Having formed in Edinburgh back in 2015, Becky Sikasa and David Scobie – aka LUNIR – have since received praise from the likes of Vic Galloway on BBC Radio Scotland and Amazing Radio’s Jim Gellatly, and are now ready to grace our ears with their uplifting new single.

Inspired by childhood memories of feeling carefree, ‘Cubs’ oozes an infectious chilled out groove as the luscious, sweeping vocals of Sikasa flow. Filled with sparkling harmonies and vibrant, euphoric vibes, it’s guaranteed to warm the coldest of hearts this Autumn.


Mari Lane

LISTEN: Martha – ‘Into This’

The big time has been beckoning for the pride of Pity Me, Co. Durham for a while now. Martha‘s records get better with every new release, and the recently-issued title track from their upcoming Love Keeps Kicking album was an instant classic, full of killer hooks and a cheery melody that belied the underlying sadness in its words.

Latest single ‘Into This’ showcases the lush vocals of Martha Naomi Griffin perfectly, who warmly sings the witty and ever-so-slightly melancholy lyrics in her own accent. Those plaintive vocals anchor this super musical performance, with its simple but massive chorus that you’ll find yourself singing along to in the bath, down the tube or a thousand other inconvenient places…

…‘Into This’? Speaking personally, yes indeed. You should be, too. Hopefully with the LP coming next month there’ll be some sort of tour to get Martha in everybody’s ears pretty soon, pretty please.

Love Keeps Kicking, the upcoming album from Martha, is out 5th April via Big Scary Monsters.

Tony Rounce

LISTEN: Caswell – ‘Surface’

It’s annoyingly English of me to open a music review with a comment on the weather, but I’m going to do it anyway… It’s almost March. It’s basically sunny. And I’m not falling over in the dark anymore on my way to the tube after work. Clearly alt-pop artist Caswell saw this coming, because she’s just released her brightest, most colourful single to date, Surface, ahead of her EP later in 2019, and it’s an exciting sign of things to come.

Previously, Caswell has written downtempo electronic soul-type tunes – imagine if Banks wrote songs in major keys – and gained some decent traction, including a performance at Latitude and plenty of support from BBC Introducing. Now, with this latest release, she’s dialled up her jazzier roots, and it’s added a new strength to her sound.

Added to the songwriting, the combination of Caswell’s vocal performance and plush production from David E. Sugar and Hugh Fothergill makes for a track that will cheer you up until it’s actually, properly springtime.


In Turquoise, the upcoming EP from Caswell, is out 5th April.


Frances Salter

LISTEN: Hanne Leland – ‘Stay’

Husky, melancholic vocals against a soft piano line form the foundations of Norwegian born singer-songwriter Hanne Leland’s latest single ‘Stay’.

So far within her musical journey, Hanne Leland has taken a daring leap from the world of country music to her own style of electro-pop in addition to being the support act for the legendary All Saints on their comeback tour. Produced by Jim Eliot – who was behind Ellie Goulding’s ‘Anything Could Happen’ – ‘Stay’ is a passionate plea to love. The emotion is strong within Leland’s soaring vocals, as a tinge of electronica underpins the poignant pop soundscape. Hanne Leland expands: “…the recording process was really emotional as the song is very personal to me”.

It is this raw expression that establishes Leland’s mark upon the pop scene and makes ‘Stay’ a track which deems us eager to hear more from the London-based singer.


Nicky Lee Delisle

Photo Credit: Mariann Vik