LISTEN: Show Boy – ‘Video’

Having built a reputation over the last few years across London for his dazzling, energy-filled live shows (with support slots for bands such as HMLTD and Black Midi), artist and producer Show Boy has recently changed his set-up from a full band to a duo, creating inspired soundscapes filled with loops and innovative layers. And now, following his exquisite last single ‘Heart Is An Apple’, which received acclaim from the likes of Tom Robinson and BBC Introducing, he’s shared a brand new single, showcasing his new sound perfectly. 

Taken from his upcoming Surreal EP, which depicts a collapsing relationship in the age of social media, ‘Video’ looks at these ideas through the prism of endlessly repeating film footage. Propelled by throbbing beats and a whirring danceable energy, alongside Jovis’ soaring vocals, it’s an instantly catchy, sparkling alt-pop gem that demands multiple listens.

Show Boy’s upcoming Surreal EP is set for release later this year. Listen to ‘Video’ on Spotify now. Catch Show Boy live at The Social on 31st May.


Mari Lane

LISTEN: Rozi Plain – ‘Swing Shut’

Picked right from her latest release What A Boost, Rozi Plain’s ‘Swing Shut’ sets the tempo for the new album as a chiming, musically sophisticated record. Combining flowing melodic vocals with new-school jazz brings about a beautifully peaceful tune that would go perfectly alongside a summer day’s stroll.

Prompting the listener to reflect more on life and the importance of looking to the future, rather than reminiscing about things gone past, ‘Swing Shut’ juxtaposes sombre lyrics alongside a lilting instrumental to really pack a punch with its meaning.

Rozi Plain explains that the new album draws on homely roots while focusing on a life on the road, and how undoubtedly beautiful existence can be. Plain expands: I feel like you do a lot of looking back, looking forward, looking at your life, and looking out of the window.


What A Boost is out now via Memphis Industries.

Bekky Smart

LISTEN: Ida Wenøe – ‘Circus Season’

Danish singer-songwriter Ida Wenøe’s new single, ‘Circus Season’, feels magical. Sharing her experiences as a female musician travelling the world alone, Wenøe plunges you straight into the pages of an Angela Carter novel.

She confesses how she kissed the ‘devil’ on the last night of a US tour: He was wearing the mask of a magician, but his horns were still showing…”

In many ways, ‘Circus Season’ feels like a fairly straightforward folk song. But the slow, quiet strum of Wenøe’s guitar really brings her otherworldly voice to the fore. And by the time the echoey harmonies kick in, your ears are filled with the track’s captivating beauty.

Powerful and ethereal, ‘Circus Season’ puts Wenøe in good company – think Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush and Bat for Lashes. I can’t wait to hear more.


‘Circus Season’ is out now via Integrity Records/Songcrafter Music.

Victoria Conway

Photo Credit: Zarko Ivetic

LISTEN: Mellow Gang – ‘Big Builds’

Have you ever seen Florence Welch dancing? Arms in the air, her body being thrown around in circles. A frenzied spectacle but no less graceful, like a butterfly radiantly frolicking between iridescent sun beams… Now, if her movements made noises, what would they sound like?

That was a trick question because they’d most definitely sound something like this new track from Mellow Gang, ‘Big Builds’. The London four-piece have created something that can only be described as sonic radiance.

‘Big Builds’ opens with an earworm of a riff, sung by a visceral and mesmerising chiming guitar, bolstered with reverb. Kicking the song into the eldritch cousin of dream pop is the sultry vocals of frontwoman, Harriet Joseph. Her low, drawled voice bursts the enchanting bubble cast by the guitar;  not with sharpness, however, but by oozing into it.

Contrasting with this melancholic slumber, the chorus defines the twirling sensation of euphoria, echoing the 2003 No Doubt track ‘It’s my Life’. Strangely, an organ sings with glee underneath bursts of excited rhythms and glorious melodies.

Brilliantly atmospheric, this track will leave you feeling weightless, floating in the space between the Earth and sky.

Listen to ‘Big Builds’ here:


Adjourn, the upcoming debut album from Mellow Gang, is out 10th May.


Megan Berridge

LISTEN: IRAH – ‘Unity Of Gods’

Scandinavian artists have the uncanny ability to make haltingly beautiful music, and newcomer, Copenhagen-based duo IRAH, continues this legacy with their latest single ‘Unity of Gods’.The ethereal track is the latest tease of the upcoming album Diamond Grid.

Adi Zukanović lays the solemn groundwork of keyboard and swelling pads for Stine Grøn’s hushed vocals as the two traverse the spiritual soundscape of ‘Unity of Gods’, whilst lyrically, the track is awash with a sense of tenderness and longing – “Let my breath be your breath / Unity of Gods / Oneness with all that is / You greet me with love once again.”

It’s not hard to feel a sense of enlightenment with the new single, as it drips with atmospheric ambience, not different from music your yoga instructor might play during a cool down.

Somewhat appropriately, the name IRAH was conceived after Stine encountered a higher being with the same name in meditation. This vision came to be a conceptual mantra for both Stine and, I can only imagine, what is to come with Diamond Grid.

Diamond Grid, the upcoming album from IRAH, is out 24th May on Tambourhinoceros.

Luke Janke


LISTEN: Gaygirl – ‘Sick Note’

“Come to the bad side” invite Gaygirl, somewhere between seduction and apathy, on their latest single, ‘Sick Note’. Architects of alt-grunge pop that they have self-described as “a bit noisy really”, Gaygirl’s latest delivery boasts bittersweet crooning over serrated guitars with high-pitched inflections, epitomising the angsty indifference so typified by ’90s youth.

To cement the feeling of being an outcast, Gaygirl invite you to suspend your own sense of self, encapsulated with the line “I can’t tell if it’s myself”. Their innovative manipulation of the genre ensures that ‘Sick Note’ offers more than just a nostalgic kick.

Having recently been signed to Roadkill Records, the horizon looks promising for Gaygirl. Continuing to deliver their well-crafted blend of grunge and gloomy pop. they’ve risen to prominence in the London gigging scene, having supported the likes of Shame, Sorry and Gabrille Cohen in the last year alone.

Listen to ‘Sick Note’ here:


Follow Gaygirl on Facebook for more updates.

Amy Barker

Photo Credit: Keira-Anee Photography

Premiere: Chorusgirl – ‘Demon Baby’

Following 2015’s wonderful self-titled debut, GIHE faves Chorusgirl have now announced their long-awaited new album Shimmer And Spin, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Chronicling a tense year, created during a period of crippling anxiety and a relentless string of bad luck and bad news, the new album is the result of immense hard work and dedication from Silvi, Faith, Udo and Michael.

Taken from the album, the band have now shared brand new track ‘Demon Baby’. Inspired by those all too common feelings of anxiety and isolation, it’s the first song of the band’s to be released featuring Faith Taylor on lead vocals. As a massive fan of her other band Suggested Friends, it’s wonderful to hear Taylor’s distinctive, rich vocals shine through on this one, propelled by Chorusgirl’s trademark shimmering sounds.

A slight change in tone from the usually guitar-driven jangly indie of Chorusgirl, ‘Demon Baby’ combines that welcome scuzzy whirr of hooks with a backdrop of a glitchy, electronic soundscape, filled with sparkling effects and luscious cascading harmonies. As Taylor’s exquisite vocals float effortlessly along with a raw emotion, you could almost be transported to the soundtrack of an ’80s teen drama (which is never a bad thing!); though, alongside those fuzzy nostalgic vibes, it manages to retain Chorusgirl’s unique sense of dreamy, effervescent melancholy. A beautifully stirring and reflective offering, ‘Demon Baby’ still ultimately manages to uplift the spirit with the soaring, glistening haze that this band are consistently able to create.

Of the track, the band explain:

“It is about pathologising your own unhappiness when you lack genuine emotional support in your life. The song talks about running away, reinventing yourself, and policing your sense of discontent and isolation because you don’t think you deserve more.”

Listen to ‘Demon Baby’, for the first time here:


Shimmer And Spin, the new album from Chorusgirl, is out 16th November via Reckless Yes. Catch Chorusgirl live at their album launch show tonight (9th November) at The Victoria, and at the following dates:

16th November: Nottingham, Rough Trade
17th November: Sheffield, Audacious Art Experiment
18th November: Newcastle, Head of Steam
19th November: Glasgow, Broadcast
21st November: Oxford, Common Ground
22nd November: Bristol, Hydra Cafe
23rd November: Coventry, The Tin
11th January 2019: London, The Finsbury (for Get In Her Ears!)

Mari Lane