LISTEN: IRAH – ‘Unity Of Gods’

Scandinavian artists have the uncanny ability to make haltingly beautiful music, and newcomer, Copenhagen-based duo IRAH, continues this legacy with their latest single ‘Unity of Gods’.The ethereal track is the latest tease of the upcoming album Diamond Grid.

Adi Zukanović lays the solemn groundwork of keyboard and swelling pads for Stine Grøn’s hushed vocals as the two traverse the spiritual soundscape of ‘Unity of Gods’, whilst lyrically, the track is awash with a sense of tenderness and longing – “Let my breath be your breath / Unity of Gods / Oneness with all that is / You greet me with love once again.”

It’s not hard to feel a sense of enlightenment with the new single, as it drips with atmospheric ambience, not different from music your yoga instructor might play during a cool down.

Somewhat appropriately, the name IRAH was conceived after Stine encountered a higher being with the same name in meditation. This vision came to be a conceptual mantra for both Stine and, I can only imagine, what is to come with Diamond Grid.

Diamond Grid, the upcoming album from IRAH, is out 24th May on Tambourhinoceros.

Luke Janke


LISTEN: Gaygirl – ‘Sick Note’

“Come to the bad side” invite Gaygirl, somewhere between seduction and apathy, on their latest single, ‘Sick Note’. Architects of alt-grunge pop that they have self-described as “a bit noisy really”, Gaygirl’s latest delivery boasts bittersweet crooning over serrated guitars with high-pitched inflections, epitomising the angsty indifference so typified by ’90s youth.

To cement the feeling of being an outcast, Gaygirl invite you to suspend your own sense of self, encapsulated with the line “I can’t tell if it’s myself”. Their innovative manipulation of the genre ensures that ‘Sick Note’ offers more than just a nostalgic kick.

Having recently been signed to Roadkill Records, the horizon looks promising for Gaygirl. Continuing to deliver their well-crafted blend of grunge and gloomy pop. they’ve risen to prominence in the London gigging scene, having supported the likes of Shame, Sorry and Gabrille Cohen in the last year alone.

Listen to ‘Sick Note’ here:


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Amy Barker

Photo Credit: Keira-Anee Photography

Premiere: Chorusgirl – ‘Demon Baby’

Following 2015’s wonderful self-titled debut, GIHE faves Chorusgirl have now announced their long-awaited new album Shimmer And Spin, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Chronicling a tense year, created during a period of crippling anxiety and a relentless string of bad luck and bad news, the new album is the result of immense hard work and dedication from Silvi, Faith, Udo and Michael.

Taken from the album, the band have now shared brand new track ‘Demon Baby’. Inspired by those all too common feelings of anxiety and isolation, it’s the first song of the band’s to be released featuring Faith Taylor on lead vocals. As a massive fan of her other band Suggested Friends, it’s wonderful to hear Taylor’s distinctive, rich vocals shine through on this one, propelled by Chorusgirl’s trademark shimmering sounds.

A slight change in tone from the usually guitar-driven jangly indie of Chorusgirl, ‘Demon Baby’ combines that welcome scuzzy whirr of hooks with a backdrop of a glitchy, electronic soundscape, filled with sparkling effects and luscious cascading harmonies. As Taylor’s exquisite vocals float effortlessly along with a raw emotion, you could almost be transported to the soundtrack of an ’80s teen drama (which is never a bad thing!); though, alongside those fuzzy nostalgic vibes, it manages to retain Chorusgirl’s unique sense of dreamy, effervescent melancholy. A beautifully stirring and reflective offering, ‘Demon Baby’ still ultimately manages to uplift the spirit with the soaring, glistening haze that this band are consistently able to create.

Of the track, the band explain:

“It is about pathologising your own unhappiness when you lack genuine emotional support in your life. The song talks about running away, reinventing yourself, and policing your sense of discontent and isolation because you don’t think you deserve more.”

Listen to ‘Demon Baby’, for the first time here:


Shimmer And Spin, the new album from Chorusgirl, is out 16th November via Reckless Yes. Catch Chorusgirl live at their album launch show tonight (9th November) at The Victoria, and at the following dates:

16th November: Nottingham, Rough Trade
17th November: Sheffield, Audacious Art Experiment
18th November: Newcastle, Head of Steam
19th November: Glasgow, Broadcast
21st November: Oxford, Common Ground
22nd November: Bristol, Hydra Cafe
23rd November: Coventry, The Tin
11th January 2019: London, The Finsbury (for Get In Her Ears!)

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Kiran Leonard – ‘Paralysed Force’

Following last year’s innovative Derevaun Seraun and its absolutely spellbinding predecessor Grapefruit, Manchester’s Kiran Leonard is back with news of an upcoming new album, Western Culture. 

Taken from the album, ‘Paralysed Force’ is a heart-wrenchingly beautiful creation. Perhaps more melodic in the conventional sense than some previous offerings, Leonard hasn’t lost any of the raw, soaring emotion and rich, intricate musicality I’ve come to know and love. I don’t like to focus on an artist’s age, but I feel like I’ve be a fan of Kiran Leonard forever, and yet he’s still just 22; from the frenzied intensity of ‘Pink Fruit’, to the sweeping, cinematic splendour of ‘Living With Your Ailments’, and now the impassioned majesty of ‘Paralysed Force’, he never fails to draw me in and create something truly epic. From first being blown away by him at Green Man Festival back in 2015, and then again at The Victoria and The 100 Club the following year, he continues to captivate with his  impressive sonic soundscapes.

Of this latest track, Leonard explains:

“‘Paralysed Force’ is about how insecurities you should settle within yourself often get transplanted onto other people you know. Projecting the question towards another allows you to shirk responsibility for your own wellbeing, but all this does is suspend the issue at hand, and prolong an inevitable falling back.”

The first album of Kiran Leonard’s to have been made in a professional studio, Western Culture is due for release 19th October via Moshi Moshi. Catch Kiran Leonard live at the following dates:

26th August – Leeds, This Must Be The Place
29th August – London, The Victoria
30th August – End of the Road Festival
8th September – Manchester, Partisan

Mari Lane

LISTEN: Hanne Leland – ‘Stay’

Husky, melancholic vocals against a soft piano line form the foundations of Norwegian born singer-songwriter Hanne Leland’s latest single ‘Stay’.

So far within her musical journey, Hanne Leland has taken a daring leap from the world of country music to her own style of electro-pop in addition to being the support act for the legendary All Saints on their comeback tour. Produced by Jim Eliot – who was behind Ellie Goulding’s ‘Anything Could Happen’ – ‘Stay’ is a passionate plea to love. The emotion is strong within Leland’s soaring vocals, as a tinge of electronica underpins the poignant pop soundscape. Hanne Leland expands: “…the recording process was really emotional as the song is very personal to me”.

It is this raw expression that establishes Leland’s mark upon the pop scene and makes ‘Stay’ a track which deems us eager to hear more from the London-based singer.


Nicky Lee Delisle

Photo Credit: Mariann Vik

LISTEN: Loveday – ‘Close’

‘Close’ is the debut single from seventeen year old Midlands-based singer Loveday.

The lo-fi distortion within the intro to ‘Close’ gently evokes chilled out summer days whilst the stripped back electronic sounds create the illusion of a warm, hazy atmosphere. Displaying her strong integrity as a songwriter within her confessional lyrics, Loveday’s velveteen vocals soar – “I won’t say that I need you / can’t say it if it’s not true.”  Loveday explains of the track:

Its just like a mini-anthem to just being true to yourself, being unafraid to say how you really feel and to just let go a bit.”

‘Close’ showcases Loveday’s unique sound and how comfortable she is within her creative sphere. It’s a perfect summer single, marking this young artist out as a definite one to watch.


Nicky Lee-Delisle

Premiere: Baby Raptors – ‘Time Is Money’

A collaboration between Brooklyn artist Tora and producers John Young and Evan Marien – aka Party Supplies -, Baby Raptors have already achieved Top 40 UK dance chart success with previous single ‘I Am My Only Love’, which drew comparisons to the legendary Madonna. Now, following the acclaim of last year’s self-titled EP, Baby Raptors are about to head out on a huge US tour supporting pop duo Time Flies, and have treated our ears to the luscious sounds of their brand new single…

An uplifting and infectious slice of glitchy synth-wave, ‘Time Is Money’ flows with Tora’s rich, soulful vocals and a sparkling energy. An instant dance-floor filler, it’ll stick in your ears on first listen and leave you wanting more of Baby Raptors’ irresistible, feel-good offerings.

Listen to ‘Time Is Money’ here:


Mari Lane