NEW TRACK: Heart Shaped – ‘Felt’

An effervescent, uplifting offering full of soothing vocals, hazy guitar sounds and tender lyrics, Heart Shaped has shared her latest single ‘Felt’. Following on from her previous release ‘No Contact’, the Houston-born, now Belfast-based songwriter has provided her listeners with another cinematic slice of dream pop, inspired by the self-deception that can underpin some romantic relationships.

Influenced by the likes of Selena Quintanilla, The Cars, Orange Juice, Faye Wong and Go Sailor, Heart Shaped creates bittersweet, heart-on-sleeve tunes that give a rose-tinted sheen to life’s more affecting moments. “It feels like a movie” she sings at the beginning of new single ‘Felt’, before gently unraveling her thoughts about the duplicitous nature of a tumultuous relationship. Her reflections are softened by a disco-inflected backbeat and shimmering synths, with her vocals delicately floating above both.

Produced and recorded by Declan Legge at Analogue Catalogue studios, ‘Felt’ is accompanied by a music video, shot and directed by Jamie Neish (Broken Film) in the beautifully retro Belfast working men’s club. The video pays homage to many of Heart Shaped’s passions and interests, including Houston punk legends the Mydolls in the film Paris, Texas, the movie Goodfellas and Sade’s expansive visual catalogue.

With the help of her bandmates Kendall Bousquet, John Ahern, Rónán McQuillan, Amy Nolan and Shannon O’Neill, and with the support of Belfast’s Kickstart Programme and Chordblossom, 2023 looks set to be a bright year for Heart Shaped.

Watch the video for ‘FELT’ below.

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Photo Credit: Aaron Cunningham

Kate Crudgington

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