Track Of The Day: LibraLibra – ‘Juicy Lucy’

With support from the likes of Radio X, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, Brighton-based LibraLibra have been firm favourites of GIHE for some time now, never ceasing to impress. And we remain throughly impressed by their latest incredible offering.

Taken from their upcoming debut EP, ‘Juicy Lucy’ takes aim at the desire for a ‘perfect life’ and society’s obsession with celebrity culture and body image. A raging cacophony, it races with immense thunderous beats and frenzied hooks as the angst-driven power and gritty splendour of Beth Cannon’s vocal soars. A magnificent, riotous chaos; a ferocious swirling soundscape that defies genres and leaves you needing more of its unique, vibrant energy.

Of the track, Beth explains:

The whole concept of the song itself is about obsession and escapism – despising being in your own skin and wanting to be someone else so badly you start to fixate, obsess upon another worldly being, you would even resort to attempting to consume them if it meant some of their radiance might rub off on to your own mundane and wretched being…”

Directed by Jay Bartlett, watch the wonderfully eccentric new video for ‘Juicy Lucy’ now.

Hail Mary, the upcoming debut EP from LibraLibra, is set for release on 14th August.

Mari Lane

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: GIHE x Riot Grrrl Day x Record Store Day 11.04.19

Due to the current lockdown/coronavirus situation, we’re unable to make it in to the Hoxton Radio studio to broadcast our live new music show from 7-9pm for the foreseeable future.

We have plenty of past shows to share with you though! We’re sharing previous recordings as #ThrowbackThursday sessions, so you can still enjoy 2 hours of new music, and chats with some of our favourite artists each week.

Today, we’ve picked our April 2019 show that celebrated Record Store Day (13th April) and Riot Grrrl Day (9th April). We know RSD has been cancelled this year, but we’re treating this as an opportunity to reminisce, and to get excited about being able to browse in record shops again when this is all over.

Music highlights come from Art School Girlfriend, Elsa Hewitt, Soccer Mommy, LibraLibra, Velvet Volume Zoey Lily – as well as feminist punk classics from Bikini Kill and X-Ray Spex.

Listen back to the show here:

Featured Artists
Medicine, Robin Guthrie (The Crow Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Art School Girlfriend
Velvet Volume
X-Ray Spex
Elsa Hewitt
Soccer Mommy
Bikini Kill
Fever Ray
Sister John
Courtney Barnett
Zoey Lily

Track Of The Day: LibraLibra – ‘Panic Buy’

Having been massive fans of Brighton-based LibraLibra for a couple of years now, especially since they completely blew us away live at The Finsbury in December, it’s brought us all a bit of joy in these dark times to hear that they’re sharing a new song today.

And it’s not just any song. ‘Panic Buy’ was written only last week; a heat of the moment reaction to all that’s going on right now. And it couldn’t be more spot-on. Oozing a raging, ferocious energy alongside the phenomenal impassioned vocal power and immense raw emotion of front woman Beth Cannon, it’s a frenzied slice of angst-driven punk – a perfect riotous catharsis for the anger and fear we’re all feeling right now. An all-too-poignant colossal cacophony reflecting on these terrifying times.

Watch the new video, made alongside Eliot Tatler, for ‘Panic Buy’ here. And download the track from Bandcamp, from which all proceeds will be going to Age UK to help the elderly in this crucial time.

Please read Beth’s statement on ‘Panic Buy’:

Last week myself and the rest of LibraLibra were on our own personal mini lock-down. The best kind, at Echo Zoo Studio, where you are equipped with your best mates, snacks, tequila and a gorgeous vintage studio full to the brim with synths, gear and grand piano. We were set with the task of writing a bunch of songs from scratch to make waves for our eventual album. It was on Tuesday 10th March 2020 we wrote ‘Panic Buy’. 

Trying to get our ‘head in the game’ as some may say was virtually impossible, COVID-19 is the hottest topic on earth right now, it’s all around us! Every time you message a mate, pick up your phone, check the news, it’s there staring you in the face. It’s rife with an impending doom. Who is it effecting now? Which industry is it demolishing? What is the government doing to protect us? What can we do to help? Will we all survive? It was in the studio where it became obvious to us that inevitably elements of COVID-19 would seep its way into our writing whether we liked it or not. And it’s not hard to guess what began to plague our minds when you see the title of the song, ‘Panic Buy’.  

We began to hear reports of loo roll becoming non-existent, supermarkets being ransacked of tinned goods and essentials. The concept baffled us, as I’m sure it has for many of you, I felt like I was falling deep into my belief that as society we are in a perpetual episode of Brass Eye or The Thick of It. I’m just waiting for the camera to pan around to Chris Morris – alas I know this won’t happen, no matter how hard I fantasise. And at first, like many, we found the concept of loo roll riots amusing, because quite frankly we couldn’t understand why. Why, when thinking it might be the end of the world was there this nationwide consensus that you need to have the cleanest arse in the land for one? But more importantly, where has the love gone? Had it completely disappeared or was it ever even there? We need to think of the vulnerable, the elderly, our children, our society as whole. Why aren’t we looking after one another in this global pandemic?

I would also like to take this moment to explain that we are not attacking any of those who have panicked, because quite frankly it’s understandable. The media and our government have toyed with us, it’s relentless with one click-bait-horror-headline after another. Where is their compassion in trying to help us as a society unite? Instead they torment us, turn us against one another and promote selfishness and create this draconian ‘every person for themselves’ mentality. This has got to stop. 

So, on Tuesday 10th March 2020, ’Panic Buy’ was written in the heat of a moment, a worldwide moment of frenzied fear, frustration and confusion. ‘Panic Buy’ is a snapshot of a moment that we never thought we’d come too. A moment that we certainly never want to return to. We hope it serves as catharsis. We hope that as a society we use the pandemic as an opportunity to learn and grow. We hope to expand our compassion, realise the fragile and intimate connections that we all share and come to remember that our humanity is universal.

At times like this, we really do need to seek catharsis in music more than ever, and without bands like LibraLibra putting words to our fury and fear, I’m not quite sure what I’d do right now. So I’d like to give a big thank you to them for keeping going and continuing to create, in spite of everything – and all the other bands I’ve been seeking refuge in over the last couple of weeks.

Artwork by Jay Bartlett (@burtbile), from his photo series ‘How To Adapt in Panic-Buy Britain’:

Mari Lane

GIHE Ones To Watch 2020

Whilst 2020 may be looking pretty grim in the grand scheme of things at the moment, the array of amazing new music to look forward to is giving us hope… 

We’ve been introduced to so many fantastic bands and artists over the last year, but here we’ve selected just a few who’ve made a particularly lasting impression. Here’s our Ones To Watch 2020. Have a read and listen to the updated playlist on Spotify

Having completely blown us away at our last gig at The Finsbury this month, and with an appearance on our radio show back in 2018, we’ve been massive fans of LibraLibra for a while now. With their immense dance-punk creations, the band ooze a unique dazzling magnetism, creating the colossal cacophony and overwhelming tribal power of tracks such as ‘Loverboy’ and ‘Tongues’. They’re truly unlike any other band I’ve come across, and with new releases on the way, I predict a big 2020 for the Brighton band.
(Mari Lane: Co-Founder/Managing Editor)

Sea Change
Norwegian electronic artist Sea Change (aka Ellen Sunde), sounds like she could be the introverted distant relation of Fever Ray. Her recent album Inside, is an impressive collection of instinctive, immensely enjoyable soundscapes that could fill busy dance floors, or soundtrack private moments of introspection in a dimly lit bedroom. I’m a big fan, and I’m hoping to catch her live in 2020.
(Kate Crudgington: Co-Founder/Features Editor)

Gold Baby
With a 2019 filled with line-up changes and a new sound, Gold Baby have charmed us on numerous occasions with their beautiful live set, and treated us to acoustic renditions of some of their songs on the radio show. Now, with a confirmed sparkly new line up, front woman Siân has been busy writing new material – offering some of the most dreamy, emotion-strewn creations you’ll ever hear, all held together with spellbinding, crystalline vocals. With a new single set for release in January, I can’t wait to hear more from the London-based trio in 2020.

King Hannah
‘Crème Brûlée’, the debut single from Liverpool-based Hannah Merrick – aka King Hannah -, completely cast me under its spell on first listen, and has been one of my most repeatedly played earworms of 2019. With a sweeping, ethereal power and longing, impassioned vocals that flow with a majestic musicality, it’s just utterly compelling; a stunning introduction to the band who I hope to hear a lot more from in 2020. Although they’re just one single down, with already over 5000 streams on Spotify and a sound as captivating and original as this, I have a feeling that they’ll be enchanting many more ears over the next year.

Brighton power-duo ARXX have been on the GIHE radar for a while, and each time I see them play live, I’m blown away by their raucous guitar tunes and witty on-stage observations. Their headline show at The Finsbury for GIHE on International Women’s Day this year cemented to me that Hannah & Clara are a formidable, and incredibly funny pair of musicians who deserve to be propelled into bigger spotlights in 2020.

Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something
Having released their debut album Oh Really, What’s That Then? earlier this year, via Trapped Animal Records, Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something have previously wowed us with the charismatic energy of their live show, and are swiftly becoming one of the most exciting bands on the London circuit. With their unique, soaring vocals and swirling, twinkling hooks, they create truly infectious slices of colourful psychedelia. Already counting Radio X’s John Kennedy as a fan, I predict that the distinct, vibrant sound of JFATC will be heard and loved by many more in 2020.

With the release of their debut album Future From Here in October this year, Hurtling have already received acclaim from the likes of The Guardian and Louder Than War, and – on listening to their sun-drenched whirring hooks and sparkling psychedelic haze – it’s easy to see why. Fronted by Jen Macro (also of My Bloody Valentine), the band create fuzz-filled noise-pop anthems with an understated grit and sonic majesty. I can’t wait to catch Hurtling live for us at The Finsbury on 10th January, and to see where else 2020 takes them!

Thanks to all the bands and artists who’ve got us through 2019, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next year. In the meantime, have a listen to all our highlights from the last twelve months, and our Ones To Watch for 2020 in our mega playlist here:


Mari Lane / @marimindles
Kate Crudgington / @kcbobcut