LISTEN: Fräulein – ‘Mary’

Having been obsessing over Bristol duo Fräulein‘s last single ‘Drag Behind’ for the last few weeks, I was excited to hear that they have an epic new release.

Whereas ‘Drag Behind’ was focused lyrically on feeling out of place, new track ‘Mary’ is about faith, trust and power. Oozing a raw, grunge-infused sound and gritty energy, with shades of early Nirvana, the whirring twang of its stripped back riffs and sparse beats combine to create a swirling eerie aura, building to showcase the unique visceral growl of vocalist Joni.

I cannot recommend these two strongly enough and will continue to bang on about them with every new release – I really think they have something wonderfully nostalgic, yet ultimately unique, to offer. And, as soon as it is safe to do so, I cannot wait for them to blow us away live at one of our gig nights!

Listen to ‘Mary’ here:


Mari Lane

LISTEN: Laura Guarch – ‘Fleeting Light’

Having established herself as a professional vocalist, with collaborations with ACM Gospel Choir and London Contemporary Voices under her belt, Spanish London-based artist Laura Guarch has now shared her debut single. 

Soaring with Guarch’s stunning crystalline vocals and an anthemic emotion-strewn musicality, ‘Fleeting Light’ builds to an ethereal, glistening soundscape. A cinematic, alt-pop ballad with shades of the other-worldly majesty of the likes of Bjork or Kate Bush. Of the track, Guarch explains:

The idea for Fleeting Light was born on a night looking at the starry sky from a semi-deserted island in Thailand, called Mu Koh Ang Thong. How are the old stars looking at us, humans, and the changes the Earth is experiencing? Fleeting Light imagines million year-old stars looking down on the Earth and watching the history of life on our planet as their Sunday afternoon entertainment.

Listen to ‘Fleeting Light’ here:


Mari Lane

LISTEN: The Other Ones – ‘On Top Of Me’

Why should a song about feeling sad make you feel bad? With ‘On Top Of Me’, The Other Ones have created a storming pop-punk anthem about struggling with their demons. 

The lyrics explore the band’s feelings of despair and being utterly overwhelmed. Yet, when coupled with bouncy guitars and soaring vocals, the result is empowering and uplifting. This is the song I needed to hear in my teenage bedroom; it’s about owning your feelings and showing them who’s boss. It’s like a suit of armour, or a battle-cry, for anyone who’s having a tough time.  

Of the track, the band explain:

It’s about getting it out in the hope that you will feel less alone in this… We are all feeling it, and sometimes, you ask yourself ‘what is wrong with me?‘”

Having been in the band’s set for over six months, the band were keen to release ‘On Top Of Me’ now to reach even more people at what is a really difficult time. They will celebrate the release with a charity show for Mind UK as soon as they can – and we can’t wait. If they can capture so much energy on record, their live show is going to be a treat!

Listen to ‘On Top Of Me’ here:


Vic Conway

Photo Credit:  Keira-Anee Photography

LISTEN: Siân Alexander – ‘Blizz’

Having previously charmed our ears as vocalist of Gold Baby, songwriter Siân Alexander has now shared her first solo material. In the spring of 2018 Siân tied an acoustic guitar, a keyboard, a suitcase and a flute to a folding trolley and made the long commute by tube, train, ferry and bus from London to County Wicklow in Ireland to write an album. And she has now shared the first single from the album.

Oozing a blissful, melancholic aura, ‘Blizz’ flows with twinkling melodies alongside Siân’s luscious smooth vocals. With a shimmering emotion and folk-strewn musicality, it’s a beautiful, contemplative ballad with a gritty edge; a simply spellbinding, goosebump-inducing, introduction to this solo collection.

Listen to ‘Blizz’ here:


Siân has committed to producing and releasing one song from the solo album each month. ‘Blizz’ will be followed by ‘Henry’ on the 18th of June, with all ten tracks due to be released before the year is out.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: @zeashanashraf