Frances – ‘Define’
Hot off the press, ‘Define’ is the debut single from Bristol born artist Kathleen Frances. I was drawn to this song by the strong slow piano chords and the depth of Frances’ vocals. They resonate on a level that brings such gentle emotion and depth to the song. Inspired by the need to question the social constructs of love and romance, it feels rather apt at the moment when we are all looking at redefining every aspect of our lives. (TW)

Jenny Hval – ‘Bonus Material’
Us GIHE grrrls love a bit of Jenny Hval, and this standalone single is no exception. The Norwegian multidisciplinary artist describes ‘Bonus Material’ as “Trash practicing love”, referencing her last album The Practice of Love, released last year via Sacred Bones. Featuring saxophone by Espen Reinertsen, Hval’s sweet vocals float over twinkling synths in this light, “unfinished” offering. (KC)

LISTEN: Kraków Loves Adana – ‘Follow The Voice’

Sharp percussion, hazy guitar sounds and longing vocals mesh together in moody style on ‘Follow The Voice’, the latest single from Hamburg-based duo Kraków Loves Adana. Formed of Deniz Çiçek and her partner Robert Heitmann, the pair have recently signed to iconic label Italians Do It Better (Chromatics, Desire, Glass Candy).

With a sound that would sit comfortably on the soundtrack for Drive, ‘Follow The Voice’ brims with hypnotizing synth textures and melancholic lyrics. The track is accompanied by a self-directed video which the duo filmed in Hamburg. The visuals show Deniz falling under the spell of her own voice, draped in colourful veils and flashing lights.

Kraków Loves Adana formed in 2006 after eyeing each other for months at the same nightclubs in Germany. Now, with the production skills of Johnny Jewel, the duo are set to share their debut album in early 2020, as well as supporting Chromatics & Desire on stage for the European leg of their “Double Exposure” world tour.

Listen to ‘Follow The Voice’ below and follow Kraków Loves Adana on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Introducing Interview: Kraków Loves Adana

Kraków Loves Adana release their first single ‘American Boy’ from their upcoming album Songs After The Blue this month via Better Call Rob & Rough Trade. The song channels the anger one feels in a world with its recent political developments and the inevitable powerlessness that comes with it – meltingly melancholic and raging in equal parts.

We caught up with Deniz, one half of Kraków Loves Adana to talk DIY production, inspirations and what 2018 has in store…

Welcome to Get In Her Ears!  Can you tell us a bit about Kraków Loves Adana?
We are a duo living in Hamburg consisting of me, Deniz Cicek, and Robert Heitmann, who also has his own label Better Call Rob. We founded the band in 2006 after meeting in a night club and have since released three LPs, the last one Call Yourself New on Rob’s own aforementioned label. The upcoming record ‘Songs After The Blue’ is set for release early in 2018.

Deniz, we understand that you record and produce all the music yourself, which we totally respect, what inspired you to do this?
I have worked with several people on our first two records and was never satisfied with the final outcome. I often felt overlooked, undermined and almost crippled in my own work, so becoming truly independent – especially as a woman – was a rebellious act for me at that time. Being capable to write, record and produce all the music by myself also heightened my creative abilities as a songwriter so I encourage everyone to do so in the first place. It is always good to know what you are doing. But I don’t live under a bell jar, so if the time and the chemistry is right, I am open to any kind of collaboration with other creatives.

Your previous single ‘Never Quite Right’ was inspired by a Bukowski quote, but who would you say are your main artistic and musical influences?
I am influenced by all the pictures and movies I see – the songs I hear, the books I read, the people I meet etcetera. But I am truly inspired by great minds that have something to say and make their mark on the world. For the upcoming record, I was mostly inspired by books like Rainer Maria Rilke’s ‘Letters To A Young Poet’, Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ and Patti Smith’s ‘Just Kids’. I also rewatched a lot of movies from my youth like Heathers, Girl Interrupted and The Breakfast Club.

Deniz, how have you found the transition from working full time as a dentist to now fully focusing on your music?
I still have a day job, but not as a dentist. Rent in Hamburg is high and being unemployed for a while I realised that not having any touch with reality actually blocks me in my creative endeavours. People sometimes ask me why I torture myself by doing a job that doesn’t match my education, but little do they know about the profession. I am happy with how things are for now, but am open for anything new that comes my way.

What can fans expect from your live shows and, more importantly, are you planning on coming to the UK anytime soon??
People who will see us live can expect a strong and memorable performance. I may be an introverted person in real life, but as soon as the lights turn on I am a full on entertainer. Sometimes I even think to change the genre and become a comedian, but maybe I have watched too much Seinfeld the last couple of months, so who knows… We haven’t any confirmed shows for the UK yet, but would be happy to play there, so if you are a booker in the UK and are reading this, hit us up!

We’re loving the new single ‘American Boy’ which we played on the last radio show – what’s it all about?
Thank you! With everything that is happening in the world, especially with someone like Trump becoming president, I felt that writing music for the sake of itself has become a selfish and almost hollow act. I had the urge to express the anger I felt with the world, but also the frustration and lack of power that arises when you want to do something about it but are left with a feeling of powerlessness. All these ambivalent emotions are captured in the song.

Your next album Songs After The Blue is set for release in 2018, what can we look forward to on the record?
The main theme of the record are the struggles and aspirations of the self-made creative.  The songs are definitely catchier than their predecessors with much more use of synths and drum beats. The order and mood of the songs go hand in hand and reflects the stages of being creative.

Finally as we’re a new music focused site, are there any other new/upcoming bands or artists you’d suggest we check out?
I must admit that I mostly listen to old stuff, but you should definitely check out our Swedish label mates Wy who released their debut Okay in October. They make music that is dreamy and melancholic and they are also doing everything themselves with a lot of love for the visuals.

Huge thanks to Deniz for answering our questions! 

‘American Boy’the upcoming single from Kraków Loves Adana, is out now.


Tash Walker