Track Of The Day: LIINES – ‘On and On’

Following their 32-date tour around the UK with Sleaford Mods, GIHE faves and previous headliners for us at The Finsbury, LIINES return to the scene with their brand new single. A year after the release of their debut album Stop-Start, ‘On And On’ builds on their trademark rhythm-driven offerings with fantastically bright vocals and melodies.

Of the track, guitarist/vocalist Zoe McVeigh explains: “’On and On’ is about keeping everything down inside and driving yourself mad with the same looped thoughts.

‘On and On’ plays on this idea with its repeating chorus structure and lyrics, completely holding its own. Prominent guitar riffs and thrashing percussion behind the breathtakingly bold vocals create LIINES’ stand-out post-punk vibe, setting them apart as wholly individual. Packing a mighty punch, it’s another truly impressive offering from the trio. 


‘On and On’ is out 24th May via Reckless Yes. Pre-order on Bandcamp and pre-save on Spotify now. Catch LIINES live:

30th May – Thousand Island, London (w/ fellow faves Chorusgirl, Art Trip and The Static Sound)
31st May – Bodega, Nottingham
1st June – Yes, Manchester

Bekky Smart

Tracks Of The Year 2018

Despite being a pretty scary year in the grand scheme of things, 2018 has actually been exceptionally great for new music. Our ears have been filled with sonic delights of all genres, providing necessary catharsis and enjoyment. 

So, it was pretty hard to pick our 20 favourite tunes. But, from poignant punk to captivating pop-noir, here they are… 

Alice Bag – ’77’
Taken from this year’s poignant album Blueprint, punk legend Alice Bag brought together a dream team for her single ’77’. Featuring Riot Grrrl queens Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe, plus an appearance in the video from Shirley Manson, it draws inspiration from Dolly Parton’s 1980 proto-feminist workplace comedy ‘9 to 5′, commenting on the gender pay gap that still plagues society. Filled with seething, punk-driven riffs, the women not only rage that “I make 77 cents and it’s not right / It’s bad for women!”, but make the point that “it’s worse if you’re not white”. As Bag poignantly sneers “… don’t pretend that we’re paid equal… You wrote the script / But I’m writing the sequel”, ’77’ is an empowering, inspiring call to arms to unite against the patriarchy and make the changes needed for equality, in the workplace and beyond.
(Mari Lane – Managing Editor/Co-Founder)

Nova Twins – ‘Lose Your Head’
A lesson in cutting loose and walking on the wild side, South East London duo Nova Twins provided us with this mind-melter of a track earlier in the year. We were lucky enough to have Amy & Georgia come into the Hoxton Radio studio for a chat, and they blew us away playing live for Loud Women at The Lexington too. Their raw, abrasive, genre-defying tunes are consistent favourites here at Get In Her Ears, and I’m sure they’ll bring the noise again in 2019.
(Kate Crudgington – Features Editor/Co-Founder)

Skating Polly – ‘Camelot’
Blasting into the eardrums with intense, pulsating basslines and the impassioned screech of Kelli Mayo, ‘Camelot’ is a seething, grunge-fuelled anthem. Oozing a thrashing power, it perfectly tears apart the misogynistic nature of American frat-boy culture with an empowering energy. This year Skating Polly released new album The Make It All Show, blew us away once again with their immense live show (with faves The Menstrual Cramps supporting), and generally proved themselves to be one of the most exciting young bands around.

Brix And The Extricated – ‘Sleazebag’
Taken from their epic, genre-defying latest album, Brix And The Extricated’s ‘Sleazebag’ revives a classic punk energy and seething passion whilst marking Smith-Start out as an artist willing to move with the times and develop her sound. Confronting all those sleazebags in the industry that we’re unfortunately so familiar with, this track instantly grabs you with its immense, ferocious power. With swirling guitars and spiky bass, alongside Smith-Start’s distinctive soaring drawl, it’s a refreshing and riotous offering proving that Brix & The Extricated are well and truly back, and cannot be missed.

Bad Sidekick – ‘I Ain’t Sick’
A fistful of brooding indie noise: London trio Bad Sidekick released their debut self-titled EP this year, and the snarling ‘I Ain’t Sick’ is my favourite track on the record. Vocalist Cooper (who also plays guitar in The Menstrual Cramps) is a powerhouse with her enviably cool lyrical intonation, and she’s supported by a cacophony of guitar noises and heart-thumping beats on this track.

The Menstrual Cramps – ‘The Smash’
The Menstrual Cramps have pretty much summed up 2018 with each of their topical, tongue-in-cheek offerings and provided the perfect antidote to all that’s gone on with their empowering, feel good vibes. Taken from their incredible album Free Bleedin’, ‘The Smash’ in particular couldn’t have come at a better time. With the all-too-relatable refrain of “It’s time we took back the floor, kick the Tories out the door – we want a revolution”, it oozes an immense, politically-charged force as vocalist Emilia’s genuine, seething passion shines through. Combining activism with musical prowess, The Menstrual Cramps continue to reminds us all why we need bands like this now more than ever.

Pink Kink – ‘You’
Although it wasn’t released as a single, this live recording from Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios showcases Pink Kink at their absolute best. A stunning mix of Warpaint style lo-fi indie, Sonic Youth switch-ups in tempo, ‘You’ is drenched in emotion, full of fired passions and stunning musicality. A band whose career was cut far, far too short for the kind of ridiculous reasons that have been an increasingly common occurrence in 2018’s dark days
(John McGovern – Contributor)

Soccer Mommy – ‘Your Dog’
I adore this song from Nashville’s Soccer Mommy, taken from her debut album Clean. Her trademark “soft anger” is executed so wonderfully, you barely notice you’re dropping expletives left, right and centre throughout the track. Written as an antidote to the feeling of being “paralyzed in a relationship to the point where you feel like you are a pawn in someone else’s world”, ‘Your Dog’ is a brilliant bite back from this talented artist.

Snail Mail – ‘Pristine’
Laconic, bruised, wistful and sparkling – all while dealing with pop’s most frequent fixation: unrequited love – ‘Pristine’ is a brilliant introduction to the indie-pop stylings of Lindsay Jordan. If there’s been a better lyric than “It just feels like the same party every weekend, doesn’t it?” this year, then I haven’t heard it.

Dott – ‘Like A Girl’
Activism and garage-pop collided in anthemic style on Dott’s single ‘Like A Girl’. The Galway-based band released the song ahead of Ireland’s vote to Repeal the 8th Amendment on May 25th – which resulted in the historic outcome of giving Irish women legal access to full reproductive health services, including abortion. The song features a guest appearance from Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz on guitar, and the accompanying video features members from Galway Pro Choice, Galway Parents for Choice, and Galway Roller Derby, as well as footage of recent marches for Women’s Rights in Galway.

Wolf Girl – ‘Toast For Dinner’
Having captivated us with their sunny charm live at Indietracks Festival this year, Wolf Girl are fast becoming a firm favourite. Flowing with an infectious jangly scuzz and twinkling uplifting harmonies, ‘Toast for Dinner’ is an exquisite slice of perfect indie-pop. Propelled by a driving, vibrant energy and Healey’s luscious vocals – and with thoroughly relatable lyrics like “toast for dinner again, I’m trying to tie up loose ends” – it’s a total delight for the ears, as is the band’s latest album Every Now And Then.

Pip Blom – ‘Come Home’
Unusually glum, but no less lively, this track marked the peak of a fantastic run of singles from the Dutch post-punk fourpiece. Its repetitive riff makes it unforgettable, rhythms make it sound like something that belongs more at a club than a gig, whilst Blom’s voice is just the right side of deadpan. Now signed to Heavenly, 2019 promises great things for PB.

Suggested Friends – ‘Motherfucking Tree’
Although I think technically their self-titled album came out officially last year, throughout the entirety of 2018, I can safely say that Suggested Friends have been one of my most-listened to, and most thoroughly loved, bands. This track in particular showcases their perfect, immensely infectious ‘tweemo’ punk-pop to a tee. Filled with racing, catchy hooks and luscious harmonies, Faith Taylor’s witty charm and exquisite vocals (as well as spot on lyrics like “thought you had a halo, but it was just the glare from the backlight of your iPhone”) fill me with pure joy on each listen.


Ah! Kosmos – ‘Wide'(feat. Özgür Yılmaz)
Atmospheric guitar, captivating percussion and hypnotic vocals melt together on this track from Ah! Kosmos. It’s taken from her second album Beautiful Swamp, and it sweeps me up in to a rapture every time I hear it. Her live performance supporting Zola Jesus at Omeara this year was an absolute knockout, and I can’t wait to see what she gets up to in 2019.

Kill J – ‘Strange Fruits Of The Water’
This stunning single from Kill J tackles issues of immigration and racism, with a subtle nod to Billie Holiday’s  iconic track ‘Strange Fruit’ (1939). Taken from her album Superposition, Kill J explains: “’Strange Fruits Of The Water’ is a protest song about boarders, walls, barbed wire fences, and people trying to survive on small boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea. While some people dream of just surviving their journey across the boarders, others dream of wealth and power at the expense of others”.

Black Gold Buffalo – ‘Lay It Down’
I’ve been hooked on Black Gold Buffalo’s mesmerising, pop-noir sounds all year, so I was thrilled to have them headline our first GIHEs night at Notting Hill Arts Club in August. ‘Lay It Down’ is taken from the band’s debut self-titled album (which I recommend you listen to) and it’s a well-crafted, smoldering gem that revolves around confronting feelings of anxiety.

LIINES – ‘Shallow’
Having been labelled one of our ‘Ones To Watch 2018‘, Manchester trio LIINES certainly proved us right. Throughout the year, they’ve gone from strength to strength – releasing their debut album Stop-Start in May, receiving acclaim from the likes of John Kennedy and Steve Lamacq and just now announcing a support slot with Sleaford Mods for 2019. Oozing an immense, thrashing energy and the raw, commanding vocals of Zoe McVeigh, single ‘Shallow’ is filled with the band’s trademark dark, brooding power – an intense blast of perfect post-punk with shades of the likes of Savages of Sleater Kinney.

Zola Jesus – ‘Bound’
Intriguing electro-industrial artist Zola Jesus had me spellbound from the moment I heard the hypnotic, off-kilter, heavy bouncing synths on ‘Bound’. Her penetrating vocals ring out across a demanding soundscape, and her blending of industrial and classical elements makes this track sound like a tortured but tentative hymn. Seeing her perform it live at Omeara was truly breath-taking too.

Noga Erez – ‘Bad Habits’
Noga Erez had 2018’s shortcomings in her interrogative spotlight this year after releasing her incredible track ‘Bad Habits’. It’s a snarling tirade of anger spoken through gritted teeth, written from “a place where one feels they’ve lost all direction and meaning”. Gritty, defiant, and viciously executed – I love this track and can’t wait to hear more from the Tel Aviv renegade in 2019.

Miss Eaves – ‘Push For The Bush’
Having previously fallen in love with Miss Eaves‘ fun-filled, empowering anthems ‘Thunder Thighs’ and ‘Hump Day’, ‘Bush For The Push’ offered another vibrant celebration of self love from Miss Eaves. With her trademark disco-punk energy, reminiscent of queen Peaches, it’s a liberating and wonderfully entertaining call to be free to have the bush you want – “It’s your body, so have a little fun…”

Listen to our ‘Tracks Of 2018’ playlist here, and stay tuned for more of our 2018 highlights, and Ones To Watch for next year…

ALBUM: LIINES – ‘Stop-Start’

LIINES‘ debut album has a tendency to skip from one track to the next barely taking a breath – rarely has a title seemed more fitting than Stop-Start. The band’s name, too, couldn’t be more fitting given their principal musical style of post-punk, with vocal, guitar, bass and drum lines all competing for prominence. If the cyclical nature of things means that musical movements are revived about every twenty years, then LIINES are perfectly placed for indie’s re-embrace of post-punk, a movement which dominated in the early 2000s.

First track ‘Shallow’ kicks things off and gets to express-train speed in seconds, with its choppy guitar line, and Zoe McVeigh’s vocals reminiscent of Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker. ‘Never There’ follows with a drive like that of Silence Yourself-era Savages. ‘Be Here’ is similarly unrelenting with its garage rock feel.

But this isn’t just a bouncing alt. rock album – behind the pace you’ll find sinister guitar solos and basslines that bubble like poisonous liquid. By ‘Find Something’ and its oppressive post-punk aura – coming off like Interpol hanging out with PINS, before halting abruptly – the album has its immense, dark hooks lodged into your brain.

‘Cold’ chills things down noticeably, coming as close to balladeering as Stop-Start gets, with Zoe’s vocals nearing a torch song style plea. ‘Blackout’ is constructed around another sinister guitar line, before ‘Disappear’ merges that sound with straight-out stomp via a flurry from drummer Leila. ‘Hold Your Breath’ is a broken love-song, whilst ‘Never Wanted This’ sounds like PJ Harvey fronting Breeders. Former bassist Steph’s deceptively simple rhythm work kicks off closer ‘Nothing’ and, as album closers go, it’s a banger with shades of Pixies in its structure and a wailing Zoe at its centre.

Whilst the two bands have a different emphasis, contemporaries Desperate Journalist’s 2017 album Grow Up is perhaps the most apposite point of comparison for Stop-Start, with both bands taking the best of their indie/alt predecessors and blending it into something that’s fresh.

Between them, LIINES and producer Paul Tippler (known for his work with indie luminaries such as Elastica, Idlewild and Stereolab) have created a sound combining riot grrrl disquiet, post-punk gloom and new-wave urgency. Despite losing a bassist (Steph Angel now replaced with Tamsin Middleton), the trio have crafted a debut that promises to be the pulsating start, rather than the end, of LIINES. A truly impressive debut from the Manchester trio.

Stop-Start is out now via Reckless Yes Records.


John McGovern

PLAYLIST: May 2018

Bin your umbrellas and bust out your sunglasses: May marks the beginning of UK Festival season! Whatever the weather, we’ve got a brand new collection of music to see you through the next month. Maybe you’re going to see Bjork or The XX at All Points East (25th May – 2nd June), or perhaps you’re treading the pebbles for The Great Escape Festival in Brighton (17th-19th May)? Either way, scroll through our tracks and listen to our Spotify playlist for new music inspiration…

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Zero’
All Points East Festival kicks off on May 25th with headliners LCD Soundsystem in Victoria Park, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are performing on the same bill. They have four albums worth of gems to pick from, but I’ve chosen ‘Zero’ from 2009’s It’s Blitz! purely because I love watching Karen O parade through the streets in her studded leather jacket in the accompanying video. I’m planning to mimic her every move/cry when I hear it live (it’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to). (Kate Crudgington)

Janelle Monae – Pynk (feat. Grimes)
What a song, what a woman. The first note of ‘PYNK’ right the way through to the end is pure and simple PLEASURE. Janelle Monae collaborating with Grimes has delivered us a pure slice of vagina-pop, where the video is as important as the music. The description of which declares “PYNK is a brash celebration of creation. Self love. Sexuality. And p-ssy power!” Need I say more. (Tash Walker)

Amaroun – ‘Indecisive’ 
Written about emerging from a period of deep denial, ‘Indecisive’ – Amaroun’s latest captivating single – oozes a sweeping emotive power and heartfelt lyrical richness. And, as Jay Brown’s stirring vocals sing the perfectly relatable “I can agoraphobic, London can be overwhelming. Yes, I am addicted, I’ve learnt to live through all the noise”, it’s impossible not to be completely swept away by this dreamy sonic delight. (Mari Lane)

Elsa Hewitt – ‘Catvision’ 
My favourite festival – The Great Escape – takes place this month, and I’ve started putting together a list of artists I want to catch when I’m down in Brighton. The experimental electronic sounds of Elsa Hewitt have been swirling around my skull since I discovered her on the website, so I’m keen to hear ‘Catvision’ live when she plays at the KOMEDIA Studio Bar on Saturday 19th. (KC)

Alyss – ‘Envirus’
Producer and singer Alyss’ EP 3EARTH was released last week and it is gold. Taken from the EP, Envirus is dense in its electronic production, tribal in its beats and soulful in the vocals – needless to say the results are addictive. (TW)

Art School Girlfriend – ‘Measures’
Another artist I’m hoping to catch at The Great Escape, I’ve been soothed by the somber, subdued sounds of Art School Girlfriend. She’ll be playing at The Walrus on Friday 18th. (KC)

Rookes – ‘The Game And The River’
Having supported the likes of Stealing Sheep and She Makes War and set to play at The Great Escape later this month, Birmingham artist Rookes graces our ears with her new single ‘The Game And The River’. Filled with the stirring passion of her deep emotion-strewn vocals, it flows with twinkling folk-tinged melodies and a subtle, soulful splendour, making for a truly uplifting slice of heart-warming alt-pop. (ML)

LIINES – ‘Cold’ 
Manchester trio LIINES have been a long term favourite of ours, especially since blowing us all away their riotous, impassioned energy at The Finsbury a couple of months back, and so we’re beyond excited that their brand new, debut album is due for release on Friday! An immense blast of post-punk perfection, latest single ‘Cold’ is an epic taster of what’s to come. (ML)

Chroma – ‘Vampires’
Chroma were recommended to me by the marvellous Queen Zee (interview coming soon to the website!), so I’m chuffed that both bands will be in Brighton for The Great Escape. I’m excited to see Chroma in the flesh at Latest Music Bar on Thursday 17th – potentially my first gig of the festival! (KC)

Suzie Stapleton – ‘Negative Prophet’
Exuding a dark, brooding atmosphere, ‘Negative Prophet’ is Suzie Stapleton’s protest in an oversaturated world where the powerful feed on the powerless. As the immense power of her deep, raw vocals drift alongside reverb-strewn, blues-ridden hooks, it’s a majestic, and spine-tinglingly captivating, creation. We can’t wait to see Suzie headline for us at The Finsbury next Friday, 11th May! (ML)

Men I Trust – ‘Show Me How’
Canada’s Men I Trust first came to my attention when elusive electronic producer H1987 remixed their track ‘You Deserve This’. I love the reassuring nature of their psych-tinged, lo-fi indie anthems, and I’m hoping to catch them at Komedia on Thursday 17th for their Great Escape set. (KC)

i2m1 – ‘Illusion’
i2m1 is the solo recording project of Irene Carson from Colorado Springs. Starting back in 2015, it has since developed into a multimedia project featuring artist Graham Gale. Their second release Zoo is a collection of 20 songs, “one made for a year of my life..” Irene explains, which reflect her ongoing story. ‘Illusion’ is all synth-laden and dreamy pop – a big slice of me which has me going weak at the knees. (TW)

S4U – ‘Refrain ft JD Reid’
Refrain is the latest single from Londoners S4U featuring JD Reid, which is set for release on 1st June via Different Recordings. Low-slung R&B, and dark electro base all mixed together with some heavy 90s influences. Yes. Please. (TW)

Introducing Interview: LIINES

Having supported Desperate Journalist and Nelson Can on tour last year, Manchester trio (and GIHE faves) LIINES have fast been gaining attention from the likes of John Kennedy, The Quietus and BBC Introducing, as well as earning the title of ‘Ones To Watch 2018’ from yours truly.

Now, having cemented our love of them by blowing us away with their riotous, impassioned energy at The Finsbury a couple of months back, the trio are set to release their debut album next month, and have just shared another immense blast of post-punk perfection with new single ‘Cold’.

We caught up with Leila O’Sullivan and Zoe McVeigh from the band to find out more…

Hi LIINES, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and what you do?
Zoe: Hello! We are LIINES from Manchester. I’m Zoe and I sing and play guitar, and also in the band are Tamsin who plays bass and Leila who plays drums.

How did you all initially get together and start creating music?
Zoe: LIINES was formed in 2014. We were originally a band called (hooker) and decided to change our name when our sound and style of music was going from something a bit more grungy to a more sparse, post-punk sound. Our original bassist, Steph sadly had to leave last year which was really sad as we’ve played together for so many years. But we invited Tamsin to join – thankfully she said yes – and she’s been a great addition to the band and to our live shows!

Your new album Stop – Start is out next month, can you tell us a bit about it? Are there any themes running throughout it?
Leila: That’s right! It’s our debut album and one we’ve been working on for a few years. We’ve been playing some of the songs since the start of LIINES and it’s taken time to save up and record the album. To finally get it ready for release and see it out there on 4th May will be a very proud moment for us. Finishing the album was also something we were able to do before Steph left, so it’s got a lot of meaning for us and we’re really proud of the final product.
Zoe: In terms of themes, the theme lyrically is about relationships and loss. I find this the easiest thing to talk about as it’s something I feel I can articulate well and sing about passionately as I’ve experienced it – as many of us have. We also chose this particular set of songs to represent us in our first album as they have a strong musical theme running through of being sparse yet still powerful. We always think a lot about creating an atmosphere and how we structure our songs to give an impact. We’re really excited to hear people’s reaction to Stop-Start.

You’ve been compared to the likes of Sleater Kinney and Savages, but who would you say are your main musical influences?
Zoe: These are amazing comparisons – Sleater-Kinney especially. I think other influences are bands like The Pixies, Nirvana and Joy Division – bands who aren’t afraid of creating space in their music and a having vulnerability in the lyrics. I don’t think we can hide from the songs and they’re quite exposing and that’s what I hope creates our intense live shows and how much you feel from us performing them. There’s no acting. It’s all real.

You’ve previously wowed us with the immense seething force of your live show at The Finsbury, but would you say there’s been a particular gig you’ve played that stands out as a highlight for you?
Leila: It’s hard to pinpoint specific gigs as there’s always something memorable from any gig we do. Some of our most special gigs have been festivals in Europe – we’ve played to packed crowds who turn up because they trust the promoters. We’ve played a few packed rooms to people who don’t know who the hell we are but have welcomed us and get into the music from the first notes. One night in particular we played the night of a film festival in Linz to 400 people – not numbers we are used to playing to! – and near the end of a brilliant gigs ever Zoe raised her beer, said “Prost!” and the whole room screamed “Prost!” back – it was electric!
Zoe: We’ve already had some amazing gigs this year – absolutely including our headline gig for Get In Her Ears – but selling out the Manchester date of our tour last month was an amazing feeling and made for a pretty special night.

How is your local music scene? Do you go to see much live music?
Leila: Manchester has an amazing music scene – we are spoilt by some incredible small to massive venues all putting on music most nights of the week. Though it’s also devastating to see some legendary venues lost to developers, which I know is happening all over the place. It’s also the variety of stuff going on that impresses me. We try to go to as many gigs as we can – from new music to coming through to touring bands and I can’t see that changing any time soon!

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any other new upcoming bands/artists who you’d recommend we check out?
Zoe: One of the best things we love about gigging is who we get to play with! In the last 6 month we’ve supported two amazing bands – Nelson Can and Desperate Journalist. We also played with Sink Ya Teeth at Loud Women Fest last year, who were brilliant (and we play with them again next month!). And then I saw Kin play recently and she blew me away. Specific songs I’d recommend are: Nelson Can – Break Down Your Walls , Kin – Killed Off My Unicorn So I Can Pay Off The LoanDesperate Journalist – HollowSink Ya Teeth – If You See Me

And how do you feel the industry is for new bands at the moment – would you say it’s difficult to get noticed?
Leila: There are so many bands, and new ones I hear about every single day, it blows your mind and makes you wonder how any band can make it today. We were playing as LIINES for a while and struggling to get any attention or make any impact, even though we were playing some pretty decent gigs. So, we took a step back and made some plans about how we were going to approach the following 12-18 months and that was when we started to get noticed by a few blogs, websites and even radio. It wasn’t anything too difficult, but it was the basis for the last few years and it’s really put us in a good place as we release our album. So, definitely, it’s crowded and sometimes feels like it’s hard to get noticed, but get your music out there and do it in a way that makes it hard not to be noticed. I think it’s hard being ignored, and we’ve been disappointed when we’ve not heard back from some places or DJs, but you need to carry on – writing, gigging and releasing – and enjoy making music!

Finally, what does the rest of 2018 have in store for LIINES?
Leila: We have some pretty special gigs coming up in the next few weeks – we’re playing The Membranes all-dayer at The Ritz in Manchester, alongside Sink Ya Teeth which will be the biggest venue we’ve played in! Then we have some festival appearances and more gigs to be announced to promote our album. We’re hoping to make it back to Europe for a tour in autumn too, as we’ve done quite a few gigs over there and have been waiting until our album was out to go back. We’ve already started to write and play some new songs, and we’re going to keep on at that for the rest of the year as we don’t want to wait another few years before our next album!

Thanks so much for answering our questions!
Leila: Thanks so much for having us and to Mari and all the GIHE team for supporting LIINES over the last few years and for all you do to champion women in music!

Stop – Start, the debut album from LIINES, is out 4th May via Reckless Yes Records. Catch LIINES live at the following dates:

5th May The Ritz, Manchester (The Membranes & Friends festival)
25th May Dot to Dot Festival, Manchester
18th August Some Weird Sin Festival, London
14th September Head for the Hills Festival, Ramsbottom
+ more TBA

Track Of The Day: LIINES – ‘Shallow’

Having supported Desperate Journalist and Nelson Can on tour last year, Manchester trio (and GIHE faves) LIINES have fast been gaining attention from the likes of John Kennedy, The Quietus and BBC Introducing, as well as earning the title of ‘Ones To Watch 2018’ from yours truly. And, having cemented our love of them by blowing us away with their riotous, impassioned energy at The Finsbury last month, the band have blasted into our ears once more with their gritty, brand new single.

Filled with the band’s trademark dark, brooding power, ‘Shallow’ starts off with steady, stripped-back beats as it builds to a high-octane climax of raging riffs and throbbing bass lines. Oozing an immense, thrashing energy and the raw, commanding vocals of Zoe McVeigh, it’s another intense blast of perfect post-punk with shades of the likes of Savages of Sleater Kinney.

Of the track, McVeigh explains:

“It’s relentless and on loop, which I hope shows how it feels when obsessive feelings develop and won’t let up. I wanted a song that made the listener feel like they were suffocating and almost relieved when it was over.”

‘Shallow’ is out now, and LIINES’ debut album Stop – Start is set for release on 4th May via Reckless Yes Records. Catch LIINES live at the following dates:

2nd March – Night People, Manchester
10th March – The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield
16th March – Tooting Tram and Social (for John Kennedy), London
30 March – The Golden Lion, Todmorden
13th April – Sound, Food & Drink, Liverpool

Mari Lane