PLAYLIST: July 2020

Our July playlist is filled with some dream-pop gems, alternative electronic sounds and the usual dose of indie & rock guitar tunes. Take some time to scroll through our track choices below, and make sure you hit play on the Spotify playlist at the end of the page.


Bitch Falcon – ‘Gaslight’
Dublin trio Bitch Falcon are probably going to block me if I keep tagging them on social media talking about how much I love this latest single. ‘Gaslight’ is a stirring reflection on the way we perceive other people’s truths, full of seething bass lines, savage guitar licks, crashing percussion and Fitzpatrick’s powerful yet melodic vocals. (Kate Crudgington)

LibraLibra – ‘Lonely Girl’
Following their immense last single ‘Juicy Lucy’, GIHE faves LibraLibra have now shared the next single taken from their upcoming new EP. Propelled by a gritty, swirling energy ‘Lonely Girl’ combines a whirring ‘80s-infused electro groove with the band’s trademark thunderous beats and frenzied hooks, as front woman Beth Cannon’s vocals soar with a magnetising power. With a tongue-in-cheek wit and seething, riotous drive, it’s another genre-defying anthem from the Brighton band. Hail Mary, the upcoming debut EP from LibraLibra, is set for release on 14th August. (Mari Lane)

The C33s – ‘Harpurhey Hostility’
The latest single from Manchester trio The C33s, ‘Harpurhey Hostility’ is a reflection on an area of the band’s hometown named “the worst place in England” by Manchester Evening News back in 2007. Propelled by a frenzied punk-infused drive, the track is filled with gritty surf-rock riffs and the raw impassioned power of drummer Judy Jones’ vocals, as it builds to with an instantly infectious raucous energy. (ML)

Wife Patrol – ‘Let’s Hang Out’
Set to release their debut album Too Prickly For This World on 4th September, Indiana-based Wife Patrol explore everything from power structures, toxic culture, friendship and bad weather in their music. ‘Let’s Hang Out’ is their debut single, and it’s filled with punchy beats and catchy riffs. (KC)

Abbie Ozard – TV Kween
“Hopefully this song will make people feel a little less alone when they’re feeling super insecure” says Manchester-based songwriter Abbie Ozard. ‘TV Kween’ is full of dream-pop tinged guitars and feel-good vibes, despite the track being based around feelings of insecurity. (KC)

Highnoon – ‘Lens’
Philadelphia indie-rock outfit Highnoon – fronted by Kennedy Freeman – create dream-pop, alt-rock inspired sounds. The band will be releasing their 2019 record Semi Sweet on cassette for the first time on 31st July via Oof Records, and 10% of all tape purchases will go towards Vamos Juntos — a community-led, Latinx immigrant organization in South Philadelphia fighting for human rights as workers, parents, youth, and immigrants. You can pre-order the tape here. (KC)

All Things Blue – ‘Dicking Around’
The latest single from L.A’s All Things Blue, ‘Dicking Around’ offers a swirling, dreamy soundscape, oozing a twinkling sense of calm. Soaked in immersive layers of psychedelic hooks and whirring electronics, providing the backdrop for India Coombs’ luscious majestic vocals, it’s the perfect accompaniment for a socially distanced sunbathe on a summer’s day. Get Bit, the debut album from All Things Blue, is out 23rd October. (ML)

Show Boy – ‘Turn It On’
Inspired by the spark of excitement that comes with meeting a new friend or starting a new relationship, ‘Turn It On’ is propelled by a jangly groove and vibrant sunny energy. With shimmering keys and Jovis’ distinctive impassioned vocals, this latest offering showcases his knack for creating perfectly catchy slices of colourful pop. Following his debut release last year, and with acclaim from the likes of Tom Robinson, ‘Turn It On’ is taken from Show Boy’s upcoming EP, Ishtar Lion. (ML)

Gymnast – ‘Ghost’
Based between Manchester and Rotherdam, Cathy Wilcock and Chris Lyon – aka Gymnast – create super dreamy slices of dark electro pop. With glitchy synth hooks and and a soaring majestic energy, ‘Ghost’ reflects on feelings of transition and the concept of liminality. I just can’t get enough of its swirling, captivating splendour. ‘Ghost’ is taken from Gymnast’s latest album Experiments In The Revival Of Organisms, which is out now. (ML)

Notelle – ‘Bugs’ 
Nashville-based “nightmare-pop” artist Notelle has shared her latest single ‘Bugs’, and I love its industrial-tinged production and her wispy vocals. Notelle wrote this song after a break-up when she felt like part of her ex was still invading her body in some way. She will be donating all proceeds from streaming revenues from the first two months of the single to support the Black Live Matters x Police Defund Movement. (KC)

Amaroun – ‘Scarlet’
Following the poignant power of last single ‘Rise’, GIHE fave Amaroun has now shared the latest in a string of singles that she’s releasing each month of 2020. With each single so far touching on a different theme surrounding life as a queer woman, ‘Scarlet’ is a love song, reflecting on Jay’s “obsession” with red-heads and the story of how her and her partner met. With a sunny, danceable groove and glistening energy, ‘Scarlet’ is an instantly uplifting slice of alt-pop. Amaroun will be ‘taking over’ our Instagram next Wednesday 29th July at 7pm – make sure you tune in! (ML)

grouptherapy – ‘Raise It Up!’
LA-based grouptherapy’s latest single is so, so catchy! Vocalist Jadagrace explains: “’Raise It Up!’ is a not so subtle reminder to know your worth and require your coin! We’re leaving undervaluing yourself in the last decade. You’re that bitch and you deserve more.” We back that statement 100%. (KC)

Tokky Horror – ‘Girlracer’
The new project from ex-Queen Zee vocalist Zee Davine, Tokky Horror’s debut single is a wild blend of drum & bass beats, dance music rhythms and punk-infused energy. Of the track, the band explain: “Girlracer’s unashamed appreciation of fast cars and loud music is a tongue-in-cheek to every boy who thinks they’re better than us.” (KC)

REWS – ‘Today We’re Warriors’
A defiant guitar tune designed to empower and motivate listeners into action, REWS latest single mixes heavy riffs and catchy melodies to help spark the fires of personal revolution. Lifted from the band’s upcoming second album Warriors, which is set for release on 7th August via Marshall Records, the track is accompanied by two music videos, an official video that shows front-woman Shauna running through the wilderness, and a fan video directed by GIHE photographer Jon Mo. The fan video also features one of the GIHE grrrls (spoiler: it’s me/Kate). You can watch both here. (KC)

Gender Chores – ‘Territory’
A reflection on the predatory nature of men in the music industry, ‘Territory’ is the latest single from Belfast’s Gender Chores. Driven by jangly punk-infused energy, and with a seething rage coated in sugar-sweet vocals (“Fuck you and your second chance!”), it’s one of four immense anthems taken from The Fight Is Not Over, a collaborative record with songs from Problem Patterns, Strange New Places and Sister Ghost. In addition to Gender Chores, it’s an impassioned collection of live songs from each of the bands, encapsulating an empowering and uplifting energy, addressing the need to continue pushing for more inclusive and diverse spaces. The Fight Is Not Over was recorded by Rocky O’Reilly and is raising money for The 343, an Artist-Focused, Feminist-led, Queer Arts Space in East Belfast. Read our interview with the four bands and find out more about the project here. (ML)

Cat SFX -‘Doom Generation’
Buzzing bass lines and direct lyrics dominate Cat SFX’s debut single. Of the track, Cat explains: “‘Doom Generation’ is a commentary on my personal experiences of mental health issues, big pharmaceutical companies and their ‘cures’, the massive pressure that’s put on my generation by social media and a reality TV culture that dislocates us from our feelings.” (KC)

Ganser – ‘Emergency Equipment & Exits’
Chicago-based Ganser are set to release their new album, Just Look at That Sky, via Felte Records on 31st July and this single features on the record. Alicia from the band explains: “The song and video are both about feeling estranged from reality and choosing nothing over too much – the floor drops out, and you only have yourself to deal with.” Watch the accompanying video here. (KC)

Mieko Shimizu – ‘Lazy Light’
The latest single from Japanese, London-based artist Mieko Shimizu, ‘Lazy Light’ flows with luscious chilled vibes and the distinctive honey sweet vocals of Shimizu. As an other-worldly effervescent soundscape is created, it oozes a comforting warm glow, reminiscent of something that could be found on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. The perfect accompaniment for hazy summer days. I Bloom, the latest album from Mieko Shimizu, is out now. (ML)

Guest Blog: LibraLibra

Covid 19 and the necessary restrictions surrounding it have brought about a number of cancellations of music events, including what would have been Get In Her Ears’ very first festival. Taking place tomorrow, Saturday 18th July, it was set to be a pretty special day, filled with some of our favourite female and non binary artists. Fingers crossed we can finally make it happen next year…

One of the bands set to play was Brighton’s LibraLibra. Creating immense, energy-fuelled cacophonies with a gritty magnetism, they’ve become firm favourites of ours over the last few years, having blown us away at our gig at The Finsbury last December with their seething, riotous charisma.

In the absence of the festival, and any gigs, at the moment, LibraLibra front-woman Beth Cannon has shared an insightful guest blog for us, as well as an epic playlist… Have a read, listen and then be sure to watch the video for the band’s incredible new single ‘Lonely Girl’ at the bottom of this article!

The realities of being a woman in a band in your early 30s… 

Yes, I’m 32 and wish I could say I was confident and proud of it, yet most days I’m not. I’m an insecure wreck seconding guessing every move I make. Sorry I’m not starting with an emboldened, empowering statement, but in what I do at the level I’m at there is no glamour; there may be a thread of security (my band & my manager), but also a whole world of fear. 

Firstly, you can’t be in a band and not work, unless you have lucked out and struck a deal, but even then most deals don’t amount to much. So, you are essentially working two full time jobs – one you hate and one you love; the love bit is great, but the reality is you’re in a 9-5 most days questioning your whole existence. This isn’t news, this isn’t an eye opener, it’s our reality. And it’s ok to hold your hands up and burn out sometimes. It happens to me a lot: I think this living two lives, this parallel universe shift, tugs at our mental health more so than we care to admit. It’s exhausting, it’s anxiety driven, I cry almost every other day. 

So, why the fuck do I do this? Because I fucking love it so much. That’s the sad truth; I’m addicted to music. It’s in my head 24/7 – melodies, orchestras, choirs, jingles, it’s never ending. The only way I can truly be silent in my head is being on stage. It’s the most terrifying experience, but also the most exhilarating – I go from throwing up backstage to forgetting my name and my existence within 3 minutes of being on that stage. So, what I’m trying to say in my usual long-winded way (I’m dyslexic, so being concise and structured is not happening!) is we do this because of love and love alone, and that burning raging passion that is flooding our veins. And that’s not OTT for any musician, anyone with a passion will feel it, and there’s almost no words, there is a silent understanding deep within. I won’t stop, I can’t stop, stopping is not an option. No matter how many times I have that daily meltdown –  I should be earning x amount, I should be settling down, it’s time to give up the dream you’re far too old. Who’s to say I’m too old? 

My main tip on how to get through this? Don’t listen to the mainstream media whose voice has been instilled in us since birth. Make it your mantra – fuck the media. Go with your gut, your instinct and your truth. If you can manage to hold on to it even on the darkest of days, you’ve got it and perseverance is key. Maybe I could have been something much younger than I am now, but I was severely mentally unwell: I had PTSD from experiences in my teens that I wish to forget but I was running for a long time, and in turn getting myself into even worse situations. So, why can’t my time be now, at a time in my life where I’m ready to look after myself, I’m ready to acknowledge the bad and embrace the good in me? Why do we place timelines on women? It’s wrong. There isn’t a shelf for us to retire too, we should be loud, proud and beautiful at any age. Hold on to your fire, to anyone having a day of doubts and despair: hold it, embrace it and then tell it to fuck off, don’t let the negative voices win. And that is the only advice I can give, ride this motherfucking mighty wave and go against the curve.

This playlist is called ‘No Humps’; it gets me going, it gets me inspired, it gets my blood pumping, the lows, the highs, the technical thrills that I can only hope to achieve… It’s full of badass artists that have given me hope along the way. 


LibraLibra’s upcoming EP Hail Mary is out 14th August. Watch the new video for the band’s latest single ‘Lonely Girl’ and download/stream here:

Track Of The Day: LibraLibra – ‘Juicy Lucy’

With support from the likes of Radio X, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, Brighton-based LibraLibra have been firm favourites of GIHE for some time now, never ceasing to impress. And we remain throughly impressed by their latest incredible offering.

Taken from their upcoming debut EP, ‘Juicy Lucy’ takes aim at the desire for a ‘perfect life’ and society’s obsession with celebrity culture and body image. A raging cacophony, it races with immense thunderous beats and frenzied hooks as the angst-driven power and gritty splendour of Beth Cannon’s vocal soars. A magnificent, riotous chaos; a ferocious swirling soundscape that defies genres and leaves you needing more of its unique, vibrant energy.

Of the track, Beth explains:

The whole concept of the song itself is about obsession and escapism – despising being in your own skin and wanting to be someone else so badly you start to fixate, obsess upon another worldly being, you would even resort to attempting to consume them if it meant some of their radiance might rub off on to your own mundane and wretched being…”

Directed by Jay Bartlett, watch the wonderfully eccentric new video for ‘Juicy Lucy’ now.

Hail Mary, the upcoming debut EP from LibraLibra, is set for release on 14th August.

Mari Lane

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: GIHE x Riot Grrrl Day x Record Store Day 11.04.19

Due to the current lockdown/coronavirus situation, we’re unable to make it in to the Hoxton Radio studio to broadcast our live new music show from 7-9pm for the foreseeable future.

We have plenty of past shows to share with you though! We’re sharing previous recordings as #ThrowbackThursday sessions, so you can still enjoy 2 hours of new music, and chats with some of our favourite artists each week.

Today, we’ve picked our April 2019 show that celebrated Record Store Day (13th April) and Riot Grrrl Day (9th April). We know RSD has been cancelled this year, but we’re treating this as an opportunity to reminisce, and to get excited about being able to browse in record shops again when this is all over.

Music highlights come from Art School Girlfriend, Elsa Hewitt, Soccer Mommy, LibraLibra, Velvet Volume Zoey Lily – as well as feminist punk classics from Bikini Kill and X-Ray Spex.

Listen back to the show here:

Featured Artists
Medicine, Robin Guthrie (The Crow Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Art School Girlfriend
Velvet Volume
X-Ray Spex
Elsa Hewitt
Soccer Mommy
Bikini Kill
Fever Ray
Sister John
Courtney Barnett
Zoey Lily