Track Of The Day: EVVOL – ‘Release Me’

Electronic duo Evvol have teamed up with fellow Berlin-based, American filmmaker Matt Lambert to create erotic visuals for their new single ‘Release Me’. The video tackles the under-representation of queer females in mainstream media and censorship of female bodies, providing a docu-style insight into the lives of a group of queer women in Berlin.

“Queer women should be equally as strong and loud as gay boys,” says Director Matt. “They should be powerful in their sexuality and not hidden in the way some people perceive queer women to be.” “Exactly”, agrees co-director Julie Chance (Evvol). “On a personal level, my main problem with different types of media is I don’t see people like myself represented on screen, and I think it’s really important to address this.”

‘Release Me’ was shared as a double single with second track ‘Oceania’ via !K7 Records at the beginning of June. It follows the pair’s critically acclaimed debut album Eternalism (2015), and their 2016 EP release, Physical L.U.V. Like many artist’s today, Evvol spent most of their time post-2016 feeling “overwhelmed by the social upheaval in the world,” so they embarked on other creative endeavours, before returning with a fresh perspective and four new songs.

“These songs were written looking inwardly at how we cope when faced with challenges,” say the band. ‘Release Me’ and ‘Oceania’ will be closely followed by ‘Song for the Broken Hearted (Rollin’)’ and ‘New Old’, and we’re excited to hear more of their arty electronica.

Watch the video for ‘Release Me’ below and follow Evvol on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Wilkosz & Way

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: LOTIC – ‘Hunted’

Described as a “high-camp, very abstract take on Queen of the Damned meets Lost Boys,” Berlin-based Lotic has shared a new video for their single ‘Hunted’. Directed by Matt Lambert who gave the above explanation, the dark, sensual, delightfully disturbing set of visuals are the perfect accompaniment to Lotic’s altruistic sound.

The opening lyrics to ‘Hunted’ – “brown skin / masculine frame / head’s a target / actin’ real feminine / make ’em vomit” – provided the perfect context for Lambert’s video: “We had this spontaneous idea of a cursed deity whose strength and sexual energy is fuelled by the souls of bougie white boys they seduced, and then murdered ritualistically in a small beach resort town.” This gritty backdrop is made all the more alluring by Lotic’s mesmerising beats and well-crafted electronics.

‘Hunted’ will feature on Lotic’s debut album Power, which is set to be released via Tri Angle Records on 13th July. “It originally started as an empowerment album,” explains Lotic. “I felt that I needed to offer something outside of myself, as sort of a healing moment.” Power will also be released on limited edition vinyl, housed in a die cut sleeve designed by Marwan Kaabour and will feature a vinyl only exclusive track called ‘Burn A Print’.

Watch the video for ‘Hunted’ below and pre-order your copy of Lotic’s Power here.

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Photo credit: Matt Lambert

Kate Crudgington