Track Of The Day: Charmpit – ‘Bridges Go Burn’

London DIY band Charmpit have indeed been charming our ears, and our hearts, for some time; having wowed us with their energy-filled charisma live on more than one occasion, and following the joyous sounds of their Jelly EP, they’ve now announced the release of their debut album, out next year via Specialist Subject Records.

Taken from the album, new single ‘Bridges Go Burn’ is filled with all the sparkling fuzz, jangly, shimmering hooks and luscious honey-sweet harmonies we’ve come to know and love. An empowering ode to moving on from toxic relationships and standing up for yourself, it’s a perfectly uplifting, luminous slice of ‘Anarcutie’ pop-punk to soundtrack this week’s anxiety…

Of the track, the band explain:

We grew up in the 90s and 00s surrounded by examples in books/movies/songs of falling in romantic love and breaking up. Pop culture offered us so many blueprints for romantic relationships and comparatively few about other loving relationships. But in our experience, ending friendships, or being estranged from family, was heartbreaking, often more heartbreaking than our romantic breakups. We wanted to contribute a breakup song about friendship and family heartbreak to pop culture. It can take time to burn a bridge, especially when it’s guarded by a troll. You can forgive yourself for taking the time you needed to exit that toxic relationship. And when you exit it, you can write a pop banger so it ain’t so dang depressing. Strike a match, light it up, better bitter than deep fried!

Filmed at the band’s home, Charm Gardens in East London, watch the new video for ‘Bridges Go Burn’ here:

And keep your eyes peeled for the debut album from Charmpit, out in 2020, via Specialist Subject Records.

Mari Lane

LISTEN: Shitkid – ‘Detention’

A grungy, gleeful take-down of a juvenile punishment; Shitkid have shared their latest track ‘Detention’. The single is the title track from the “anti-pop star’s” upcoming record (due out in May) and it’s just as catchy as their previous release ‘Summer Break’.

Originally the solo project of Åsa Söderqvist in 2015, Shitkid has now become a two piece; with new bandmate Lina Molarin Ericsson performing with Söderqvist under her mischevious moniker. Their new album [DETENTION] was recorded at Stockholm’s Country Girl Studios with producer Lovina Isaksson, and cut almost entirely live by an expanded lineup including Söderqvist, Ericsson, guitarist Arvid Sjöö and drummer Josefin Ahlqvist Lyzwinski.

Speaking about the upcoming release, Söderqvist explains: “I started listening to the bands that I loved in school again, and I felt inspired by it. It’s a genre that’s quite embarrassing to go back to, and I knew that would make it really fun. I used to be emo in 2008, and now nobody plays that music anymore! There’s nothing about being kids and nobody understanding you. It felt like time to bring it back.”

We’re all about the emo renaissance. Listen to ‘Detention’ below and follow Shitkid on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Moa Romanova

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Tacocat – ‘Hologram’

A joyful poke at the dynamics of power; Seattle pop-punks Tacocat have shared their latest singe ‘Hologram’. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album This Mess Is a Place, set to be released on 3rd May via Sub Pop.

We’ve been waiting for new Tacocat material since 2016 (when the band released their second record, Lost Time) and if their new single is anything to go by; This Mess Is a Place is set to be another buoyant, reassuring listen for these misguided and politically turbulent times.

“Just remember if you can, power is a hologram ” sings Emily Nokes during the chorus for ‘Hologram’, which dismantles the translucent nature of power via pop hooks and catchy lyricism. Tacocat excel at taking difficult political concepts and dismantling them in to bubble-gum sized chewable pieces.

Speaking about the new record, Emily explains: “We can examine some hard stuff, make fun of some evil stuff, feel some soft feelings, feel some rage feelings, feel some bitter-ass feelings, sift through memories, feel wavy-existential, and still go get a banana daiquiri at the end.”

You heard her – grab yourself a banana daiquiri and Listen to ‘Hologram’ below. Follow Tacocat on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

LIVE: Wolf Girl, Charmpit & Sex Jokes @ Rough Trade Nottingham, 15.11.18

A Fan Club show is always a treat not only for being brilliantly curated, but for its ‘everyone welcome’ party vibe. Tonight we’re getting three acts who give out summer-esque sounds about winter-cold feelings, and back up that sense of belonging by adding to a tribe made of those who don’t comfortably fit.

Opening tonight is Derby’s Sex Jokes – one of the many musical guises of Shelley Jane Newman (also of Mighty Kids) – who has been one of my favourite acts to debut this year, and with each performance I’m a little more deeply in love. The set opens with ‘Talk’, the only track available online, a power pop anthem with voluminous guitar and “bored-of-your-bullshit” vocals. It brings in influences from Rilo Kiley to Jucifer, Tacocat to Pillow Queens, but the result is recognisable as being very much Sex Jokes’ own sound.

Charmpit are, well, charming. With laid-back chat between songs and a definite surf-pop vibe, they bring the sunshine and some gorgeous dual-harmonies which evoke the best of ‘60s sound. Recent single ‘Squirrel Vision’ and ‘Summer Up My Skirt’ mix the rough-edged guitar with the back and forth mid-song chat of The Shangri-Las, before the chants break back in. It’s the mix of the punk attitude of The Slits with the harmonies and sing-a-long hooks of The Ronettes which make Charmpit instantly recognisable and irresistibly catchy.


Headlining are Wolf Girl – and while the two opening acts have set the bar high, they vault it with ease with a set consisting of the best from new album Every Now and Then. These songs are full of determination and vulnerability, intelligent lyrics that are relatable, not aloof, and melodies that cut through you in the best possible way.

There’s plenty of West Coast surf-pop here too, and the sort of wistful melancholy wrapped in jangling melody that Upset and The Muffs have, but it’s the lyricism which sticks with you. Lines like, “Don’t want to get to thirty without learning to drive / Don’t want to look back having felt barely alive” become visceral through their resonance rather than through the words themselves, and while slacker-pop and problematic adulting are dealt with, so are themes of identity and love; making this a set of songs unafraid of the big and small details of life.

Most of all, Wolf Girl, like Charmpit and Sex Jokes before them tonight, are about belonging even when you feel you don’t belong. All three bands are suave and scrappy, giving a night full of 60’s pop-influenced hooks with the sweetness razor-edged by grating guitars, and wry but honest lyrics sung in dual-vocals to amplify the personal and political. These are our experiences echoed back from the stage, these are our thoughts and feelings honed into three minute punk pop chunks that make the heart soar and the feet dance. This gig, these bands, are the sound of the new underground and the real punk spirit and tonight they delivered in style.

Words: Sarah Lay
Photo Credit: Sarah Lay